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    Games. All kinds except sports games.
  1. Well I am some what safe then because I am not getting it for the 360
  2. I will be looking for all your gamer tags when and if i get invaded........ I will remember....... I will.
  3. I have literally herd nothing about this game and its coming out this year. Big surprise to me. Played the crap out of the first and second, was wondering if anyone here plays sacred at all and if you do are you thinking of picking this one up? Also could you fill me in on anything that has changed from the previous one gameplay wise.
  4. OMG I was thinking that too. But I am going to have to go with Duke Nukem 3D. Its so hard to list only one game you love the best it hurts.
  5. Dats a cool way to get a name, I have a some what same story. But I cant get this image of a fat angry joe chasing down and murdering people now. Welcome to Badassery sir.
  6. So are you 2 members? daedalus and icarus combined? lol deus ex refrence. anyways welcome.
  7. Hello and Welcome. Would you happen to have any spare leapards. I was thinking of leaving my job in style.
  8. lol thanks for that Yeah I love those moments when you just barely beat your friends and everyone jumps and shouts. One that I can recomend is blur, alot of fun there. Especialy when one of your frineds saves a noz boost to fly past you for a split second win. It doesnt even have to be about winning either you can just bs around in the game and have fun with everyone particapating.
  9. Damn I guess it is a relic now. Is it really to much to expect cool features and modes in games now?
  10. That sounds brutal RawrPlague. Mine would be the first time you fight Alma in Ninja Gaiden Black on master ninja difficulty. I got my ass kicked up and down that damn place and it was the only boss that gave me the most trouble on that difficulty surprisingly. Even the military stage was easier to get through than that.
  11. Omg freakin Legend lol. But maybe Noveria would be a nice place.
  12. That makes sense as well, but the next gen consols should be even more powerfull. So this would not be to much of an issue right? Perhaps they just dont want to put in the extra money for somthing they think a supossed small amount of gamers will use.
  13. Hands down Duke Nukem 3D. Awesome levels, killer guns, great humor, badass character. It is the game that originaly got me into gaming. HAIL TO THE KING BABY.
  14. Yeah you may have a point. More money for them
  15. Is it really a relic though? Alot of games are all online multiplayer now, but this still has a place doesnt it? Because not all my friends can buy a console and hook it up to the internet to play with me online or though lan, and I really like the social aspect.