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  1. Could someone do me a big favor and post me screens of the requirement of unlocking each attachment of any weapon? The text is soo fucking small in the TV I'm using that is basically illegible for me. Could someone please help me? I know that the challenges might be the same for every weapon.
  2. Congratz City Interactive, you bunch of lazy fucking copycat assholes! Lords of the Fallen is a VERY disappointing game and this video here shows the most ridiculous bugs that this game have. I IMPLORE you guys to NOT BUY Lords Of The Fallen. Spread this around and the video. It shows the most critical points.
  3. Sonic Adv. 1 & 2 Sonic Shuffle Power Stone 1 & 2 All for the Dreamcast.
  4. Thank you! Even if it isn't completed, I managed to see the Reqs. to unlock the attachments. Thank you. Now I need to see whats needed to unlock the Camo of the guns lol
  5. Its true for the first row, but the bottom ones are different and I can't read those.
  6. The best price drops are always during summer or in December since it's Christmas time so I'd suggest you wait for December and they drop the Deal Bomb on you. Or better yet, Black Friday is probably one of your best bets.
  7. I agree. Seeing something like a burial in the game was very respecting towards that US troops because it shows what they do in RL but making it into a gameplay thing was pure stupidity. I don't agree with that.
  8. http://fextralife.com/forums/f68/feedback-amp-bug-reporting You were saying? Look at all of those threads, especially the GAME BREAKING marked ones, so don't give me that crap that no one is contributing and that DSP's the only person that's having this bull shit. Also you see all those threads? Not a SINGLE developer has replied to any of those threads. If that doesn't show you how fucked up and lazy City Interactive is, idk what will convince you. Also if you wanna talk to me about the person in the video....MESSAGE ME! DO NOT talk crap about him in this thread to derail it the topic. This thread is meant to talk about the bull shit bugs and game breaking glitches Lords Of The Fallen has, not about the youtuber explaining and presenting them in the video. Can we please be mature here? Keep....On....Topic!
  9. But as we can see, there are in the PS4 version. And thx for the correction, I meant to say "Console Commands".
  10. If issues like those happen on a PC, gamers can usually fix them with the Command prompt a game has; although don't know if EVERY PC Game has a Command Prompt to fix issues such as those.
  11. Honestly I don't believe there will be patches any time soon, because if you see a game like Lords Of The Fallen that has situations like those presented in the video that are so apparent, I personally doubt that developers will be responsible enough to patch the bugs seeing as they didn't do any proper testing in order to prevent the bugs showned in the video.
  12. Seriously? The proof is right in your face. Look at the video. Look at what's happening IN THE GAME. If you want to complain about Phil, do it on his forums, not here to talk shit about him. If you say it's irrelevant to this topic, then there is no need to have mentioned it in the first place. Keep in topic, this has NOTHING to do with DSP but what he's showing us which is the stupid bugginess of Lords Of The Fallen.
  13. Elemental Gearbolt
  14. Enjoy The Hateful Truth Review of The Evil Within by DarksydePhil.
  15. The loss of 38 Studio was a big fucking blow because they made Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning and its one of my favorite RPGs ever.
  16. The story is soo fucking confusing until half way or more for you to even understand what the hell is happening. But honestly, the Japanese version of the game's title kinda spoils it as it's called "Psycho Break". So basically the game is telling you, WITH JUST THE NAME, that the main character having a Psychological Breakdown and consciously he doesn't know it yet.
  17. Thanks 2K. I see your bet and I raise you this. Enjoy the video LOL XD
  18. So you dislike Isolation because it's too long? What!? That's what an amazing game should do, when you think it's ending, it keeps giving you more for your entertainment. If that's not your cup of tea then maybe Isolation is not a game for you but there is no doubt that Isolation is an amazing Survival Horror game and it did it right.
  19. Where did it fail?
  20. Enjoy watching a TRUE legitimate review made by a TRUE Legitimate gamer instead of the journalist-who-isn't-a-gamer gamer. Also he bashes BIG TIME on the joke that is Mainstream Gaming Media.
  21. ITS OFFICIAL!!! WOOHOOO!! Take that you fucking piece of shit Google!!!! I'm Super freaking happy that Twitch will keep their independence. If it was Google, they would've destroyed Twitch and made it a soulless being like Youtube. Good job Emmett!!!
  22. Im happy as long Google doesn't get them. That would've been destructive
  23. Both the intro and REAL ending of Asura's Wrath. The intro didn't make me cry of sadness but made me cry of the epicness the intro had that was being followed by amazing and epic orchestral music. The REAL ending of Asura's Wrath...that was fucking heart breaking. I have NEVER seen an ending this sad and heartbreaking in my life as long as I've been playing video games. I was probably crying for a good 30 minutes.
  24. @Mr. E- Nope....only 60 days the most.