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  1. Advnaced warfare was very diffrent to Ghost, and Black Ops 3 is diffrnet again. There may have been caused to call them rehashes in the past but lately that is simply not the case. And going by the current state of shooters nowadays (BF:Hardline, Battlefront, Halo) I would say that Black Ops 3 has a decent shot of being the best FPS out there currently. As for ditching single player, yeah I doubt it. They may offer a cheaper option that just has the multiplayer but they have been putting way too much effort into there single player mode to just drop it.
  2. Battlefield 5 confirmed for E3 ....
  3. If you want 40k, Start with the Dawn of War series, That should give you a good basic understanding.
  4. .... You know you can still support the tech without preordering right?
  5. Where did you hear that to? The link you posted says that the image includes all of the contents that will come in the package, it makes no metion of the Move controller which other sites have stated does not come with it. Also of not it does not come with a PS4 camera which is also required to use some features.
  6. All cheats are disabled in GTA Online, You can't use them.
  7. A special message from TotalBiscuit You were warned, you clicked it anyway, you have no cause to complain.
  8. Pokemon is going on 19 movies now and they are hardly bad. And that covers video games and anime at the same time. ....
  9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair will be released in 2016. .... Literally took me 10 seconds on google to find this information.
  10. If it doesn't let go full Liz and play the game entirely as a Blacksmith then I'm not interested.
  11. Yes. If previous versions of Windows have taught me anything its to leave it atleast a year before even touching the newest model, and even then to use the 10 foot barge pole.
  12. discussion

    I'm guessing the ability to destroy a planet will be in the DLC ....
  13. And there in lies the problem.