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  • Birthday December 2

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    Dylan Dawkins
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    open world games like fallout and skyrim. I also like telltale games.
  1. lol its okay I will make a new profile
  2. how do I change my name on this website
  3. Hello this is the last forum I am posting as DDAWK999 I am changing my name to Warchief so now all my media and gaming will be now to this name.
  4. I chose The brotherhood of steel because all my other fallouts i sided with them and i wanted to keep the traditon
  5. okay
  6. testing
  7. nope found it sry thx questions... so far
  8. wait i dont see the signture option
  9. thanks man im gonna do it
  10. whenver im in forums i notice some people whenver they comment they have a picture or a thumbnail or a quote under there comment how do you do that?
  11. cant do a list too long im additoed to FO4 i shieled myself from any other game or AJSA event but im over it now i think i overplayed FO4 to the point were it got old in 1 and a half months
  12. Correction GSGO not GTGO
  13. i would but i only have CTGO on xbox 360 sorry
  14. welcome im DDAWK999 i have a 360 too
  15. nice new plot points thanks cant wait to see the movie