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  1. i started gaming on the NES and commodore 64 many many years ago, trust me, movie games have always been bad. It is nothing new, not by a long shot.
  2. War thunder. it really is a must, plus we have an awesome WT clan in the community. Avoid Destiny, worst game of the year.
  3. you love me really Gobu plus i need the auto aim feature, i need to sip my tea as i shoot the japs and jerries, what what.
  4. SWG - Pre-CU <-- best mmo set-up ever made. Then give it the now cancelled WoD mmorpg graphics engine. No f2p, or entirely f2p - none of this inbetween, either make it $15 a month like the rest of them or make it free for everyone with out zero micro transactions.
  5. Gopher was always a favourite of mine, he mostly did skyrim mod reviews and let's plays, but obviously not restricted to to that game
  6. i'm currently the only ps4 scrub in the warthunder clan of things, i have my laptop next t me for TS as i play, it's do-able.
  7. CoD was at it's best in the WW2 theatre, when it was basically ripping ff of medal of honor:allied assault and spearhead (yes i used to play those games many moons ago). CoD then was a bit more fluid than MoH but it was a fantastic game with one of the best multiplayer games of it's time then they pretty much changed everything about the original series of call of duty that made it good, they made the maps smaller and added perks and unlocks (which is good in a way, but detracted from what CoD was meant to be) and it seemed every year and release that went by, the game lost it's soul. I gave the benefit of the doubt with the modern warfare series, but after that, no.. the original CoD is well and truly dead and all we see now is desperate attempts to revive it using aspects from other games, there is nothing original about CoD, there never has been, ever since the first one.
  8. the 750 ti is nice little card, built for the sole purpose to make a non gaming pc be able to run more demanding games, you won't play any new games on ultra with a high fps count, but if you are into your MMO's, you should be ok, because they tend to be more cpu focused than gpu, which you have covered with the i5 one of the good things about this card is the lower power consumption. With that set up, you only need a 450 power supply, but if you plan to OC it, get a 550 watt minimum. Also, if you plan on getting a higher end graphics card in the future, get a 650 watt power supply.
  9. ergh ignore that, flu'ed up, didn't notice it was pc, my bad lol
  10. can do, if you don't mind fighting along side a brit add me on psn, same as my name here, just going to grab a coffee, if i sound like i am dying etc, it is because i have the flu, so ill try not to cough you to death.
  11. Happy New year one and all!
  12. if i name you, do you explode into flames or something? welcome, nice site you have there, i shall keep tabs on it.
  13. PSN: Bigfloppydonkey Role: Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and i'm all outta gum - Heavy Assault.
  14. add me to psn for the ps4! PSN name: bigfloppydonkey games played: BF4 & AC UNITY games likely to play when released: MGS 5 & The Division Games i might play if you can convince me: Destiny add me up, please no squeakers though, i'm too old for that stuff. willing to join the community room.