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  1. NOTICE: Videos will be placed within Spoiler Tags to reduce page loading times. Recently today, Youtube started to institute a new algorithm system that will periodically and constantly be checking up on your videos for copyrighted material. What this means is that you're not getting a Copyright Strike but what will happen that your video with any kind of copyrighted meterial will be flagged as "Matched Third Party Content" by Youtube, not the copyrighted owner or company, YOUTUBE THEMSELVES. Right now, people that make transformative and creative work with Lets Plays or video games or movies or reviews are ALL subjected for review no matter what by a machine, not a person, a machine....I'm fucking serious. As of right now, if your videos get "Flagged" by this system, you no longer have any kind of LEGAL OWNERSHIP RIGHTS to your videos and/or content. You are given the opportunity to dispute the claim but unfortunately Youtube gives you no explanation, which violates 512(f), nor any time table of how long this will take. They also have NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER to follow up on the disputes and can just leave it in limbo. This violates sections 512© and 512(g) if we use the interpretation of 512 by Lawrence Lessig founder of creative commons in Lessig v. Liberation Music Pty Ltd. Also if you have Ads to monetize your videos, they are stripped away and given to the copyrighted owner. Your video stays but you make no money. I have left this video on the bottom since this person, DarksydePhil expected this to happen and has given a much more detailed explanation. Please watch this entirely and hope that Joe sees this as well. Update 12/10/2013: Publishers and Developers have caught wind of this problems and are confirming that it's not them making the claims and are helping youtubers clear things up. Its is GOOGLE who is making these claims. Here's a video of DarksydePhil showing everyone on how to get monitization back on videos once the claims were released. ALSO provides more information on whats happening with the Content ID debacle. Update 12/11/2013: Capcom, Naughty Dog, Deep Silver, and other studios have publicly come out and announced that they are NOT behind the Content ID Matching in Youtube, but Google themselves. Although other companies such as Nintendo are either staying silent or taking advantage of this situation to fill their pockets with money. But you want to know whats THE WORST OF ALL? The Record Labels and 3rd Parties companies that made background music or anything in relation are what is slandering, defaming, and screwing with Youtubers and their creative content. Watch the video below for more info. Best part is at 14:07 Update 12/12/13 3:14 AM- Joe's Angry Rant has come up and he goes to town on Youtube's ass! Update 12/12/13 8:36 PM: Total Biscuit gives his take on the current "Youtube Copyright Blitz" that is hampering the transformative, creative and imaginative work that content creators are going through Update 12/12/13 9:23 PM: Andre, better known as the Black Nerd goes on explaining his take on the Youtube problem and wants people not to blame Nintendo after many media outlets take his Tweets out of context and assume he was talking about Nintendo. Watch the video for more. Update 12/13/13 4:20 AM: Basically the first and ONLY person on Youtube that had the balls to say this to a Publisher[or someone who claims to be a Publisher] to take him to Court! DarksydePhil obtained a Copyright Strike from "Sega" on his last part of his Binary Domain Playthrough. He initially disputed the claim with a counter-claim and instead of the usual response, he got a Strike instead of a reinstate claim. Watch the video because shit seriously got real. We finally MIGHT have someone to become the medium of finding out if Video Game Playthroughs/Walkthroughs fall on the Fair Use Doctrine. PS. Spread the word of this video in specific. Spread the word to the gaming outlets so they can see that someone is standing up against corporate bullshit and to stand up against flawed systems! Update 12/13/13 3:51 PM: Main post updated. Joe comes back more relaxed and gives his input on what is broken and how it needs to be fixed. He also explain additional points about Ad Revenue with Record Labels. Watch for more info. Update 12/13/13 11:10 PM: DarksydePhil comes back with nothing but good news for everyone. ID Content Matching is slowing down but apparently there seem to be bugs in the system that aren't sending Emails to the users as its supposed to. Also Sega personally contacted Phil and are looking into his Binary Domain video. PS. Personally...I was hoping they would take DSP to Court because we SERIOUSLY need a legal precedence whenever Lets Plays are fair use or not. It could still happen though. If it does, I wish him luck. Update 12/14/13 11:00 PM: In a big 180, DSP has nothing but bad news and informs that most of the Record Labels that are reporting are from UMG Studios and APM Studios. Also shares that he wouldn't complain much because he's in the minority because of the near 25k Videos he has uploaded, only less than 500 were Content ID'ed. He also expresses his feelings to those that edit alot, even mentioning Angry Joe. That people like him that work so hard, do deserve the money they earn. In addition, gives Youtube and Google another kick in the ass. Watch the video for more information. Update 12/15/13 9:30 PM: Great News everyone! A way has been found to bypass the ID Content match against 3rd Party Music Companies, EVEN getting Blocked Videos Back up. Although I must announce that this trick works ONLY for videos that are under 10k Views. Over 10k Views will error out. This is amazing! DSP explains and gives a walkthrough of on how you can get Monitization back on your videos with 10k and below. And apparently Youtube was AWARE of a way to help Content Creators to remove these ID Content claims but decided not to tell anyone and let them suffer. Watch video for more information.
  2. That's right!!! You heard it folks! I have a video that shows you the most LEGIT Hack of Diablo 3 ROS. Here's how you get Legendaries SUPER FAST without any download bull shit. Yuuuuuuuup!!!!! Now watch the video below and enjoy your free haxs and legendaries!!! Credits goes to the awesome forum member, Kinetic.
  3. Im interested in the time line. Is this a Sequel or Prequel to Mass Effect?
  4. Let me know if they do so I can add it to the list.
  5. Hello everyone! This is a test for me to see if everyone would be interested in seeing more threads like these that involve in sharing and supplying tips & help to the community on any kind of game that gets released or an old one that has been played already in the past 3 years. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this. Well it's time we sharp our swords and whip out our guns because Bloodborne is going to be a bitch to take out. I really haven't been keeping an ear out on the game because I wasn't really that interested in it but I've been doing some research on whats good on the game and how I can translate it to Tips for you all. Hope you all can help me here because I'll need all I can get. From the videos I've seen....Bloodborn is a FUCK TON faster paced than Dark Soul 1 & 2. Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You. Also keep in mind that the information that I'm putting is based off a certain part that I'm playing the game or upto a certain part of a Playthrough I'm watching. If there are any errors, please help fix them. Before I start posting the tips, this section right here will be set to show you all the Classes, or in this case for the game, the "Origins" of the character. There are 9 Origins in total. They ALL Origins[except Waste Of Skin/56] give you 60 Stat Points so their's no setbacks in any Origin. This here is a screen shot of where the attributes are placed by default in all Origins. http://i.imgur.com/rakF7so.png a. Milquetoast- Ordinary happy upbringing. All attributes average. b. Lone Survivor- Lone survivor of a lost hamlet. High life essence and vigor. c. Troubled Childhood- Suffered misfortune in youth. Highly resilient as a result. d. Violent Past- Terribly violent past. Rash, but stronger for it. e. Professional- Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia. f. Military Veteran- Experienced in war. A soldier with strength and skill. [HIGHLY Suggest this for 1st run.] g. Noble Scion- Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree. h. Cruel Fate- Faced terrible hardships, but now confident in your purpose. i. Waste Of Skin- You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now the main event. Enjoy! Also the first enemy you encounter is a "troll" encounter. Meaning you have no way to win and it's just there to fuck with you until you get your first death. 1. There are two kind of weapons; Trick Weapons and Firearms. Trick Weapons[transformable weapons] are wielded on the right hand while the firearm is wielded on the right. Your main weapon can Transform in Mid-Combo at any time. 2. I cannot stress this enough, EXPLORE THOROUGHLY the entire game because there are ALOT of hidden things that will greatly benefit you. 3. Bath Messengers are the NPCs that allow you to Blood Echoes[souls] for buying and selling items. 4. Headstones of Awakening are your means to fast travel around the game. 5. When you die, you are taken to this place called "The Hunter's Dream" which is the game's "Save Zone". 6. Lamps are the equivalent of Bonfires but they will transport you the safe zone first before doing anything else. 7. Blood Vials = Estes Flasks. 8. Unlike Eustus Flasks, Blood Vials may be found all around the world on any enemy. 9. Just like in the Soul Series, there is a back-stab mechanic but is sooo much brutal! 10. In order to do a successful Visceral Attack [back-stab], you must do a Charge Attack to stagger your enemy. Also surprisingly enough, this can be done from the front as well. 11. After taking damage from an enemy, there is a period of time in which attacking back at the enemy will restore a certain amount of your HP back. 12. Swinging your sword doesn't make any noise when near a mob of enemies. So you can fight one guy just 10-20 feet away from the enemy group. But if you use your firearm, it will attract EVERYONE to you and I highly advise doing that. 13. Your Firearm uses Quicksilver Bullets. Use them SPARINGLY as they are only a limited amount you can find in the game. 14. There are alot of cheap jump scares so have an extra pair of underwear with you. 15. You'll need Bloodstones to fortify weapons. 16. When fighting Bosses, you can target specific parts of their bodies to slow them down. 17. You will find Pebbles around the game. They can be used to distract enemies. 18. Shooting your firearm will interrupt and stagger your enemy when properly timed with their attack. This is Parrying now. 19. Certain weapons can transform, making the damage or range different than it's previous form. 20. You can replenish your Quicksilver Bullet supply[+5] AT THE COST of your HP so use this as a last resort. Currently this is broken. You can recover that lost HP if you attack an enemy. So basically you can make an infinite amount of Quicksilver Bullets for as long you have an enemy nearby to attack and recover HP. 21. If you want to Co-Op with a friend, you need a Beckoning Bell. 22. You may setup "Watch Words" to make Co-Op sessions much easier. However using this system may cause the Bell Maiden to bring in invaders into your game sessions so you still have the Risk/Reward feel when playing. 23. If you die, the blood vials will not replenish automatically so you will have to farm them from enemies. 24. Dodging is far much better than the Soul Series. When locked on, your dodge becomes quick steps and can be done consecutively. Dodging also costs ALOT less Stamina than in the Soul Series. 25. Enemies are FAR MORE Dynamic meaning they will be constantly patrolling the level so you'll have to keep your guard up. Do not get overwhelm and over commit to a group of enemies or they can stagger you and insta-kill you. 26. There are a number of 26 Bosses so far found in the game. 17 Bosses are in open world and the rest are from the Chalice Dungeon. 27. If you wish to reach the Veilblood Covenant, First you needt a key item called cainhurst summons which can be found by goign back to the first floor sick room, NOT BY LAMP POST, here is the way to it. To get to the sick room, go to the forbidden woods lamp. Run across the bridge and follow the path. Stick to the left wall. You should pass in front of the village and pass the house with the red lamp and window. Turn left behind the house and you will see a cave. Follow the cave all the way through. You will climb a very tall ladder and arrive near the starting area and gain access to the clinic.Next you have to find a monument before the witch of hemwick boss fight. in the area that leads to the witch, go next to the monument in the crossroad with the letter in your inventory and a cutscene will be triggered. boss fight ahead 28. If you're ever in doubt if something is an enemy, try targeting it. In general, you can't target friendly NPCs. 29. If an enemy kills you, you need to kill that specific enemy to regain your Blood Echoes. 30. Red Lanterns tell you an NPC is close by. 31. If you max out an item, the rest will be sent to storage in the Hunter's Dream. 32. If you do a Visceral Attack near other enemies, they will become stagger for a few moments. 33. Do NOT use all Coldbloods, some of them are necessary to initiate the Chalice Dungeons. 34. Using the Old Hunters Bone cost QS Bullets so use it carefully when fighting other hunters or bosses. 35. Some items have infinite uses but require the use of QS Bullets. 36. By using an elemental paper on an already arcaned/elemental weapon, you increase it's power even further. 37. For Defiled Chalice Dungeons, many think you need to kill the boss as fast as possible. I find this to be a very, very, very poor choice due to the fact you have half health and these dungeons rank 4. You should actually stay about mid range from the bosses in these dungeons and aim for their weakest point which usually is there head. For example I got Amygdala for one defiled dungeon. Don't go for any of his arm attacks, wait for his head to come close to the ground. Basically my point is Defiled Dungeon bosses shouldn't be rushed, they are about patience. 38. TBA This section down here is especially made on how to defeat bosses and where to find all Badges. All will be hidden under the Spoiler tag if you do not wish to see them. MASSIVE THX to Argetlam350!!! Badges! If you all enjoyed this, please support my thread here and in the link below if you want to see more lists like these in the AJSA Forums and have a Sub-Forums itself so that we can help one another more. Credits To the Extraordinary1. Killer190 - Thank you for your contribution about the VeilBlood Covenant. 2. Zieglobaz - Thx for that Lock on to Enemy identification trick. 3. Argetlam350- Thx for Boss info. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27541-tips-help-game-sub-section
  6. I saw what happens in the 3 Minute mark and I jizzed myself. That was fucking dope and probably his best skill in the game.
  7. Page Updated with further boss details[sorry >.<] and other miscellaneous things.
  8. Thank you. What other cool tips you got under your sleeve?
  9. I have a question, does raising ones Insight also increases the difficulty of a Boss?
  10. If anyone here is willing to write up a list on how to deal with the Chalice Bosses, go ahead and I'll post it in the main Post.
  11. Thank you. Updating now.
  12. If someone here has the location of all Badges or things that unlock all items in shop, I'd appreciate it.
  13. Page Update and Creds Given! Thx Argetlam!
  14. That is a VERY good point. Post updated and creds given.
  15. Please do so. Send me a PM so we can review it together. I need all the info I can get for everyone's eyes
  16. Thank you. I updated it and given credits
  17. Thank you Killer. Main post updated and credits given.
  18. Mind sharing some tips on the Tips & help thread that I made for the game?
  19. Hey guys if you want to share any tips for the game, please come to this thread and share your support. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27575-tips-help-thread-bloodborne/
  20. Thx for that but I actually noted that in my list.
  21. Exactly. This is to keep it all in one place and organized as best as possible. I always link previous threads in a new one so people don't get lost. Hmm maybe link all threads in a separate one to act as a directory. Heh...I actually didn't thought of that before. I think I'll implement that.
  22. Hello there. I was curious if we can make a Sub-Section in the forums for specifically creating threads giving Tips & Help for upcoming games or that are requested by the members. I've been doing this for a long time now. I run a section like this over at The King Of Hate Forums where I moderate this sub-section alone as their "Game Guide Editor" although I'm just a regular member there. I'm trying to branch out to the AJSA Forums that I can get more eyes on my work and help more people since there are more members here and the diversity for help is even higher. If you guys do agree to do a sub-section, I suggest you make that only Mods can make threads as to avoid any pointless threads being made or trolling ones as well. I take doing these things seriously because I want to help everyone when they play a new release or an old one. Here's a link to the sub-section of of my works in the TKOH Forums. http://thekingofhate.com/forums/forum/27-tips-and-help/ PS. I've done ALOT more than that, is that all the work was lost in previous forum generation and I never bothered to save it, which hurts.
  23. Well this just became an even larger reality since Kojima is leaving Konami. FML!!!
  24. Can someone bring this information to Joe? Im sure he'll enjoy this. The first one was right, the rest were fucked up lmao.