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  1. It is nice to hear that I am not the only person sick and tired of "Futuristic" FPS. I prefer either modern or old school shooters. If I want something "Futuristic" I'll play something like Unreal Tournament.
  2. I know AJ talked about how there is hardly anybody playing COD:IW and MWR on PC. Just curious if MWR has full lobbies on console. Everyone I know (Except 1 person) that bought the new COD, did not get the $80+ MWR version. I myself have not, and will not buy the new COD. As a former COD player, I am curious about the health of the COD community. I might consider getting MWR if they release it by itself.
  3. Unfortunately I never played any of the Metroid games on GameCube. Need to add those to my retro list. Awesome job CookieArcher. I love hearing stories of people finally beating an old school game. This Halloween I beat Resident Evil REmake. First time playing and beating REmake, but 50th time beating a Resident Evil game. Super Mario Sunshine is on the top of my list of GameCube games to beat. Like you with Echoes, I have gotten about 2/3 through the game, but have never beat it.
  4. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil is also one of my all time favorite game series. During the Halloween season I often think about the series. Last week I beat Resident Evil REmake for the first time. I had a ton of memories flooding back of the classic Survival Horror game. What are some of your favorite/terrible memories with the franchise. I think we all can agree that Umbrella Corps. is terrible.
  5. I played the original Syphon Filter, but none of the sequels. In fact, this is one of the dozen or so games on the original PlayStation that I beat. I loved it, and got crap from friends for saying it was a better shooter game than Metal Gear Solid. In my opinion MGS is not a shooter, but a stealth game.
  6. Same situation for me. I knew if I waited long enough it would happen.
  7. If Nintendo wants to maintain any kind of a foothold, they really have to get third-party support. It is great to see big names like Activision, 2K, and Bethesda already attached to the device. However if we just get last gen ports, it might as well be dead in the water. So far almost all of the "NX" rumors have been confirmed, but the one I am curious about is the "Slightly more powerful than a PS3" rumor.
  8. The last few years have been great for turn based games. Hard West and Shadowrun Returns are games I love, that I didn't even know I wanted. Very glad to see 2016 continue the trend. However it seems that there is a decline in quality online FPS. Still a huge market, but declining quality none the less.
  9. That is a very good point. Fluud does alter the standard platforming "flow". I feel that Fluud was a very balanced tool in the game, but I can see how others might feel it makes platforming too easy. The Mario franchise is known for difficulty.
  10. Any time I talk Mario games with my friends, Super Mario Sunshine becomes a game of contention for us. About 50% of us love it and think it is probably the most underrated Mario game. The other 50% think the game is crap. I often wonder why there is such a division of this particular title. I will admit that it is not the best Mario game (Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3 are tied for my first place spot), but personally I put it higher than Super Mario Galaxy. What are your opinions?
  11. I mostly play on my PS4, but there are some games that I can only play on my PS3. So I keep my PS3 for games like RDR and Ghostbusters. It's a shame PlayStation is not doing the backwards compatibility thing like XB1. I feel their investment in PlayStation Now is great for people that don't already have a large PS3 library, but a waste for the people that do.
  12. Never bought a 360 because I prefer Playstation. However many of my friends went through 2 or more. I do have one friend that has her original 360 she bought in 2007 and has NEVER had any issues with it and it stills works today. I asked how she kept it alive, her answer was "Regular dusting and keep it vertical." Also her house is always freezing. She runs her AC year around.
  13. For me this was an "Okay" year. Not terrible, but not good overall. Best thing this year for me was Doom. Which seems to be the general consensus. It seems most of the games I am looking forward too come out next year. This year was a good weekend rental, but not a buy.
  14. So should we expect a "Skyrim 2" now. Lol. I feel the title reinforces the uneducated fanboys. Either way, I am looking forward to it. Edit: Then again COD: Modern Warefare 2 did the same thing.
  15. HAHA, I was just coming to post the same thing! I am so fraking pumped about this.