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  1. I think it was Bog in CoD 4, before that you played the mission in the AC-130 and the loading screen showed all this info about the AC-130. So when Bog loads it shows all the info about the M1-A1 Abrams. After it is finished loading. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY TANK?
  2. If your warranty is expired, I suggest you open it and take the ram, graphics card, disc drive, HDD, CPU and whatever else you can salvage, then go buy a case, motherboard and PSU. Then take your salvaged parts and put them in, the transition should be reasonably cheap, then that will give you grounds to move on.
  3. PC. it is much more versitile. I can do so much more with my PC plus I would need a PC anyway, so I don't see the point in having a console plus a weakish PC when I could just use the money saved on the console on the PC. All in one. Plus Steam sales, power, exclusives. And you tend to make back the money on Steam sales. I probably spend half the money I used to spend on PS3 and yet have 5 times the games. (Yes, I have a PS3, I just haven't used it in 2 years) Oh and this: (Just for laughs, not being stuck up or anything)
  4. I agree an Off-Topic would be great. Although it seems as if the idea is meant to be that if you want to talk about gaming, go that games forum, or the forum for it's genre.
  5. Ever heard of SuperHot? Ever heard of Reciever? Both of those games are taking the FPS genre and mixing it up. But notice one thing in common? Indie Games. When we think FPS we think CoD, Battlefield or some knock off. And the reason it "seems" to be stagnated is that those shooters are the ones that do well. So obviously the big publishers are going to copy those shooters. But indie games on the other hand don't have the budget to make clones of those games. So they need to innovate. So my point is keep your eyes open and look for innovation, then support it. And yes, ArmA III is a very good game if you are willing to put in the time.
  6. Thanks. great review. Now I know I am definitely going to wait as I was considering buying it.
  7. My option ins't there, I would say "I only buy games that the reviewer says has strong points that appeal to me" As in, I don't care about the score, I care about the words.
  8. Republic Commando
  9. I don't think HL3 will ever happen. It has been hyped way too much, and despite it being Valve I doubt they could ever live up to the hype. So when we all realize HL3 was not what we were expecting, then what happens to Valve? I think the best we could hope for is HL2 ep3. Same engine and everything as HL2. It will exist just to finish the story.
  10. I would hate a prequel. We already know the lore and how the whole Galaxy will end. I have two dreams: 1) Mass Effect Skyrim. Forget ME3 ever happened and just open up the ME universe to us. 2) They come to us with ME4 at the VGA's. They show blurred, dreamy shots of reapers decimating the planets of our companions from ME3 and we can see our companions getting killed in the background. Then it cuts to the Normandy flying through space, we see joker from behind, then a hand at the side of the screen. Joker turns around. "No, how? We left you for dead." Camera pans around so we joker from behind and he is blocking the face of the assailant. We see the assailant slit Joker's throat. Joker falls to the group so we can see the assailants face. "​IT NEVER HAPPENED"
  11. The problem with your poll is that you are asking "will it happen?" yes WWIII will happen, that much is a given. The fact that war is in our nature and how much money it generates means that if a reason to start WWIII arises, most country's wont turn down the opportunity. As for the thread title? That depends on what you mean by close. The world is definitely in an all round crap state and the number of current small skirmishes and even full wars all over the place means that already we are in an unstable environment for war. Add the fact that America grows weaker every year and the fact that very few people still view America as the world power and more as a self entitled pain the arse, then add China to that equation... Then add the motive of rapidly decreasing fossil fuels. I have almost no doubt that either China or Korea would take the first shot at the US. Most of Europe would stay out of it for awhile as they don't like the US and actually would like to see them get knocked around a bit. Then after some time the rest Asia and some of Africa (RSA is currently in a treaty with China, keeping in mind that RSA is a great stop over point for China) would start taking shots at the US. Now forced to pick sides Europe would be forced to ally with the US given the history, but it would be half hearted (I'm sure Europe would love to become number 1.), I actually would expect Europe to be suddenly torn in half, with some country's helping the US and others Asia. So Europe would in a sense abstain form the war considering they are split in half by war. So that's how I imagine WWIII playing out.
  12. I used to play CoD for the single player. Remeber CoD 4 and World at War, those had good single player campaigns. they had fairly decent story's and the gun play was enjoyable.
  13. Honestly, the morale here? Don't pre order anything, wait till about a week after release, watch gameplay, read reviews and forums. And then decide if you must buy the game, wait for bug fixes and content, wait for a sale or just never buy the game. It is really that easy.
  14. I may be wrong. so don't hole me to this, but I thought nobody made more than one game for rockstar? As in they seriously overwork and underpay their employees.
  15. ​I definitely agree, PC gaming is dying because we don't have Knack But Seriously No PC will never die. I can understand why people wont want to get into because of the initial cost and how much more volatile they can be (BSOD's and stuff) and then if you want to upgrade then this needs to change, etc. But after you have a decent PC... Mods, Steam, Better Controls, More selection of games, Indie Games. Oh and http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/