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Maverick Bison

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    I'm interested in a bunch of different stuff.
    I like to draw, play video games, make gameplay vids, and all sorts of silly things.
  1. I have been playing this with a couple of friends every night wouldn't mind meeting some new Overwatch Agents Aliquem#1507
  2. I'm up for some Co-op runs on Legendary whenever and which ever campaign, coop makes everything better.
  3. Lol I love Spelunky that game is so random. And hard as hell.
  4. Also these are Phille clients and you can't connect if you have a US IP Address so you might not even get in to play with the code anyway.
  5. Meh, not a fan of the Soul Memory player matching systems all to much. I'm a guy who likes to stay around low soul levels 45 being my highest if possible and you can't keep an OP player base from ruining your game and how you want to play it now unlike Dark Souls I where everything was Soul Level Based. I personally prefer the older style.
  6. I hate that stupid covenant and how you can still get invaded by it even when you are with it which makes no sense to me imo. The only thing I like about that place is the obnoxious little midget.
  7. Don't know if this is relevant, but don't forget that you can use the Playstation Companion app on your phones to chat in the message rooms. Say you don't want to see the annoying popups, but still would like to know whats going on in those rooms. You can keep all the messages on your Smart Phones to check in, respond, and post pictures from time to time. Also you can use your Playstation Vita to communicate with people directly in the chat room as well which is pretty neat. Just some helpful alternatives to keep in touch in any of the chat rooms which is pretty neat.
  8. I'm getting an Xbone from Ebay this week so my gamer tag is Maverick Bison. I'm mainly going to be playing Killer Instinct.
  9. From what I heard from different sources our guess is about 8 weeks until beta.
  10. This was the most obnoxious way I could say that I was disapointed about this game not being on that list. Quake is always awesome, just not the Quake Live or those cheap knock off releases.
  11. There is definitely going to be a group heading off for Destiny (Retail and Beta) I think the AJSA has the greatest potental to become one of the most well known in the galaxy of Destiny. Make sure you get into our PS4 Chat room so you can stay connected with everyone on the Playstation 4. No doubt discussions and plans will be carried out here by the PS4 community, but it would be great for all of you to get acquanted with everyone on the console already so we can have a tighter brother hood of players who are reliable to have your backs while exploring the unknowns in Destiny. So if you haven't already get in touch with Withastick for all the information you need to get networked with us on Playstation 4 if you haven't already done so. I plan to make a montage of gameplay footage along with all of you guys I play with to pretty much promote AJSA and make our presence in the Universe pretty much damn well known.
  12. + = Nough Said
  13. So I decided to do a lil' playthrough of Dark Souls with an early Catacomb run. I just can't wait to get my hands on Dark Souls 2 and I just need to make sure my skills are up to snuff when that game comes out lol. So I want to share with you guys my experience "which is continuing" of Dark Souls on PC. Sorry I can't get this to have a decent size, I don't know why the youtube system on here is annoying.