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  1. And yet Warriors are the worst..
  2. Five nights at a fked up place. Never ever again.
  3. O mee gawd ^^ I have been waiting over ten years for this moment
  4. At least someone understands it like me. That game broke my last headset when I fell of the chair..
  5. Time to get back for real again then.. I really can't resist the feeling of stabbing random people left and right every moment ^^
  6. The costume maps on Warcraft 3 was the thing for me for me and the first online game I've played for real. (Battle.net) Good old times
  7. I'd say 50+ is a good limit for actually being able to do something in WvW except for just running with the zerg. You are more free that way but it depends on what class you play on too. You're choice, but the rewards are sweeter the higher lvl you are in
  8. I play less than the acutal game queue time to WvW there.. And then the language.. I would leave Gw2 forever if I playedon a server like that. PS: I'm back :3
  9. I tried zelda out at the age of 4 and then I just continued gaming after that
  10. Time to do some pvp again then. Because our WvW just got raided by an overpopulated server called gandara..
  11. Because I guess it would work
  12. Strangely enough I kinda enjoyed this O.o Thx for sharing I guess