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Everything posted by PwnnYClubbeD

  1. The evolution of Eve online's fps shooter from the PS3 era has just opened up its signup page for news/keys. Now, home on the PC they are attempting to do it all right from the ground up. since the FPS market is kinda dry with failed sequels and small player games this maybe something to check out. www.ccpgames.com/projectnova i have played the crap out of its predecessor Dust514 and look forward to its newer version without the console limitations.
  2. since its been a min since it was posted before EVE Online has expanded their f2p ship list from cruisers to battleships. still suggest giving it 1-3 months of trying out before you decide if the game fits gets you enough time to complete newbie quests and grab your free loots (suggestion) would apply to E-UNI (eve university) get in, fly with them, take classes, tours etc, etc to get a feel for what you can do and what you like for a few months
  3. this is an interesting game tbh
  4. if we got a good headcount going id be down. ima wait it out till then.
  5. video game blues

    the battlefield series seems to reach its fun close to the end of its DLC lifecycle (excluding freebies they throw in) when you have ALL gamemodes to play and all guns are out to give a try. you dont seem to feel like a grind and are not limited to that 1 or 2 gamemodes you like like in the start.
  6. sorry since there was a 2 mo span back when i posted i sided with another clan, though kicked for inactivity due to playing other games i do need another clan atm...
  7. Master x Master has released anyone interested in starting a lil guild for this moba-meets-dungeoncrawler?
  8. bump: since their 2 big patches just came out anyone jump in for the changes before release
  9. open beta weekend on the ARC client for those non win10 users
  10. meh rant: does nobody know how to work a forum to bump a thread literally EVE threads above and below this! but to answer OP's question yes but very filthy casual
  11. wish this game was pushed harder has an interesting setup and one of those rare games that has a dynamic feel to it that actuallyimplemented properly, at least having a bot mode works while in EA
  12. 4v4 MP just dumb, truly a disapointment that bungie couldnt deliver a more grander MP experience. not riding this cash cow for this iteration, same DLC set up not worth price
  13. technically there is one created more-so for the side of Dust514 (when it was still active game) to pool the community together (hi-sec corp). there are at least 10-ish ppl who play scattered among more well funded corps i know i had one pop into pubbie chat while grinding and advertising newbies in Dust. though the f2p aspect of the game makes it more free to do so atm even if fully "filthy casual" with it. with Nova looming in the distant future there maybe stronger candidates to flesh out a corp.
  14. so with the release of the PS4 version of Skyforge is there anybody playing it, i hear the console iteration plays better similar to how diablo III translated very well to controler, if we have a decent size group im looking to join up.
  15. my first time was when Dust514 was a thing the clan i was with wanted to get into, its definitely different from other MMO's, to help out our alliance i tried my hand at becoming a pilot, which the day i got out of the newbie missions i had to deal with a 5x round trip 40 jump move that took a few days, and got in on my first clan roam/gate camp which was a bit heart racing trying to be the one not to screw up. great thrown into the fire learning experience, EVE uni is lesser like that but holds the keys to everything you can do and lets you make your journey to how you wanna play easier.
  16. suggestion for EVE if anyone samples it would definintly get involved with EVE University right out of the gate after training missions good learning tools, rewards and easy direction for finding out what you wanna be and how you wanna play the game.
  17. black desert is buy 2 play but if you want a sample DM me i have guest passes.
  18. oOoOoOoOo we have a thingy in this game? be cool to run with an organized squad
  19. dont quote me on it, but i believe it has been disbanded and anything in the guild warehouse was liquidated and distributed to those still in it at the time as my nub character has a payout that she cant even carry from when i joined around launch. if a sister guild was created i have no knowlege.
  20. ive been excited for this game, looking forward to the revamp of the world and guild features come March 13th (and future MAY build). will be nice to test that out before release. would be nice to see a strong presence in this game with a few guilds made up for pushing map domination (PVP guild and sister pve/industry/market guilds)
  21. randomly came across this game, as someone who hoped Dust514 would of lived up to its dreams this game actually executes it nicely even though its animations are rough in spots. have yet to play it but the vids on the battles both in space, in ships, and on ground find that nice mix of MMO shooter, space sim, and a relative of planetside 2 i have hopes that they continue on with this game and break the mold that every shooter MUST be a pointless lobby shooter like COD or BF
  22. im looking forward to actually trying this game out played on launch but on my garbage laptop.
  23. ok though im due for a Archeage/other game stream today ive fired up eve if you wanna FR me ingame its: Zheebs Theiral Sal'tari the OP has been updated with info if you choose to give it a shot do suggest 3months of playing before you make your decision since theres quite a bit to do and learn any vets in the AJSA wanna pop in pub for help i know theres a few around. ima run a newbie through training to see what changed