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  1. In my opinion, the reason for that is because not everyone likes something that's 'extremely' repetitive. Some people can deal with it longer than others. I for one played Evolve for a month when you got guys playing it for only a week and quitting.
  2. Well played young one, well played.
  3. If that's the case then you have to try and figure out what exactly interests you. There are 100s upon 100s of shooters out there. At the end of the day they all have one thing in common; you shoot to kill.
  4. It's amazing how that works lol. Games that aren't even out yet and there's hatred.
  5. Lol. I don't know why but the first thing that came to mind was Overwatch. Got to admit though, that zipline thing's pretty cool.
  6. PSN: N3koAsylum Games I'm playing now: Until Dawn & Battlefield 4 Games I'm going to play in the future: The Division & Madden 16 Systems Owned: PS3 & PS4 Yes, I'll join the AJSA PS4 Rooms
  7. There is Evolve. That's multiplayer focused
  8. Personally, digitally. If something were to happen to your CD then you're pretty much screwed lol. Whereby with digital, it's always going to be there. Lessens your worry about games getting stolen.
  9. First off I would like to apologize if there is an AngryArmy on Battlefield 4 that's somewhere lost in here. I was wondering if there is an AngryArmy in Battlefield 4. I saw a thread about it on Xbox One but not on PS4. Was it replaced with Planetside 2? or like I said at the beginning, it's lost somewhere.
  10. I just purchased it yesterday and played it for about 4 hours. So far I've liked it because it's a great representation of old slasher horror films (back to the roots) with a small touch of paranormal events. The characters are dim-witted just as they would be back then, graphics are up there with The Order 1886, facial expressions are wonderful, dialogue is poor at times, feels as if it's scripted. Character development could use some working on. The whole unnecessary jump scares that I've seen people go on about, I don't really see the issue. I thought back then (80s & 90s) the whole idea was to build up tension with the music and then have you expecting that the killer(s) going to make a move and then BAM a squirrel lands on your head. The storytelling I can't give you in depths understanding because I haven't fully understood everything as yet. Though that being the case, they've got me intrigued as to finding out who the killer is. That is what keeps me going and having me want to take advantage of its replayability In my opinion from someone who only played about 4 hours they're doing a wonderful job with this game. Note: If you do buy the game, get a nice headset and play it in the dark with the door closed ;D
  11. Yeah, like you said I'm in the minority. Speaking of zombies though; judging from the Black Ops 3 Zombie trailer you might like it. In my opinion it's different, to an extent. That's giving me another reason to buy it.
  12. Well for me I only want Black Ops 3 for the story. The beta pretty much only consist of the multiplayer aspect which I have absolutely no interest in because of their new movement system. Innovation they said; I have yet to find it.
  13. The way I see it, I'll agree with 'filling the void' but the truth of the matter is it cannot be done. P.T left a mark to a good amount of players and left them wanting the game to continue, but that isn't happening. Some people are still in denial and waiting for it to rise from the dead and announce a release date lol.
  14. When they revealed the game and the release date I wanted to throw my money at them right then and there. It has the Borderland theme to it but it still has some originality towards it. For me I'm already in love with the character Phoebe (Sword). I'm curious how they're going to work to eliminate the feeling of repetitiveness though, considering you're only given 2 skills and an ultimate.
  15. Majority of the PC games I play on my laptop lol. As of now I'm playing Devil May Cry 5. But to each is own I guess.