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Everything posted by PlasticFrogCG

  1. So...Among Us has been popping up in a LOT of memes recently. I'd never played the game and decided to watch some people on YouTube playing. It looks like a lot of fun! But it also looks like it would be more fun if you at least kinda knew the people you were playing with. Anyone in the Army ever play? I know I haven't dusted off my Discord in forever, but I would probably do it for this.
  2. And now it's almost October, and if I was to be really honest I think the media is desperately hanging onto this "pandemic" narrative solely because it's an election year.
  3. Kinda funny that this post has hung around so long. I just re-installed FO4 for the millionth time because I was itching to do some Settlement building after Ark: Survival Evolved had me building dinosaur pens and outposts all over the map.
  4. I have a generic brand (Elecwish) at my computer that's comfortable enough. I still have my old, even more generic office chair, which I use for gaming off the TV. Sometimes I think the office chair is more comfortable, and the only reason I don't use it is the material cover the cushions is all worn away...and the cat uses it as a scratching post.
  5. I watched part of Joe's live-stream and Upper Echelon Gamers' live-stream of the whole game. I don't think I'll buy it, even on sale. I did think the story was awful...but it didn't have to be. I understand the major plot beats it was trying to hit and there is potential for a great story there, but it is so poorly paced and arranged that it's just bad.
  6. Starting to feel that way. There is definitely cause for concern in certain environments and situations, but the "shut-down everything!" mentality that seems popular in the media doesn't match what I'm seeing in my day-to-day. I admit that might just be in my particular area, but I'm starting to hear individual accounts from the so-called "epicenters" that things aren't that bad. Not that I think you should stop washing your hands or anything. I have started wearing a mask, but it's more to keep from getting harassed than because I actually think it does anything to stop the spread.
  7. So...was anyone else trying to eat dinner and watch AJS News on Jun 8? And seeing OJ trying to, uh, "help" Joe with the shows monetization? Now I need to clean Tuna Helper off my keyboard...
  8. Ok, a couple of weeks later...I still don't know what's going on. Not going to downplay how contagious it is, but after reading multiple news sources it seems nobody can agree on how deadly it actually is. Might be gouache, but I honestly believe the media has inflated this thing way beyond what it really is and a lot of politicians have just lept at the chance to shut things down. But that's all I'm going to say because I couldn't really get into it further without breaking the forum rules about discussing politics. Hope everyone has been staying safe regardless.
  9. Short and sweet, part of me thinks everyone is overreacting, but part says you can't be too careful. Which part is stronger depends on if I'm listening to the news or just talking with friends. All I can really say is don't panic, be smart, be healthy...preferably in that order.
  10. Trying to think of a Stargate SG-1/Atlantis episode and it's just not happening, love them all.
  11. So, Ark was on a Steam Sale/Free Weekend recently. I tried it, decided I liked it and paid $10 for it. The last time this came up in the forums (near as I can tell) was a couple of years ago. Anyone still playing? I've just been playing single-player because I didn't want to deal with assholes stealing my stuff online, but I figured if the Army was playing I'd have a good chance of having some good players to team up with. No big deal if it's not active anymore, I'm quite content exploring alone.
  12. So, I'm not sure how long it's been live, but I upgraded to GoG Galaxy and imported EVERYTHING... I like it! THIS is what the Epic Store wishes it could be. I definitely think I'll be using this more than Steam in the Future. Any thoughts from the rest of the Army?
  13. What's that quote from Avengers Endgame Hawkeye? Don't give me hope? And yet...I can't help it! I'm not crazy over VR, but this could be the game to change my mind...and I still secretly hope we DO get Half Life 3.
  14. So...about a month ago a good friend of mine announces he purchased two copies of Anthem for $10 apiece...and he would be sending me the code for the other one. Grudgingly, I accepted. It's...OK. It really isn't optimized at all, and my 7-year-old PC barely runs it at low graphics, but it was mildly enjoyable to play with a friend. I really didn't care at all about the game and was just going through the motions of hanging out online with one of my best buds. Flying around was fun, but overall the game was just a chore to play. Well, now I will have my REVENGE! Steam had Aliens: Colonial Marines on sale for $6...so I bought two copies! Mwahahahaaha!
  15. Do the AU laws prevent Aliens from going on sale? I know you guys are nuts about violent video games over there. To be honest, I've been enjoying it. There are still bugs, but you can fix a lot of them with some ini tweaks and it has a half-way decent campaign. There's also an overhaul mod out there that I haven't tried yet that made a bunch of changes to the game. If you can grab it cheap, I'd actually recommend it.
  16. When the first trailer dropped, I was almost crying, I was so happy to see another Borderlands on the horizon. Then things started to happen. We learned what an asshat Randy Pitchford is. We learned certain voice actors wouldn't be reprising their roles (reasons vary, some good, some bad). We discovered Take 2 actually got a YouTube channel removed (again, good and bad in that situation). And then there was the whole "Epic Store Exclusive" debacle. My hype drained, and I found it difficult to stay positive, but as release day dawned I just couldn't resist anymore and bought the PS4 version. I was horrified! The main villains are TERRIBLE! They are essentially what the CEOs at Gearbox think annoying YouTubers sound like. Not that they're wrong, but after the legend that became Handsome Jack, these loudmouthed twins are like nails on a chalkboard and nowhere near as compelling a threat as seen in previous games. I found it very difficult to get through the first couple of missions because it was just so annoying hearing the Twins all the time...and Vaugn wasn't much better (seriously, he was pretty cool in Tales from the Borderlands, and now he's devolved into a lame "bro" stereotype). But then something happened. I finally made it off Pandora and started doing sidequests. I started chuckling at the death screams of the enemies and the quirky side characters. I started finding good guns and running out of inventory because I wanted to keep them all. I started going out of my way to explore the map and make sure every little grey bit had been filled in. I started...having FUN! Oh, the story is still TERRIBLE, but the rest of the game feels like the old Borderlands that I loved so much. There are also a lot of bugs in it still, especially the laggy menus. But overall, yeah, I like the game now. I couldn't recommend it on PC, not until the Steam release at least, but it's definitely worth picking up in the future. Especially if you have friends you intend to play it with.
  17. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have always been big in my household. We keep saying my mom should try to get on Wheel because she's really good at solving the puzzles!
  18. Got my ticket, can't wait to go see it! I thought it looked really good to begin with, but the addition that certain easily offended parties in the media have been wringing their hands over how it might "incite white male violence" makes me want to see it even more. (because they're obviously wrong and easily offended)
  19. Update? Whoa boy, has it been an interesting couple of months! Stadia is trash and E3...time to invest in identity protection.
  20. Not even trying to do this, but I'd also be curious for an answer. I always thought Bluetooth adapters were somehow programmed for specific devices (otherwise wouldn't you just automatically see EVERY device within range?)
  21. Last news I heard, Pattinson had backed out because of "scheduling conflicts"...
  22. Is there a "What was that game again" thread floating around here? Funny story, my cat stepped on my keyboard and opened up a bookmark that I haven't used in years: an archive of old DOS-based games that have been nearly forgotten by time. As I perused the list, one game, in particular, kept coming to mind...except I can't remember the name of it! I remember it was a fighting game, I remember all the protagonists were female, and I remember that you fought in giant robots. But it is NOT One Must Fall (which I also played a lot back in the day). I think it was called Grappler Angel or something like that.
  23. It's a shame that things have gone this far because now politics get involved, and nobody ends up happy when talking politics. As I grow older I see government as a necessary evil that we should have as little as possible of. But here, we brought this on ourselves. We kept saying it was headed in this direction but we kept enabling the developers, who just got greedier and greedier. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know one thing, you thought these greedy AAA corporations were bad? They got nothing on the government. And we just let them have a little taste of the power they can wield over the gaming industry. See? I told you nobody ends up happy talking politics.
  24. I think I'm more excited about this than Cyberpunk 2077...even though I'm pretty sure I'll probably understand the story for Cyberpunk more than I will Death Stranding.