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  1. I'll just say: Half life 2 episode 2 ending.
  2. Considering a question that might have an answer it would be this: Is there really free-will or are we just part of all the nature laws, and so are our thoughts and actions? (really hard to answer, and most people would freak out if there isn't any free-will) But if i could get an answer to something that i don't think it has one: How can i prove the existence of something like our own universe, if all i know is the product of it's own laws. ( a bit descartes on that, and i don't think there is a way to really know this, this could all be a dream for all we know).
  3. whenever i put on the multiplayer i'd notice the graphics weren't as great, just wasn't sure off what they had taken out.
  4. yep, i didn't know i'd enjoy as much either. in terms of general sound this game gets a 10/10. great background fighting music, those little sounds that the DS4 makes when spraying or absorbing powers are well done, and the voices are great. troy baker is the best voice actor in video game. the guy made half of my favorite games. man, my brother needs to go to work soon so i can resume playing (the ps4 is his =( )
  5. i played infamous 1 for so little i dont even consider i played it. but i bought second son anyway. It's great, i don't think you need to know anything about the other infamous to play it. i disagree with most reviews, im liking the characters and the story, my problems with the game are with some of the gameplay, i can't take cover or crouch, so that bothers me a bit.
  6. demons souls, the lack of a proper good story made me lose all interest in the game.
  7. if it's a game i'm "used to" i might buy it before reading reviews. for example, pretty much any valve game. they never fucked up so far...
  8. playing some old counter strike (1.6 or cz, can't remember), i had a bit of ocd, i would shoot until the weapon had no bullets instead of reloading it. So I had one shot left in my awp and the time was running down like 20 seconds to end, so i just shot at a random wall and killed the last dude and won the round. it was "competitive mode", so you can think that everyone called me a cheater after that.
  9. and i dont know about you guys, but i'd rather get this version + a 500 gb hd than a new one. this one has lots more features that were taken out like ps2 support, more usb slots i think, sacd support
  10. Might be worth something if it's sealed. I'd say put it on ebay. they will give him $10 in store credit
  11. i think my brother was on canada that day. still better than rio, it was so hot a sprinkler in a mall turned on. and this: it reached a 50 Celsius sensation.
  12. i don't either, it's just that EA makes me so angry. i use piracy mostly as a demo, if i see that the full game is awful as i think, i won't buy it and will delete the pirated copy. I even redeem myself sometimes buying games i pirated long time ago (like fable 1 a loooong time ago or dragon age origins, my first DAO was pirated, after that game, that was so well done, i bought the digital copy and later the ultimate edition (sealed) ) Im just sick and tired to fall into recent EA's traps.
  13. thanks for all replies, it was sold out almost everywhere ( A VITA, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) so she ended up getting a 16 gb pack with some lame games ( and hotshot golfs =D) for 180 quid, still better than in brazil. now, to use my PS+ collection
  14. i got a 30 day EU code on my email, but my main acc already is EU, so i can't use it. If any of you guys have an US code and want to trade (of course 14 or 30 day would be better, but i'd be fine with the 7 day code it comes out in the console, mostly wanna try out brother and bioshock with the move controller =P ).
  15. well, amazon now has a higher price x_x anyone knows of any stores in london?