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Reyas Khaal

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  • Birthday 03/20/1993

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    Reyas Khaal
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    Reyas Khaal

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    Milwaukee, WI
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    Gaming, Football, and ASS AND TITTIES. ASS, ASS, AND TITTIES.
  1. ***sent My ID is ReyasKhaal My Main Character is a Wood Elf named Reyas Khaal. I've got early access.
  2. My screen name is Reyas Khaal.6240 I'm a lvl 51 Ranger, and want to join the whatever is the official Angry Joe Show Army guild. I'm in the Northern Shiverpeaks server, so please send an invite!
  3. Yea, what happened to the F2P?
  4. That would be pretty freaking sweet actually. Sounds like fun hahaha. I'd be up for that! Maybe make an Angry Army in the game. I do have an account already, where I'm rich, and I just got bored. If anything, we can use some of that money, if needed. If I can remember my login, atleast.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the franchise, and probably won't get it, but I just wanna know if it's a good game. I've been hearing a lot of bad things about Ghosts, but I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with it. Can anyone give me a personal review or something about the game? Just tell me what you think of it, and if it is the same as all the other CoD games.
  6. I'm looking to get into some kinda guild or something for Guild Wars, cause I never have anyone to play with. And this game is looonggg and borrringgg if you don't have a clan or something. Is there an Angry Army guild?
  7. I went to Dragon*Con (which I wouldn't recommend) in Atlanta this year, and bought some BAD ASS Mass Effect posters. Does anyone else go to these cons, specifically C2E2 and Wizard World in Chicago? What's your favorite kind of fan art or game for fan art?
  8. I've always been a hardcore Microsoft-Xbox kinda guy. But I don't know if I can forgive them for all that DRM bullshit. But I don't wanna miss out on stuff like Destiny, the next Mass Effects, or anything really cool that might be restricted to Xbox One. I'm not a huge fan of Killzone or the other Playstation exclusive titles either (Except mayyybbeee Infamous and Uncharted). I know that Microsoft redid their stance on the DRM, but that's just because no one wanted the system, and they just wanted to make more money off of us. The Fact of the matter, is they tried ripping us off in the first place. So what should I do?
  9. I'm probably not going to upgrade for a while, or at least until I convince myself to spend the money. But when are you, the Angry Army fans going to upgrade?
  10. Well, I know a lot of people who play Guild Wars, but it seems like no one ever has the time to play or even are in the same server as I am. I'm Reyas Khaal.6240 and I'm on the server Isle of Janthir I'm a lvl 46 Human Ranger I don't play much anymore because there is no one to ever play with. I'm normally just running quests by myself and it sucks when you don't have friends or a good guild with active & helpful players. Anyone wanna play?
  11. I played Guild Wars, the first one, many many years ago. I eventually stopped playing, due to the fact that after 6 or 7 years, no one really played anymore. And I was toooooo goood. hahaha Guild Wars 2 should've came out many many years ago. They announced it would come out back in like 2008 or 9, but they kept pushing it back. So I attempted to Boycott it. But it was apparently too good to boycott, so I waited for it to go on sale, and I bought it, and it was awesome. But by then, all my friends moved onto other things, like Borderlands 2 and school. So I've got no one to play with hahaha But my Main Char is a lvl 46 Human Ranger in the Isle of Janthir server
  12. Well, I've always loved Fable, but the 3rd was pretty bad. I didn't wanna go through the pain of playing "The Journey." That game just screamed "CRAAAAAPPP." I really disliked how all the Magics went from a superpower to just a special glove. And I don't like how they didn't bring much from the old games back. I understand the world was destroyed, and yes, in the second game, it was nice that they brought old cities back, but there was barely any mention of Jack of Blades, or your character, or what happened to Oakvale. To me, they missed out on some sentimental opportunities. The game just became another that you can't really get into that world you're discovering. But hopefully, they go back to how things were. I loved the first game. It was too awesome. "Your health is low! Do you have any potions? Or food??" hahahaha
  13. Hey there everyone, I'm Mike from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I've been an Angry Joe fan for a loooonnnggg time! Contrary to popular belief, we don't say Wiscaaaannnsin. Or anything like that. That's actually a Chicago thing, and up in the wayy Northern parts of the state. Here in Milwaukee, we're pretty normal. Atleast, I think so. It's cold up in WI, so I've got plenty of excuses to sit in my room and watch Angry Reviews! And obviously, play tons of video games. I'm quite competitive, but I've been playing video games since I was a young boy, so I'm pretty good to back up the talk. I mostly play Battlefield, Madden, and Call of Duty --- plus I have Gamefly, so I play a lot of whatever game I rent. I'm an Xboxer too, but I'll be switching to PS4 when I decide to upgrade. For now, I'm fine with my 360 hahaha. If I had a faster computer, I'd play more games on there -- But I do play Guild Wars. Most of the time, my screen name is Reyas Khaal. Its not pronounced Ray-Ass, its Ray (like the sun) Essssssss (like... Ehhhh Sssssss... Like saying the letter S) If you wanna play some games, hit me up!