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mister R

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  1. i like ride the horsey :3
  2. what the why does she have a hornalot/10
  3. liking that joker fanart!!! :0
  4. i'll post more best pony hackney pony if you guys want xD i'll even show you some of my hackneyxshetland fanfic :3
  5. i have an idea hackney poney should be a character in mlp :0 he's happy and friendship too! just look at his wikepedia article!! (here it is) also i try to made your picture better what do think?? :3 i worked hard on it :3
  6. but i was only sharing my love for ponys :<
  7. hmm you got me there but still i'd say it's at least as original as having a lolface on your forum avatar wouldn't you agree?? xD
  8. thatsalrightiguesskindacreepythoug /10
  9. blip was probably so many people's back up plan if youtube ever got too bad to make a reasonable career off of they're in for a bit of a surprise if that ever bes a thing xD
  10. my little pony my little poony aa aa aa aa myy little pooonyyy he's pretty and he has a cu-uute mane (myy liiitle poaneey) and also hoofs! best pony is hackney pony picture of hackney pony he is shiny :3
  11. don't you think you're going a bit overboard suing some guy on youtube over your commentary on them??? :I
  12. well pewdiepie's still a thing so i think it's safe to say no
  13. sup man i'm mr R :3