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  1. Randy liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in Angry joe bracelets??   
    I don't usually wear bracelets but I'd totally buy one anyway.
  2. Dodge Ram1500 liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in GTA V Car Meets?   
    I'm not much of a racing person myself (mostly cause I'm bad at it) but I think it'd be pretty cool to see everyone's nice cars. The road trip idea sounds fun too.
  3. crazykidsbite liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in ANNO 2070   
    I'm not sure if a game like Anno 2070 belongs in the 4X or City and Tycoons subforums, since it's not exactly either of those? But anyway, I've had Anno 2070 for a while, and I think that with the E3 announcement of Anno 2205 more people might have looked up Anno and found that 2070 exists. If anyone else in the AJSA is looking for someone to play Anno 2070 with, feel free to send me a message or a friend invite on Steam!
    As for my play style, I like to use the biggest maps possible, and I'm a casual (sorry but that's how it is) so I prefer easier difficulties. No pirates, and I usually like to play with no NPCs, or NPCs that aren't aggressive, since I just like to build. (The Ark factions are different since they don't conflict with me.) Although I can do some negotiation as far as difficulty or pirates goes, but I generally just don't like the combat all that much.
    My Steam username is [AJSA] Draconic25 and here's a link to my Steam profile if you need it: CLICK HERE
    I believe my profile is set to private, so just send me a friend request if you're interested.
  4. Draconic25 liked a post in a topic by Bouz in Is it only me that feel's like this or? :D   
  5. Munty liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in We can finally breath friends   
    Munty is in no way trying to drive people away from the server. I made a personal choice of my own accord to relocate to a singleplayer world that BloodMoon and Munty could join if they like. I understand that the owner of the server [whoever that is] has made restrictions like no creative/no password/etc. Munty is NOT trying to sabotage the server, and he isn't the one that told me to not play on it. It's just that my own singleplayer world is a better experience than the server, and if a whole two people made a choice to play in my world rather than on the server I see no problem with it.