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Omg Long Hair

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  1. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in NUCLEAR WINTER HAS COME PLEASE DECIPHER   
    Okay, seriously: We have how many threads dedicated to just Fallout 4 at this point? More than 4, not counting all these little threads that've been popping up?
    Is it too much to ask that people check to see if a thread already exists for the topic in question before posting another one? Jeez...
    That said, I'm trying a few methods- not that I'll post anything I find here. I'm spiteful like that.
  2. ttdeugerumee liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where The Bronies At?   
    lol andrea libman all the way
  3. skipro22 liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Most Hated Font   
    comic sans
  4. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by xdeathknightx in Attack On Titan   
    I really like the show. Because it is as bleak as it is, as morally ambiguous as it is and because I like that the main characters aren't paragons of virtue but have some major flaws. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of is how one is the silent over-powered asian character, it was a bit much. Oh and the romance could have done a bit better, I am done with the "oh I am so in love with that person" while other person chooses to ignore it trope.
    It is really hard to train for such a thing. The only ones that really get any training and kills is the Survey Corps because they go outside the wall. All the training they can give inside the walls is how to use the 3D maneuvre gear and where to hit and maybe make some targets for them to hit. Which is nothing like actually facing them, as shown in the anime/manga. So basically they are giving all the training they could unless they want to start unleashing titans on them from time to time. Plus the walls are considered safe and by some god send, so why would they lose countless people by sending them outside with the Survey Corps just so they can train?
    And that is besides that people tend to get complacent when they think they are safe. Titans hadn't breached the walls in forever and most people were getting on with their lives.
    I have not read the manga but I wouldn't be too surprised that being complacent is on of the reasons all these things happened so far in the anime. (don't want to spoil it too much)
    And there is already a pretty awesome flash game out there that lets you use 3D gear and you can try and see how many Titans you can kill before they get you.
  5. ttdeugerumee liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where The Bronies At?   
    that fluttershy is the best pony?
  6. ReclaimedHavok liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where The Bronies At?   
    my mane six list
  7. NeonWind liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where The Bronies At?   
    well i think your game is garbage and no one likes you
    why would i go to 4chan anyway
  8. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in Where The Bronies At?   
    1. Fluttershy
    2. Twilight
    3. Rainbow Dash
    4. Pinkie Pie
    5. Rarity
    6. Applejack
  9. Marrato Kensuto liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Attack On Titan   
    true but you cant compare titans to things in RL
    these are giant monsters that eat people like crazy seeing that would make anyone panic
  10. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by J2D in Attack On Titan   
    Finally sat down and actually fully watched the show from beginning to end. While I still believe the story is meh, I did find myself wanting to keep watching after each episode was over. I had only seen some small clips and scenes on youtube up till now, but I'm glade I finally watched this anime.
    Now to start on the manga.
  11. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by themasething in Where The Bronies At?   
    I watched it, I can see the appeal, but I'm not going to be as into it as the Bronies are.
  12. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by Kato in Where The Bronies At?   
    I am here, waiting for season 4!
  13. Aridan liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where The Bronies At?   
    I might get hate for this but i actually like the show 
    i just started watching not too long ago and its not bad but its not perfect either.
    if you haven't seen it whats your opinion on it?
    if your fan why do you like it?
  14. Jinzuro liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Have A Gaming Channel? Lets hear about it   
    Well I have two channels
    im starting to work on them more seriously (thumbnails,intros,title cards etc)
    1.A Channel For Helping people learn Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and i dabble in other games.
    its my main channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Johnnycpublic
    2.A lets play channel with me and my friends
    we are currently playing FFX2,Donkey Kong Country 2 and im still doing more for the channel
    we are open to suggestions on what to play
    Recording:I have an elgato capture card for most things,sometimes we use my friends avermedia live gamer portable
    and for audio we use blue snowball
    i edit things in wondershare video editor and paint.net for photo stuff
  15. DestinyDecade liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Angry Review   
    i agree with this review for the most part
  16. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by DestinyDecade in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Angry Review   
    You never see a handheld review so I'm going to make this short.
    It's been six years since we last saw a real Ace Attorney game and Phoenix Wright is back in the newest game of the series, Dual Destinies.
    The story is set one year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban 4) and the courts have now entered into a dark phase. Incidents have torn people and the truth apart and it's up to one man to set things right.
    You take control of three different characters: Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and newcomer Athena Cykes. Each of them possess unique skills that set them apart in helping you find the truth. You play them through five different cases where your objective is finding your client's innocence but getting there is not easy.
    Now about these three characters, they have special abilities.
    Phoenix Wright has his Magatama and Psyche-Locks. The Psyche-Lock system has you talking to witnesses and you present evidence in order for them to talk. Unlike previous games, there are no penalties if you mess up which is a bummer but at least this time, you can take your time and choose the right evidence. Succeed and they'll talk.
    Apollo Justice has Perceive which lets him see if a person's lying. You hear testimony and if you see them react, find it and boom. Sometimes you have to submit evidence to further boost your claim and if successful, you'll get some additional information. In this game, it's done outside of court which is very nifty.
    Athena Cykes, the newest character has the Mood Matrix. In Trials, the Mood Matrix is used to find discord in a witness's testimony. If an emotion is out of place in someone's testimony, you can pinpoint one of four emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry and Surprised. Other times, an overflow of emotions can cause things to shake up. Therefore you need to Probe and find out what's causing the emotions to go out of control. It's a really brilliant system that adds a new level of finding the truth in court.
    The game is split into two sections: Investigation and Trial. In Investigation, you travel through different locations to look for evidence. Sometimes you need to look one step further so you can interact with certain items to find more clues. In addition, you also talk with various witnesses. Some witnesses can be tough ones to crack so you'll need to present evidence to make them talk. If you succeed, then you're one step closer in preparing yourself for the trial to come.
    In Trial, you're in court and you take on the prosecution using all the evidence and knowledge you've obtained in the investigation. Witnesses will take the stand and testify what they know. As a Defense Attorney, your job is to see if they're either lying or telling the truth. You do it in two ways: Pressing and Presenting. Pressing witnesses can help you know more about what happened. Sometimes you get additional testimony that can help and other times, it doesn't do much. Presenting evidence at certain points can help find a person's lies but be careful, doing so in a manner you shouldn't will get you penalized. Get penalized a few times and you lose. At least with this game, you can try again without having to go to the Main Menu.
    From a visual standpoint, this game is really great for a 3DS game. Simply top notch. The character models look really awesome and they add a sense of life to the game. The locations are awesome and they can range from a village to a prestigious academy. Music is simply cool adding atmosphere and at times can drive you to the edge of your seat. Simply awesome. I have a few favorite tracks and I recommend you listen to the OST and see for yourself. As for length, this game is long at about 20-30 hours. It's a game that once you start playing, you'll get hooked. Sure there isn't much replayability but the upcoming DLC case will probably add a few extra hours to your game time. There are anime cutscenes in the game that propel the story forward with the voice acting spot on.
    The game does have some flaws and for starters, I feel that they dumbed down the investigation parts of the game. In previous games, you can investigate every nook and cranny finding unique things which can lead to humorous bits. Here, once your cursor spots something red, it counts as something important. I feel that the game is holding your hand with this one and that is a bummer. I don't know if there are any other flaws but that's all I can see from my experience of it.
    Final thoughts... this game is one you shouldn't pass up. When they say the game is dark due to that M rating, they meant it. It has a story that has you pitting your beliefs to the test all while putting you on a roller coaster where finding the truth isn't as easy as people say. It has great characters, strong visuals, catchy music and a presentation that screams awesome. If you have a 3DS and $30 with you, get this game. You will not be disappointed. It hasn't for me and neither should you.
    My final verdict for this game is a 9 out of 10! A Must own with Angry Joe's BAD-ASS seal of approval.
  17. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by The Platinum Patriot in Fighting Game Community   
    Yeah, I've invested quite a bit into the genre. That's a PS2/PS3 Arcade stick w/ a backwards compatible adapter, so I can play on all my systems. Also, the hamburger at the top is a 20 CD binder filled w/ PS2 & XBox fighters.

  18. Pigs on the Wing liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Who is the Greatest of all times   
    thank you lol
  19. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by Pigs on the Wing in Who is the Greatest of all times   
    i was about to and then i saw Link
  20. Omg Long Hair liked a post in a topic by Jeathroe in Choices.   
    I really enjoy Resident Evil 6, and I've enjoyed the the series since the first game. With that in mind you might feel differently if you're a big fan of the past entries in the series.
  21. DarkDranix liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Worst gaming Betrayals   
    FF series for sure
    it seemed like square enix just forgot how to make interesting characters that you care about.
    KH series also for turning into a card game and being on every system like the n gage and mobile
  22. babane liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Anyone still playing PS2?   
    i have 2 of em
    games i still have and ill keep buying more of em
    RE code veronica,KH1 and 2,Megaman X collections,FFX and FFX2,DDR Games,RE 4,DOA 2
  23. babane liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Final Fantasy   
    you left out FFX2 
    which was a great game
  24. stewie200333 liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in Where are those Zelda fans   
    this thread has potential lol
    OOT is my fav and link to the past
  25. icymadrocker liked a post in a topic by Omg Long Hair in discussion on the wolf among us *warning spoilers*   
    IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset about snow but damn i saw it coming lol