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  1. Looking for a few people who will be on around 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Wanting to do Missions, Bounty (Both PVE and PVP), Strikes, Night Falls, ect. Just want some guys/girls to befriend. Figured I ask the Angry Army first before I move to the Destiny Forums.
  2. In sad news, my mouse broke Friday and now I have a weekend with out PC gaming. Till I get a new one am going to be on my PS4 playing Destiny and some other games, If you want to add me am TheSpaceCowboy23. In destiny am a lv 17 Titian. Besides the point I want to buy a new headset and mouse. I have the budget of 50 dollars and am not looking for top of the line stuff, just something simple and reliable. Something I could get at a local Best Buy. Mouse: Preferably Wireless, decent size for big hands, and not easily broken. Headset: Any type of jack as long as it inst the green and red bull shit I need to be able to use it for my laptop. Comfortable, Blocks out sound, and decent or better mic quality. So any suggestions?
  3. Its a Astronaut wearing a cowboy hat, hence Space Cowboy. I made it in my free time for my new username.
  4. I forget who, but once I watched a youtuber and he/she summed it up very good. They just became pointless and endless. You pay to get into them, then you play them and they practically never end. Then to make it worse when the full game does come out you are burnt out from the beta and don't want to play it any more.
  5. If it is simply upgrading the games graphics, turning it to HD or something, then no. But if it is going full out remake, it should be better then the original (endless if its paying homage to a beloved fan glitch). Fix glitches, balance issues, ect.
  6. I only played it a few times, I deiced Counter Strike wasn't for me honestly.
  7. I don't know anything about window 10, but am a sucker for free stuff so Ill take it.
  8. I would be interested in a Warframe Clan for PS4 since I enjoy playing it more on PS4 then PC. But it would need to be Official AJSA clan for me.
  9. Well since this Forum is empty, id figure id add something to it. So I been looking into Tabletop games, so I figure just to ask a very simple question, what are some of your guys favorite board/tabletop games? Rather from child hood or from current day. I personally always liked Strategy board games even though I never got to into them. I loved games like Battle Ship, Chest, Checkers, ect. Of course most of the Board and Table Top games id play are more for children, Id like to look for more adult ones.
  10. Looks pretty badass, and yes I do like.... BLOOD, DEATH, and GORE!
  11. Joe as Thor Corporate Commander as Loki I can Imagine it now.....
  12. A few games I enjoyed on PS4 is Farcry 4, Infamous Second Sun, Destiny, and Thief. Get Playstation Plus, 2 free games every month, normally one is good, the other can be a weird indie game. Also check out the F2P games on PS4, there all right.
  13. If Planet Side 2 does not work for my PC, I will for sure join up on the PS4 Division. I been waiting to play Planet Side 2, and I finally can now that there is nothing stopping me.
  14. *Throws Money at Screen* and its not even one yet But no really, it looks awesome! Can't wait for it to be done.
  15. Absolutely nothing, I don't fallow games to avoid disappointment because of hype. From my experience, and many other people on the internet hype just ends up being bad. But based on a very quick Google search I can say these sound good. Batman Arkham NightStar Wars Battle FrontStar FoxFable Legends (Please dont be shit) (If I had a Xbone)Kirby and the Rainbow CurseHalo 5 (If I had a Xbone)Final Fantasy XVKingdom Hearts 3 Uncharted 4 a Thiefs End