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  1. Great job, Joe, as always. I wouldn't mind participating in a Fight League, if it's in the cards to do so. Now this might sound like a weird question, but I've heard from a few sources about HDPC lock from PS4, so it was a bit of a head scratcher when Twitch services were offered for it. My question is is your YouTube streaming/revenue process being hindered in any way? And if not, how does the PS4 share feature work? I'm concerned, because all signs have been pointing toward Xbox One for preserving the YouTube community and I would like to have an opinion from someone who knows about that aspect of it. Doesn't matter who it is, I just want to make sure when I'm doing things like this, and the steps are being taken to do that, I want to do it right.
  2. For me, the most underrated game of this generation was Asura's Wrath, because it was a game that defied genre. On the most mundane terms, it's anime God of War, but it's so much more than that. When you think God of War, you think basic, watered down, predictable QTE...Asura's Wrath was anything but predictable. The QTE actually felt natural, like you had complete control of what happened in the game. The joysticks felt like you were controlling what the character does, pushing them inward would have you grab, pushing them outward would get you in a fighting stance. The combat was very fast paced, unique, progress based combat w/ seamless interactive cinematic checkpoints. All this sounds very complicated, but to simplify the experience...it was like you were playing an anime. Anyone who has invested time into a beloved anime franchise, like Gurren Lagann for me, understands the pacing of an anime series...this is a video game you played like an anime, to the point where episode 10 is the obligatory hot springs episode you see in every anime. The characters are well designed with a lot of Buddist & Hindu references while maintaining a japanese style with an all-star cast of voice actors that most should recognize. Even when you beat the game and are spent from the experience, there are the "missing episodes" you have to unlock in order to complete the whole story. Developed by Capcom, some of the characters have very familiar designs. One of the key characters resembles my favorite psychic that usually hangs out with a defense attorney. Even though this game got a lot of positive reviews overall, not too many people I know have played it, let alone heard of it. It's still readily available at most video game retailers and whatever price they offer, it is well worth the investment.
  3. Yeah, I've invested quite a bit into the genre. That's a PS2/PS3 Arcade stick w/ a backwards compatible adapter, so I can play on all my systems. Also, the hamburger at the top is a 20 CD binder filled w/ PS2 & XBox fighters.
  4. ...yeah, I'm pretty heavily invested into Fighters. Yes, that's a 2nd Collector's Edition and the only reason I re-activated my Xbox Live account. Yes, that is a hamburger...a fully loaded 20 CD hamburger with PS2 & original Xbox Fighters. I have a 2nd Arcade Stick and backwards compatible adapter on the way, so Homebrew Nights at my place will be awesome.
  5. O_O ...Well then! I appreciate all the love, really! Thanks for the heads up on zee Law of the Land. I'll make it a note to add stuff to my signature, so that it won't be a concern in the future. ...and just to clear up the confusion, that isn't my room. That is said PlayLIVE, an XBox Gaming Lounge in my local community. I completely understand excessive spamming being an issue, so if the Powers that be allow it, I'll work a reference into the signature somewhere. I'm still getting the hang of this and I definitely don't want to seem like a spammer just for business sake. I legitimately feel there are not enough places like this and the more I share, the more I hope people will enjoy it. But again, that's another topic for another time. I feel this will be an absolutely awesome group to contribute to. You guys seem to really get it and I hope that my small contribution will be worth it in some way. May Zod Protect You. (I see Zod in the Zordon pod in my head as I type that. XD )
  6. Hey there, guys. I guess now is as good of a time as any to break the ice a little. My name is Derek Simmons and I am a Gamer. I'm not what some would consider a "hardcore" gamer, but in my field of expertise I would consider myself "competitive" or even "spirited" to say the least. I legitimately get first person perspective motion sickness, so it makes it tough to play FPS games. What's weird is it's very selective, as I've gotten motion sickness off of Prototype, but not Infamous. Fast free roaming cameras, like in early Ratchet & Clank games, will floor me if it spins really fast. (I found that out from my best friend who I'm the Heartless to his Nobody. Thanks for that one, bud. xP) So do I consider myself "skilled" at? Fighters. I've been playing almost every single fighting game since Street Fighter II: Turbo for the SNES. My favorite of all-time is Street Fighter Alpha 3 because of my MANY battles with M. Bison. (The song "Brave or Grave" still gives me chills to this day, with Gargos' Theme from KI 2 a close second.) I DO have a fight stick and I've ordered a second one with converters for both so I can use them on my old systems, including my backwards compatible Wii, which is awesome for using on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which I actually prefer over UMvC3 in a lot of aspects. I have aspirations to make my own YouTube content one day, as soon as the funds allow me to get proper equipment to live my dream. I would love to be able to share my visions with the world, but one step at a time. I found out about Commander Joe from TB, whom I respect his journalistic endeavors a hell of a lot. If there's anyone I'd model a formula after, it would be his. Top notch, non-bias notions and I appreciate his vocal presence in his reviews. The entire Polaris staff is awesome and I'm glad to see Angry Joe is a valued part of that community, among with many other greats. Out of current gen, or soon-to-be last gen, system I own, I only have a PS3. I DO have a Gamertag, but the only place I'm able to use it is in my local Xbox Gaming Lounge (shown in the attached photo). This is PlayLIVE and it's a place I consider my Cheers because everybody knows my name. I can't say enough good things about these people and how much we've been trying to spread a sense of community and welcome casual and novice gamers alike. (I'm pretty sure there is a restriction on advertising in these posts, so I will not provide a link for them, but do your research on this Washington based business I call home.) If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask or try to find me on social networking sites. (Again, advertising not happening here, unless I see it's okay to use links to send connections and whatnot.) It's 3AM and my alarm is set to go off in less than 6 hours for an interview, so Don't Stop The Sandman. (Rock Sugar reference. Google them, you'll be surprised at the awesome.) 'Kay! Hoping this doesn't get flagged. See ya later. #DFTBA #WeRide \m/