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God Revan

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  1. God Revan liked a post in a topic by wabashi in Greetings from the Philippines !!!   
    Greetings and Salutations...
    I've come in PEACE !!! 
    Nice to meet you all !!!
  2. Zintouk liked a post in a topic by God Revan in Hey I'm Zintouk   
    Good think you quit WoW, you thought well of keeping your sanity and humanity instead of giving it all to WoW like soo many mindless drones have lol
  3. God Revan liked a post in a topic by Zintouk in Hey I'm Zintouk   
    Haha yeah thankfully I made that decision a couple years ago
  4. God Revan liked a post in a topic by Stygian Knight in Greeting Fellow Gamers!   
  5. God Revan liked a post in a topic by Brigins in Stygian Knight sir!, Reporting for duty...again   
    Heck gamings gaming offline or not, as long as your enjoying it. But once you get that internet upgraded we must play together.
  6. Stygian Knight liked a post in a topic by God Revan in Greeting Fellow Gamers!   
    My name is Revan Ryu Kusanagi but my friends refer to me as God Revan, God Revan Ryu, GR, Revan Ryu, ect... and I'm happy to be part of this community. I would really like to know more of the forums now that I already read its CoC and such.
    I'm a PlayStation Loyalist but that wouldn't deter my interest in owning an Xbox as I buy games from both console type games. I'm a RPG, FPS, Action/Adventure gamer that loves the thrill of a good story line that catches my interests, better yet my entire soul because the story is soo deep and enthralling. My favorite games of all time are the .Hack Series, Yakuza Series and both of the Zone Of The Enders games.
    Why .Hack? It has that unique RPG element that no other game in the world can match, including its complex story that spans into the Anime, novels, mangas, ect...
    Why Yakuza? Never in my entire life have I seen a series of game which story is soo gripping and intense, it draws you in and mind fucks you into thinking you're finishing the game when you are ways ahead needed to do so. When you think you figure out the plot, it throws in a curve ball you didn't see coming and shocks you in awe.
    Why Zone Of The Enders/ZOE? There is not a single mother fucking Mecha Game that can stand to the pure, intense, high speed, adrenaline pumping, non-stop action that ZOE can provide. Fuck Gundam, Armored Core, ect.... ZOE is the Best, hands down!
    I'm a RolePlayer with 10+ years of writing skill, always every improving and evolving. I also make my own fanfics with friends.
    I also follow Anime and my favorite one of all time is Ghost In The Shell. Such an amazing and beautiful show that its bad ass!!!
    Well...I think thats all. Don't hesitate to ask questions ^.^; And hope to be friends with everyone.
  7. God Revan liked a post in a topic by ProPurpleTurkey in Mark all posts as read.   
    Just for people who aren't interested in reading some topics.
    Example: Forum Topic-Which Jonas Brother is the hottest?
    I don't really want to read that, we all know it's Nick.
    I'm to lazy to click and then click away.
    I couldn't find one of these features anyway.