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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL-JrJ5E1Zo How about King George Island from Tekken? It was Anna's theme in Tekken 2. The song even has wind blowing and it sounds frozen! Also, edited a bunch of times because I suck at embedding stuff on here.
  2. When I first started playing DCUO I only played PVP. I got my ass kicked a lot by the villain players who actually brought low leveled players around with them, beat up someone lower than 30, and let the low leveled players take the kill. It was annoying as fuck. It got to the point that when I turned lvl 30 and those other lvl 30 villains came after me with their little buddies, I was already a legendary member with a lot of high level gear and when they would try to attack me, I would end up kicking both of their asses.
  3. I was actually on today. I'm an acrobatic staff user with ice powers. Level 30 and I reached it by playing PVP. A lot of people do it through PVE but I'm apart of a guild on there and they always played PVP so I had no choice. It makes me feel more of a bad ass by doing it that way than anything. I was a Legendary user. Had to stop because I'm back in school. Now I'm just Premium and I'm totally okay with that. I'm on there as Avilese. I'll be playing this Thanksgiving break so I'll be keeping everyone posted. Who knows...maybe I'll help some of you level up.
  4. I usually put on the Morrowind or Skyrim soundtracks whenever I'm studying or writing a paper. It really does help me to focus since my floor is the party floor of my dorm.
  5. I feel as though I'm the only one who has issues with twitch.tv. I can't freakin' watch any streams on it!
  6. I love character creation. I especially love a deep and extensive character create mode, because I have a lot of head canons and want my character to look a certain way. Like for elder scrolls I only play as female Dunmer and I have a story starting from Morrowind to Skyrim that they're all related somehow (The reason why the Oblivion version of my Dunmer looked less like a dark elf and looked more like a Breton was because of her parentage. I GET REALLY DEEP!) For Mass Effect I made sure that my F!Shepard looked like a variety of races instead of just one race. She's the face of humanity. She should have all the best parts and attributes each race has to offer. For Fallout 3 I made sure my character was extremely pale from living underground. When I was able to do the plastic surgery I gave her a slight tan to emphasize the fact that she's been in the sun. My character in New Vegas is very tanned because of her exposure to the sun. For Saint's Row my F!Boss is Hispanic and looks it. She's also covered in tattoos and my best looking character I've ever created. I'm a huge nerd.
  7. Don't know that guy above me but he seems pretty famous to me! Way more famous than I'll ever be!
  8. Favorite video game of all time? That's an easy answer! CHRONO TRIGGER! Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (Anything before 10.), etc. I love them all but Chrono Trigger was the first RPG I ever beat so it has a special place in my heart.
  9. It took me forever to get back into Mass Effect. I played the first one and hated the gameplay. I waited like a couple of years later and played Mass Effect 2 and LOVED it! I bought ME 3 and played through it and loved that as well. I was so emotionally invested into the game and was hit hard by a lot of things. Shepard's sacrifice in the end made so much sense. It was the point of no return! Just a lot of things to think about for the end of ME 3. Indoctrination theory and what not. I recently played through all three games and I was able to enjoy ME 1 the second time around! My experience was much more different and I feel so much happier for it. I love Mass Effect so much that I'm getting a Legion tattoo soon. I won't say what it is because I haven't seen anyone with it but I will show it off when I finally do get it!
  11. Just read the manga. Believe me. When Guts becomes the black swordsman with his dragonslayer sword and he goes off to hunt apostles and demons he reaches a level of bad ass that is nigh impossible to obtain by anyone. His battle with the slug apostle at the beginning of the book is epic. The first page of the manga sets the tone of the whole manga. And the best part about this manga being around for so long, you can see the growth in Miura as an artist. It starts off simple and now he's one of the best manga artists around. His level of detail is incredible. (Which is also why he takes forever to put out manga. Everything is painstakingly drawn to perfection.)
  12. You seriously need to read the manga. It covers a lot more than the anime ever could. The manga is on going but its on a hiatus until Miura decides to get off of his ass and update. (Really though. He's working on the movies they're doing in Japan. I just want this manga over before he dies.) You probably watched the 90s anime. It barely covered the manga and a lot of the supernatural shit you got to see in the anime was in the manga much earlier. Like Guts met the Skull knight before the eclipse and everything. (It wasn't as much of a surprise for manga readers as it was for the anime watchers.) My only gripe with the new movies is that, even though they're gorgeous to see, the latest one had that love scene between Guts and Caska and it wasn't as romantic and sweet as it is in the original anime and in the manga.
  13. Wow you're from South Africa?! I've always wanted to visit there! Welcome to the army!
  14. That's what I was told by a friend who then ordered me to get GTA V. When I told him that if he wants me to have it so badly, he should buy it for me since I can't afford it at the moment he backed away. Thank you to everyone welcoming me to the site! I'm excited and happy to be here!
  15. I recommend Berserk if anyone here likes fantasy, lots of graphic violence, sex, gore, and dudes with really big swords. I'm such a huge fan of the manga. (Seriously. I'm a huge fan. Even got the brand of sacrifice tatted on my arm.)