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  1. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by xKaros in PS4 Division PSN ID List   
    PSN IDs: xKaros (US) (Main), xKarrosu (JP) (Alt)
    Dying Light, Destiny (If you need help with anything, except trials, I can help), Bloodborne, ESO, Battlefield 1, Planetside 2, Warframe, The Division, PSO2 JP verson (I don't understand Japanese but I don't care, I want to play it. I don't have a pc that can comfortably handle it, If I did, I would get the pso2 tweaker and play it).
    Games looking forward to:
    Destiny Sequel, PSO2 (If it ever comes to the west... sigh.. It won't), Black Desert Online (If it is actually possible for it to come to consoles and its announced), Kingdom Hearts (I haven't play these in a long, since my ps2 era), Mass Effect: Andromeda (Please be quarians in there), Star Wars Battlefront Sequel (Needs major improvement over the first one).
    Consoles: PS4 only but I want to get a vita and a pc.
  2. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by xKaros in PS4 Division PSN ID List   
    PSN IDs: xKaros (US) (Main), xKarrosu (JP) (Alt)
    Dying Light, Destiny (If you need help with anything, except trials, I can help), Bloodborne, ESO, Battlefield 1, Planetside 2, Warframe, The Division, PSO2 JP verson (I don't understand Japanese but I don't care, I want to play it. I don't have a pc that can comfortably handle it, If I did, I would get the pso2 tweaker and play it).
    Games looking forward to:
    Destiny Sequel, PSO2 (If it ever comes to the west... sigh.. It won't), Black Desert Online (If it is actually possible for it to come to consoles and its announced), Kingdom Hearts (I haven't play these in a long, since my ps2 era), Mass Effect: Andromeda (Please be quarians in there), Star Wars Battlefront Sequel (Needs major improvement over the first one).
    Consoles: PS4 only but I want to get a vita and a pc.
  3. xKaros liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Why destiny's RNG's system is broken.   
    The RNG system has been this way for ages, be happy you weren't there in year 1, now that was when it truly was terrible. It's not the most perfect thing now but MILES better then year 1. Personally the little bit of the Iron Lord DLC I have played I've gone up faster in light then any previous DLC, probably due to all the ways you can level up light more then the previous expansions. That and probably some luck. By now I doubt anymore major tweaks to the RNG system will happen anytime soon if at all.
  4. AJSA Valkyrie liked a post in a topic by xKaros in Destiny does light level matter in year 2?   
    It depends on what your doing but if your not far from the recommend light level then you should be fine. I'll say its your gear is what you should worry about not your light level.
  5. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in This Week In Gaming 7-19-16   
    This week in gaming; PewDiePie responds to sites using his name and image as what he feels is clickbait and why I use or don't use (or try not to use) certain articles or sites in news posts, Xbox One S release date, look into Naughty Dog creator Neil Druckmann's creative process, Overwatch director talks about characters/maps design/competitive mode changes/skin designs/porn, EVO 2016, tournament Super Smash Bros player Cristian "Hyuga" Medina fired after groping sleeping Smash 4 caster, Ubisoft says Nintendo NX has potential to draw in casual gamers, famous developers from the 80s and 90s and what they have done since then, Twitch begins beta for HTML5 player, Obsidian CEO talks about success and survival in AAA development and independence, Bethesda accused of ripping off New Vegas mod with Fallout 4 DLC, a look at the Famicom Disk System, and more.

    Xbox One S "launch edition" to ship August 2 for $399

    Twitch Begins Closed Beta for HTML5 Player

    Twitch Tells Counter-Strike Gamblers To Go Away
    Twitch researcher confirms that livestreams help boost game sales
    Twitch Bans Top Counter-Strike Gambling Streamer
    Battlefield 1 Beta to Begin “Shortly After” Gamescom; Rush Gamemode Returning

    Drugs, masks, and randomness: The moral gray areas of We Happy Few
    For Honor - New Campaign: Knight Campaign Mission (Women Knight)
    This video was actually posted at the end of last month on two different Youtube channels but I didn't see any sites show it, so I just found it, so I'll post it now for anyone interested in the game.
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole Is Full Of Surprises
    Civilization 6 shows off China’s leader Qin Shi Huang and The Great Wall
    Amy Hennig Discusses New Star Wars Game, It Sounds Like Uncharted

    A thread about this was created here.
    Double Fine's sci-fi side-scroller Headlander gets a release date and a trailer
    Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality revealed, coming to the HTC Vive
    Persona 5 ‘Take the Treasure’ Event Liveblog
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered gets a lengthy gameplay video
    RimWorld updates with new scenario system, Steam Early Access release
    Fraudsters force RimWorld dev to stop giving out Steam keys
    Exploring Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Open World, Side Quests, and More
    Titanfall 2 Dev Teases Multiplayer and Network Changes
    Here's When Nioh's Beta Demo Will Be Available on PS4

    Blade Arcus from Shining EX coming west for PC via Steam on July 28
    New Mafia 3 Trailer Tells You All About the Main Character and His Troubled Past
    Lantern - Story Trailer
    Gail Simone To Help F84 Create A Red Sonja Video Game

    Gail Simone is great, hope it turns out well.
    Tekken 7 adds Bob and Master Raven to roster
    Gears of War 4 Microtransactions Don't Let You Pay to Win

    LawBreakers Trailer Shows Off Enforcer Action
    Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru first details, screenshots

    Cossacks 3 launches this September in stores and on Steam

    Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 includes a PSVR chapter when it launches

    Bam! Biff! Hi! Meet Telltale’s Batman In New Trailer
    Batman: The Telltale Series coming to retail the month after season premiere
    Gravity Rush 2 drops in December
    Dead Rising 1 and 2 Officially Headed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

    Pokémon Sun and Moon lets you train monsters past the level 100 cap
    Sex Game Cancelled After Taking In Five Figures A Month On Patreon

    If they were making that much money they should have hired a better artist.
    New Total War: Warhammer DLC Trailer Reveals Beastmen
    From their Steam announcement
    Like the focus on ambushes and having a new campaign, I bought it, it's 21% off on Greenmangaming.
    Total War: Warhammer’s Call of the Beastmen expansion introduces Minotaurs
    Total War: Warhammer - Lore of the Wild
    Total War WARHAMMER - Beastmen Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough
    Teaser and leak hint at new Hearthstone adventure, with Karazhan the likely theme

    Star Wars Battlefront Will Have Rogue One Tie-in Expansion

    Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC's Two New Characters Revealed
    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion teased

    Satellite Reign now has a four-player co-op multiplayer mode

    A peek into Naughty Dog game creator Neil Druckmann's creative process

    Obsidian Entertainment: Survival, success and independence

    Hideo Kojima: It'll soon be 'easier to get emotions through games than actual people'

    Hideo Kojima on Leaving Metal Gear Behind and Starting Anew
    Overwatch's Director On Competitive Mode, Controversies, And The Future

    Hindu Leader Wants Blizzard To Drop Symmetra's Devi Skin From Overwatch
    Players are getting more toxic in Overwatch, but Blizzard is on it
    The new Overwatch hero Ana is now live

    Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, SimCity 3000 now available on GOG

    Why Some People Have Accused Bethesda Of Ripping Off A Mod For Fallout 4
    Sadly, Metal Gear Pachinko Has Beautiful Cutscenes
    Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System

    Mini NES Classic Edition FAQ
    Without being able to add more games and with so many of the included titles getting updated versions on the SNES or being in compilations, I don't see much of a point. You would think that they would have some advantage over cheaper and more feature complete third party options but they can probably sell well on nostalgia alone.
    A thread about this was created here.
    Nintendo becomes most traded Japanese stock in any one day this century
    Nintendo's NX Is "Really Great" and Has Potential to Draw in Casual Gamers, Ubisoft Says
    Microsoft Says It Didn't Need Crackdown 3 This Year Because It Has So Many Other Games

    Windows 10 Won't Reach 1 Billion Downloads as Fast as Expected, Microsoft Admits
    Half-Life 2's City-17 creator, Viktor Antonov, joins Darewise Entertainment
    Playdead co-founder Dino Patti leaves Limbo & Inside studio
    King of Fighters team wants to bring back Samurai Shodown, World Heroes and more

    Some Real Talk On Piracy From A Witcher 3 Dev
    Valve Says They'll Start Cracking Down On Gambling Sites That Use Steam

    What happened to CS:GO skin prices after Valve's gambling ban
    Fallout 1.5: Resurrection promises a new, old-school Fallout RPG
    A thread about this was created here.
    Another Day, Another Alarmist Warning Against Violent Games

    That's an odd title, as that really isn't something that comes up that often anymore, seems more accurate to say something like, "Well, been about two years since we mentioned this.". ...Does their logo look like they are about to sacrifice a child?
    In esports news

    EVO screwed up Smash 4
    Hungrybox Wins EVO 2016's Smash Tournament

    VGBootCamp drop Hyuga following groping accusations
    Evo’s first Street Fighter 5 champ is Infiltration

    Shirtless Guy Tries To Challenge Evo Champion, Gets Thrown Out
    Evo Japan announced, more details at Tokyo Game Show
    Two Filipino Dota 2 teams are facing visa issues ahead of The International 2016

    In crowdfunding news
    Star Citizen Backer Gets $2550 Refund

    Long Gone Days - A 2D Modern-Day Military RPG

    A thread about this was created here.
    Other content I found interesting this week
    I noticed that the NicheGamer editor with the "can we hate him now" quote is the same guy who was recently going on a homophobic and transphobic rant about not wanting to support No Man's Sky last week, while also talking about his ban dodging (if anyone wanted to know why I don't use sites like that for the news post, that would mostly be the reason why). That aside, I was worried I linked to some badly written clickbait last week, thankfully I didn't. I read the FCC and Polygon article (which is the one I linked to) which actually just says that he was one of the people paid, Polygon's mention of him just said
    Which is correct, even PewDiePie says he now puts disclosures in a place where they are immediately visible, they also weren't one of the ones to use his image for their article or even mention him in the headline. You really can't call the Polygon article clickbait when he wasn't even mentioned in the preview part of the article on their homepage. The Verge article being the opposite with him as the first word of the title, his image being attached, saying he is a reviewer, and saying he didn't disclose it. The ones saying he didn't disclose at all, using his picture for the headline, and saying he reviewed it, that would typically be something that I look more into, but he was such a minor inclusion to the FCC and Polygon write up that it didn't even cross my mind to think about him.
    Japanese Video Game History Is Disappearing

    Classroom Metrics - Real World Case Study for Games in Schools - Extra Credits
    TIMING: The Animation of Shadow of the Colossus - Extra Frames
    Nostalgia and greatness meet at California Extreme

    Designing for Adaptation in Games: An Early Analysis

    Watch an engineer tear down this Nintendo PlayStation prototype
    WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Game Designers
    Bit Bash indie game festival is back for another year showcasing Chicago game devs
    Famicom Disk System - Gaming Historian

    The Unexpected Joy Of Repetition In Video Games
    Guest Column: How They Got Good: Tips on Learning Fighting Games from the Pros

    Farewell & Thanks Chris Watters - The Lobby
    Farewell & Thanks Ty Root - The Lobby
    With Chris gone that will be the last of the familiar staff faces back from the 11 years I used the community.
    How one pro CS:GO player profited from gambling, and how it all went terribly wrong

    How I failed making my dream-game 2 times in 4 years

    The Struggle To Bring More Women Into Game Development

    INSIDE: The Best Game Ever
    The History of Quake
    Downwell's Dual Purpose Design | Game Maker's Toolkit
    How Free DLC Helped Turn A Small Steam Game Into A Hit

    Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games
    Fan crushes Dark Souls 3 using only dance pads
    Assassin's Creed Ghost Murder
    Throwing him over the table is what makes it.
    Suspected Censorship
    Shared some fake screenshots that account was sharing a week or two ago but that's pretty funny to me that they were worried about a game that actually has different pairs of panties put on every day of the week and thinks censorship happened when they change.
  6. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Neverwinter MMO PS4   
    The Xbox group had a great run on this game that I had the honor to lead for quite some time. It's worth a go for the PS4 community, but you'll need to get organised and get a guild set up. Still, I'd recommend the PS4 guys give this a go.
    The shop items offer no advantage in PVP, but I will admit the items are pricey compered to similar games, but this really is free to play and you can trade in game currency for store currency.
  7. RuneX liked a post in a topic by xKaros in Neverwinter MMO PS4   
    I believe it is coming to PS4 on July 19 and it's going to be completely free, meaning you don't need a PS+ to play. I don't know how much pay 2 win it is. It will have all the content xbox and PC have right now.
    My question is anyone going to play this? Or just skip this entirely?
  8. RuneX liked a post in a topic by xKaros in Neverwinter MMO PS4   
    I believe it is coming to PS4 on July 19 and it's going to be completely free, meaning you don't need a PS+ to play. I don't know how much pay 2 win it is. It will have all the content xbox and PC have right now.
    My question is anyone going to play this? Or just skip this entirely?
  9. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 5-24-16   
    This week in the news; Blood and Wine region and launch trailer, Apple continues to censor the App store due to poorly written and unrealistic guidelines, Uncharted 4 developers talk about adding accessibility to create a more inclusive game, removing a focus on fun from focus tests, cut content, and having to remove a focus tester, Valve facing discrimination lawsuit, Homeworld Remastered getting a large update to overhaul formations and ballistics, the need to better integrate academia for better games, blacklisted by Sega while writing for a Sega magazine, 10 years since the announcement of Half Life 2 Episode 3, Syberia 3 release date, the evolution of Dark Souls' level design, a look into Star Fox Zero's controls, Ron Gilbert wants to buy the Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion IP from Disney, Batman Return to Arkham, and more.

    Former Valve employee seeks $3.1M in transgender discrimination suit

    The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine trailer showcases the pastoral region of Toussaint
    Don't expect The Witcher 4 any time soon - or maybe ever
    A thread about this was made here and here
    Syberia 3 launches December 1
    First Nioh demo leads to complaints from players over tutorials, balanced difficulty

    Five Nights At Freddy's Follow-Up Goes Full-On Scary Clown
    PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Getting Radical Changes Due to User Feedback

    Yes, make it, not awful.
    The Talos Principle 2 Discreetly Announced
    The Pokémon Company To Announce New Information On Sun & Moon On June 2, 2016
    Batman: Return to Arkham remaster coming to PS4, Xbox One this July
    A thread about this was created here.
    Watch nine minutes of English gameplay from Zero Time Dilemma
    Video playlist includes an interview with the creator followed by a video showing gameplay.

    Hard Reset Redux system requirements and release date revealed
    Yooka-Laylee story details and new screens arrive ahead of demo launch

    Tangiers developer hopes to resume "full production" very soon
    Leaked Poster Reveals Destiny's Next Expansion, Rise of Iron

    Bungie postpones Destiny's Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner until it can fix a bug
    Path of Exile's Next Update Is Bigger Than You Might Expect

    Upcoming Homeworld Remastered patch to rework ship formations and behaviour

    Dambuster to patch Homefront: The Revolution's poor performance

    Rocket League update delivers cross-platform play to Xbox One

    Overwatch's first big update will bring back Competitive Play mode

    Huge mod seeks to bring Seattle to the world of Fallout 4
    Fallout 4 Dev "Actively Working" to Improve Far Harbor DLC Performance
    Paradox removed a Steam mod that eliminated nonwhites from Stellaris

    Battleborn Drops To $40 Just In Time For Overwatch

    EA explains lack of campaign in Star Wars Battlefront

    EA chief creative director and gaming guru Richard Hilleman leaves company

    This happens frequently with Apple as they don't treat games as an artistic medium (though apparently they will accept anything if its an Angry Bird clone), more recent and notable occurrences would be their removal and rejection of the well received games Ultimate General Gettysburg and The Binding of Issac. After backlash Apple has allowed the game onto their store about a week after declining it, which is what happened with the other games they decline, further showing their nonsensical game app policies.
    Nintendo issues copyright claims on Mario-themed Minecraft videos
    Hideo Kojima Isn't Making A New Game Engine
    Kojima aims to keep his new studio at 100 people or less
    Resident Evil Revelations Dev Wants to Continue Series, Explore Side Characters
    No New Rockstar Game Until April 2017 At the Earliest, Company Confirms

    It's been 10 years since Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was announced. Here's Gabe Newell not talking about it.
    Monkey Island Creator Wants to Buy Rights Back After Disney Exits Console Games
    Riot owner Tencent to launch League of Legends-ready console in China

    Uncharted 4 sold 2.7m copies in a week

    Uncharted 4: Here's What Got Cut From the Game
    Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2

    In esports news

    Investors pour $4.5M more into eSports coaching tool startup

    League of Legends Developer and ESPN Both Deny "Active Talks" for $500 Million Broadcast Deal

    Why Turner is bullish on esports

    The Greatest Halo Player Of All Time Retired Yesterday
    In crowdfunding news
    Ilios: Betrayal of Gods
    A thread about this was created here.
    Other content I found interesting this week
    How One Disabled Player Convinced Naughty Dog To Add More Accessibility Options To Uncharted 4
    Uncharted 4 Focus Tester Dismissed After "Sexist" Outburst, Dev Says

    Why Naughty Dog removed 'fun' from its Uncharted 4 focus tests
    More can be found in the interview that both articles link to.
    The Pirate Republics that Inspired Uncharted 4's Libertalia

    That time I was blacklisted by Sega while editing a Sega magazine

    Anatomy: The Best Horror Game Ever
    Doom Is Exactly The Right Kind Of Ridiculous

    Integrating Academia - Experimenting for Better Games - Extra Credits
    A Great Thing Final Fantasy IX Did


    The Measure of Success

    Kathy Rain publisher vows to support one-man studio, despite poor sales
    Editorial: An End To “GIT GUD” – You Don’t Need To Be “Good” At Games To Enjoy Them

    This Week in Games - Reviewer Skill, Accessibility & Overwatch Leaks
    Danny starts out by talking about how footage is often attained which ties into the article above this.
    Making the World of Firewatch
    Firewatch Is Mine (No Spoilers)
    An excellent high quality video about his experiencing with Firewatch.
    The Evolution of Dark Souls Level Design (and Bloodborne!)
    What Happened to All the Black Games?

    This is What Video Gaming Narratives Need to Do to Be Taken Seriously

    A Deep Dive into Star Fox Zero's Controls | Game Maker's Toolkit
    The Terminal Reality Years: A Crash Course In Game Development

    Things I found funny or entertaining throughout the week relating to video games
    Bastion Units Destroyed
    Dark Souls 3: 7 Reasons It's For Babies
    One Heck Of A Hitman Kill
  10. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 5-17-16   
    This week in the news; Steam Summer sale date leaked, inside story of the rise and fall of Lionhead, Civilization 6 announced, historical trailer analysis for Battlefield 1, Ace Attorney 6 coming to North America and Europe, Pillars of Eternity 2, Paradox responds to people saying IGN reviewer had a vendetta against them (and other embarrassing responses to reviews), how flawed is the world's first esports association, being a tester for Sega in 1996, "invisible gamers" and why things like trailer likes and dislikes don't really matter, why Fallout 3 is garbage, German government upholds esports as games and not sports, Mario goes on a date with Boo, Prey 2 rumored to be in development by Arkane, harassment on Twitch and at DreamHack, the RNG of Mario 64, and more.

    Steam Summer Sale dates allegedly leaked — again

    Xbox Live Is Freeing Up A Million Gamertags
    Lionhead: The inside story

    This is a really long, entertaining, sad, fucked up, and detailed article that also sheds some light on where some of their ideas came from, events in the company, how the company was run, successes, failures, the rejection of Fable 4, and industry and marketing practices.
    A thread about this was created here.
    Unlocked Frame Rate and More Now Enabled for UWP

    Civilization VI Coming October 21, Big Changes To Core Gameplay
    A thread about this was created here.
    Pillars of Eternity II is in development, acknowledges Obsidian’s CEO Feargus Urquhart

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice coming west in September
    Titanfall 2 drops this fall

    EA Explains Why Releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 in 2016 Isn't a Bad Idea
    Star Wars Battlefront sequel coming in 2017

    EA beats expectations thanks to Star Wars: Battlefront's success
    A thread about this was created here.
    EA Boss Originally Rejected Battlefield WW1 Pitch

    The Banner Saga 2 hits consoles in July

    Rumor: Prey 2 In Development at Arkane, Will Be Revealed at E3 2016

    Be true, and look like it did when it was first revealed.
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced, Watch First Trailer
    Yo-Kai Watch 2 launches in the U.S. this September

    New Sherlock Holmes Game Features a Semi-Open World, See Gameplay Here
    Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics coming west this summer
    System Shock Remastered is launching a Kickstarter campaign

    Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers PS4 English version launches August 5 in Asia

    Blizzard promises to permanently ban Overwatch cheats

    Overwatch beta breaks Blizzard’s records, beats Destiny, The Division
    A thread about this was created here.
    Overwatch's New Animated Short Explores Hanzo And Genji's Tragic Rivalry
    TW: Warhammer's Chaos campaign walkthrough explains why being mad is hard work
    Total War: WARHAMMER - Battle Magic Spotlight
    EXCLUSIVE! Total War: Warhammer w/ Hat Films
    Shadow Warrior 2 is a surprising sequel
    My Ride Through Kingdom Come, The Medieval RPG With No Magic Bullshit
    Phantom Brave is NIS America's next Steam port

    Stellaris director promises big changes and more content in future updates

    Rainbow Six Siege Video Shows How to Use New Sticky Cameras, Weapon Shield
    The Division: Here's When Next Update Arrives and a New Trailer
    Microsoft Kills Project Spark

    A thread about this was created here.
    Disney is ending its Infinity video game line, shutting down Avalanche Software

    Disney stopped making games because it doesn't understand how to make games
    Sources: The Ambitious (Now Cancelled) Plans For Disney Infinity's Future Included Rogue One, Bigger Figures
    World Of Warcraft Designer Gets Real About Complaint That Blizzard Doesn't Listen

    Capcom Now Prioritizing "Completeness," Even If That Means Delays

    Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Sells 800,000 Copies
    Sega Has Sold Over 350,000 Mega Drive and Genesis Games on Steam
    Payday 2 Dev Teams With Acer to Work on High-End VR Headset

    65% of Twitch viewing time split between four games

    Thrawn's Revenge 2 brings a deep Star Wars campaign to Sins of a Solar Empire

    Fallout 4 Player Leaks Unreleased DLC As A Mod, Gets Shut Down By Bethesda

    In esports news
    German government upholds esports as games, not sports, meaning visa issues should continue
    Berlin Pirate Party files a motion to recognize esports in Germany

    What the heck is WESA?
    ESL Reveals Plan to Clean Up Doping, Corruption, and Cheating in Esports
    Just How Profoundly Flawed Is the World’s First Esports Association?
    Renegades respond to League of Legends ban

    Growth in e-sports popularity wows Nevada Gaming Policy panel

    Guest Column: Meet the Smash Sisters

    In crowdfunding news
    This War Of Mine: The Board Game
    Hands-on with This War of Mine: The Board Game
    A thread about this was created here.
    Copper Dreams
    They have already had one successful Kickstarter campaign with the game Serpent in the Staglands.
    A thread about this was created here.
    Niche - a genetics survival game
    A thread about this was created here.
    Other content I found interesting this week
    Let's Check The Battlefield 1 Trailer For Historical Accuracy
    Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here's Why
    Going into world design, writing, choices, difficulty, navigation, conversation choices, morality, modders needing to fix and improve things, and how a smirk from Josh Sawyer made the him want to try New Vegas.
    The Long Dark Is Boring And That's Why It's Great

    NDCS Workshop 2016

    Publisher Defends Negative IGN Review Of Their Game, Shoots Down 'Supposed Conspiracy'
    I hadn't heard of anyone complaining about his review, apparently people complaining about review scores have reached the point where they are such cliched embarrassments that even I don't always hear about them anymore or them being made fun of over Uncharted 4 score complaints just overshadowed it. It is nice to see a company defend people harassed over review scores (hell, sometimes that would involve defending people who gave their game's terrible scores like 8s and low 9s), but this is also a good point as feeling the need to respond to completely asinine claims can set a bad precedent.

    Remove the Washington Post review from Uncharted 4's metascore
    In other news, regarding people not understanding the concept of reviews, grammar, human thought process, and reading comprehension, a petition was started to remove the negative review from Uncharted 4's metacritic listing. A lot of people are lying and saying the review is satire (even though the review contains no satire or jokes) because it is listed as a "Comic Riff", as always taking the five seconds to actually look at the site would reveal that Comic Riff is what a lot of their video game, comic, animation, super hero, etc content is labeled as and it has nothing to do with an article being a joke or not (but the corporate shills are mad about criticism and they certainly aren't doing to look into anything when they can be angry toxic fanboys instead). People are also saying that because the review didn't have a score that Metacritic just assigned one randomly, knowing anything about how that works or looking into that would show those people that the author tells Metacritic what score they want to give even if a score is not used by their own publication. Kotaku has just written an article about this here.
    Troy Baker retweeted the petition before realizing that doing so looks pathetic, and kind of half apologized for it.
    Death to Review Scores: Why we need to move beyond the pseudo-objective outrage hook in game reviews

    The invisible gamers

    In Defense of Short Games - Worth Every Dollar - Extra Credits
    Are Video Games RUINING Gaming? (COD, Far Cry, BioShock & More) – Wisecrack Edition
    A thread about this was created here.


    RetroAhoy: Quake
    The history, design, gameplay, mods, and legacy of the Quake series.
    A video for Doom was also made back in January, which BleedingChaos23 shared here.
    Discussing the Importance of ‘DOOM’ with Game Designer Dan Pinchbeck


    [SSFF] Punching Weight Ep 5: Doom Console Ports #1 (32X/SNES/GBA)

    "Enough is enough": Confessions of a Twitch chat moderator
    Blizzard investigating Twitch pilot program to help combat chat harassment
    Cibele's Nina Freeman Creates a Super Mario Maker Level — DEVS MAKE MARIO
    Exploitation is Not Awareness

    Diablo: A Classic Game Postmortem
    There's nothing wrong with digital vanity

    Controllers Control Everything | Game Maker's Toolkit
    Nine Underappreciated JRPGs That Are Worth Your Time

    The first game on the list is Radiant Historia, and yes everyone should play that. Though this might be true
    Japanese Environmentalism, Shinto, & ‘The Legend of Zelda’

    There Is No Coming of Age in 'Oxenfree'

    Mario 64's hidden RNG decoded
    Old school Sega documentary explores life as a video game tester in 1996

    Anything funny I found throughout the week relating to video games
    The Best Of GameFAQs’ Uncharted 4/Quantum Break Temper Tantrum

    Tank Murder Is A Very Funny GTA V Video
    That Time Bill Gates Starred In A DOOM Promo Video
  11. Danitoba liked a post in a topic by xKaros in No Man's Sky   
    I can't wait till I get my hands on this game and fly deep into the celestial seas of this universe to see the beautiful atmospheric light. 
  12. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Lionhead: The inside story   
    Lionhead: The inside story
    Normally I just post these in my news thread for the week but this is such a good, detailed, and long article that I thought I'd make a thread of it, with a few of the more interesting quotes I saw from it.
    This is a really long, entertaining, sad, fucked up, and detailed article that also sheds some light on where some of their ideas came from, events in the company, how the company was run, successes, failures, the rejection of Fable 4, and industry and marketing practices.
  13. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 5-10-16   
    This week in the news; Battlefield 1 reveal, Nvidia reveals GTX 1080 and 1070, Blood and Wine accidentally added to Steam with release date, a look at the game industry of Argentina, Rami Ismail shows why speaking out on behalf of indies pays off, Persona 5 footage and Japanese release date announced, Extra Credits looks at how different outfits change how we play characters, game animator reviews the principles of pose design and character animation, a look at Uncharted 4 reviews and the reactions to them, Activision's positive look at their reveal trailer's downvotes, Evan Narcisse writes about his experiences at Kotaku for his last day, Sup Holmes talks to Rebecca Heineman, Atari’s VR experiments of the 80s, and more.

    The Game Industry of Argentina

    Nvidia's Latest 'Most Advanced Graphics Card' Is Faster And Cheaper Than The Last One

    See Doom Running on Nvidia's GTX 1080, Reaches 200FPS
    A thread about this was created here.
    Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer
    Battlefield 1 Single-Player Campaign Embraces Series' Open Sandboxes
    Why does EA's Battlefield teaser include a disclaimer about endorsements?
    Battlefield 1 Campaign Details Teased, Dev Says Diversity Is a Key Component
    Battlefield 1 DLC features Harlem Hellfighters — but who were they?
    Battlefield 1 Dev Hopeful Game Can Avoid Battlefield 4-Like Rocky Launch
    Here What's in Battlefield 1's $80 Deluxe Edition
    A thread about this was created here.
    Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Release Date Reportedly Revealed
    Everything You Need to Know About the Final Expansion - The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine
    A thread about this was created here.
    An Update On Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Suda 51's first game, The Silver Case, is getting a western remake

    Three "Major" Unannounced Capcom Games Coming By April 2017

    Dishonored 2 powers revealed, Arkane promises more focus on non-lethal options

    Hideo Kojima’s new game is an action title for AAA fans

    Mafia 3: Watch New Driving Gameplay Video, Playboy Promo Teased
    Paragon Shows Off New Imp-Controlled Robot Hero With an Infomercial-Style Video
    Salt And Sanctuary PC Release Date Soon
    Final Fantasy X /X-2 HD Remaster releases on Steam this week

    New Vampire Bloodlines trademark spotted - let that sink in
    Please let Avellone be involved in a new game.
    Persona 5 Release Date Announced for Japan
    Persona 5 Famitsu DX Pack comes with protagonist and Morgana figures
    Tyranny short story series sheds light on Obsidian's dark new world

    Bloodstained Will Launch the Base Campaign First, Followed by Staggered Content Releases

    Watch 20 frightening minutes of Dead by Daylight
    Grand Kingdom — Online Trailer

    XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC Coming; Adds New Mission, Weapons, and "Ruler" Aliens

    I was hoping for a new melee weapon that makes the sword a viable option mid and late game, a throwing axe is not what I expected.
    Fallout 4 - Far Harbor Official Trailer
    A thread about this was created here.
    New Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line details emerge

    Halo 5 Memories of Reach Free DLC: All the Reqs and More Revealed

    Duke Forces mod combines Dark Forces and Duke Nukem 3D
    Indie Shooter Alien Wasteland Hit With Cease And Desist By Wasteland 2 Devs

    This Is How Activision Spun Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare YouTube Dislikes Into a Positive

    People are mad about Call of Duty, this will definitely be the end of the series, just like it was last time.

    Stellaris Breaks Records With 200,000 Copies Sold in 24 Hours

    Star Citizen Clears $113 Million, Production Pace to "Pick Up"

    Epic Games sets sights on Hollywood as it expands beyond games

    Gears of War Designer Cliff Bleszinski Invests in New Crowdfunding Site Fig

    Konami's Push to Mobile Pays Off

    Saints Row Dev's Next Game May Be Agents of Mayhem
    The man who tried to reform League of Legends player behavior leaves Riot

    His full goodbye message can be read here.
    Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney still opposes Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform

    In esports news
    League of Legends' Renegades and TDK hit with almighty bans

    Riot's path to building a collegiate eSports program

    Activision is going all-in on eSports, and CEO Bobby Kotick sees the money

    French “Numeric” esports law flies through Senate with 322-1 vote

    German TV channel ProSieben MAXX will broadcast ELEAGUE

    Tales from behind the esports desk: a first-time Hearthstone caster

    DreamHack Austin Features First North American StarCraft Finalist In Ages

    The New World Order At LoL's Mid-Season Invitational
    Popular Counter-Strike Streamer Fails Hilariously At Pro Event, Becomes Meme
    In crowdfunding news
    Boss Fight Books: Season 3

    Past work can be found here.

    A thread about this was created here.
    UBOOT - A WW2 Survival Sandbox
    A thread about this was created here.
    Other content I found interesting this week

    Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail shows why speaking out on behalf of indies pays off

    Venturebeat interviews Rami Ismail.
    Sup, Holmes? w/ Rebecca Heineman!
    Rebecca Heineman was one of the founders of Interplay, won the first national video game contest, and programmed The Bard's Tale III, Tass Times, and many other games.
    Will we ever get an Elite Beat Agents sequel? We asked the creator
    The 1979 Iranian Revolution: The Game

    Navid Khonsari (looks like they didn't spell his name correctly) talks about where some of the images of the game came from, his childhood experiences, talking to kids in Iran about his involvement with producing Grand Theft Auto, what they remember about the game, how it made him think about the impact games can have on people, and how his game helps to challenge western stereotypes of Iran in a short 13 minute audio interview.
    Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Interview – Masachika Kawata
    A Walkthrough the Past: Interviews with Former Writers on the Making of Strategy Guides

    Nick Capozzoli noticed the similarities in how reviewers describe anticipated games and the complaints they get when reviewers don't give as much praise as others
    It's interesting seeing the ridiculous hyperbolic statements people are expected to make for the more well known/anticipated games and how mad people get when they don't (such as the people mad at the bottom three for giving Uncharted 4 an 8, 8.8, and 8.5).

    Uncharted 4 review: an apology
    Quantum Break Is Blatantly Better Than Uncharted 4
    Uncharted 4 Tech Analysis: A PS4 Masterpiece
    Hello, I Must Be Growing

    Evan Narcisse writes about his experiences at Kotaku for his last day.
    Hero Shooters: Charting the (re)birth of a genre


    Atari’s secret VR experiments of the 1980s

    14 ways to improve your game pitch

    Ahmad used to work for Sony where he was responsible for a lot of the Indie developers getting their games on the PSN.
    Watch devs Clint Hocking and Mathieu Bérubé play and analyze Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Enclothed Cognition - Do Character Outfits Affect Our Play? - Extra Credits
    Tracer & Pose Design 101 - The Animation of Overwatch - Extra Frames

    Fragments of Him offered me catharsis after the shock of losing someone

    Oblique Strategy: Skirting the Edge of Intergalactic War in Stellaris

    Difficulty As Tone in 'Hyper Light Drifter'


    Fan Edits Full-Length Movie Telling Dark Souls 3's Confusing Story
    Publisher of obscure JRPG censors outfit just for the attention (Fauxclusive)

    Overwatch Player Obliterates Enemy With Basketball Trap
  14. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Battlefield 1 set in World War 1 - Official Trailer   
    I want some magic. I heard they could cast spells in WW1. I read it in a history book
    Some people just don't understand that you can still like a franchise despite some drawbacks. Last BF I loved was 3. I didn't enjoy BF4 because it was too shitty at launch, it had shitty battlepacks and it felt too much like BF3. I bought it on sale for 15 dollars which was the worthy price IMO. It's the same reason I have no high expectations for this Battlefield, but the actual change of ENTIRE setting gives me hope. One of the big reasons I look forward to this setting is the removal of all the LOCK-ON weapons (Stingers, IGLAS, heat seekers), I couldn't stand people brainlessly spamming that shit in BF3 and BF4.
    I love the style of Battlefield gameplay and I know DICE can make the gameplay good in it. Yes it will be unimmersive and probably won't make lots of sense, but it's Battlefield. You play it for the only in Battlefield moments, you play it to make plays, shoot and blow people up in fancy explosions. That's what I expect from next Battlefield and I don't expect a WW1 simulator which is why I can't be dissapointed from that perspective. I've played Battlefield my entire life, every single game and I can always tell what the base gameplay will be like.
    I think too many people who call themselves "fans" or something, think that Battlefield needs a good campaign. It's like if after current DOOM, some new generation of DOOM fans is created saying previous DOOM titles were shit cauze it didn't feature multiplayer. That's the logic many people use nowadays for Battlefield. Battlefield didn't introduce campaign in their games 7/8 years after it's first game. Battlefield 3's campaign was more of a product for pure competition vs CoD's highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3 at the time and now it was just moved to Battlefield 4. Both campaings were medicore. NOBODY in this thread out of people who talk shit about Battlefield probably don't even know about Bad Company 1 and 2 campaings. The only worthy campaings in Battlefield history. The ones that trully stood out from all first person shooters.

    I don't expect a nearly good campaign by DICE unless they announce BFBC3. Every other campaign will be nothing but a fancy shooter with shit story.
    Kids don't know SHIT about Bad Company 1 or 2. Most people don't even know the games existed and they couldn't appreciate the different approach DICE took. Only people who knew about these 2 BF games were Battlefield fans and people who didn't wanna play CoD. When these games were released, they were overshadowed by fucking Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and everyone thought that was the best shooter ever. No one outside Battlefield fans or few people who wanted to play a different kind of shooter knew or cared for Bad Company. So here is some advice: if you want a good FPS with another approach and a good Battlefield campaign, then play Bad Company 1 and 2.
  15. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 4-26-16   
    This week in the news; Microsoft ends 360 production, PSN getting two factor authentication, too much "game" being taught at game schools, Total War Warhammer adds Bretonnia to skirmish and multiplayer, Double Fine and Lucasarts audio legend Jory Prum dies at 41, Pewdiepie talks about how horrible he used to be, Dontnod's dark turn from Life Is Strange to Vampyr, Danny O'Dwyer talks to Blizzard about the fall of Titan and creation of Overwatch in a three part series, Outlast 2 gameplay, Don Daglow calling bullshit on core and casual labels, Matt Lees looks at how Bloodborne is built to support its narrative, John Romero and Adrian Carmack's new FPS, what a video game producer does, and more.

    Why Free Money Suddenly Showed Up In Some People's Steam Accounts

    PlayStation Network getting two-factor authentication, Sony confirms

    Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production

    Double Fine, LucasArts audio legend Jory Prum dies, aged just 41

    John Romero and Adrian Carmack team up for another teaser
    John Romero and Adrian Carmack's new FPS Blackroom is set in a violent world of holographs

    A thread about this was created here.
    Final Fantasy 15 Game Informer Coverage
    An Inside Look At Modernizing The Art Of Final Fantasy
    Our Final Fantasy 15 thread can be found here.
    God Eater: Resurrection launches June 28, God Eater 2: Rage Burst launches August 30 in the west
    Total War: Warhammer adds Bretonnia as a multiplayer faction
    Everspace trailer teases "imminent" alpha
    Sometimes Always Monsters is the sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters
    The King of Fighters 14 comes to PS4 in August
    Homefront: The Revolution opening cinematic reveals a fallen America
    I really hope this game is satirical, playing a plot like this straight would be really embarrassing. What is it with movies and games where America fails in every way or causes the apocalypse and everyone bands together to bring it back? This is probably why I love Bastion so much.
    Fragments of Him bringing the waterworks to PC in May
    Go West! JRPG I Am Setsuna Gets July Release Date
    Uncharted 4 is bringing back Plunder Mode
    Nioh Demo Out Now, Complete It to Unlock Special Item for Full Game

    PS4 Exclusive Nioh Lets You Choose to Improve Frame Rate or Resolution
    Outlast 2 is creepy, disjointed, provocative and Catholic
    A thread about this was created here.
    PC-Exclusive Divinity: Original Sin 2's Multiplayer Is Not What I Expected

    Opening 18 Minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst delayed again, now launching in June
    See Hitman Episode 2's Gorgeous But Deadly Setting in Launch Trailer
    Children of Zodiarcs Gameplay - A Tactical RPG With Dice Rolls - PAX East 2016
    Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay
    Friday the 13th: The Game gets new map based on iconic Jason hunting ground
    The Banner Saga 3 Discussed, Dev Says Universe Is "Very Fertile Ground" for Storytelling

    Star Ocean Dev's Exist Archive Coming to PS4 and Vita in North America This Year

    Persona 5 website teases a May 5 reveal for ... something

    Breached gameplay trailer teases some sort of strange sci-fi mystery
    Next Five Nights at Freddy's Game Teased


    The Walking Dead Game's Season 3 Details Teased, Returning Character Confirmed

    Cliff Bleszinski Talks Moving on from Gears of War and Starting Fresh with Lawbreakers

    Lawbreakers Is Everything Gears of War Isn't
    A thread about this was made here.
    Mafia 3 Will Have "Ton" of Great Songs, Dev Says


    Supergiant's Pyre Focuses on Companionship and a Little Bit of Sports
    Opening 25 Minutes of Pyre Gameplay

    A thread about this was made here.
    Stealthy Seven Sneaks Out First Trailer
    A thread about this was created here.
    Tales of Berseria Western Release

    Ruiner is a neon-bright swords and guns game that will brook no blunders

    They have a Kickstarter here but they plan to move ahead whether it reaches the goal or not.
    Shadow Complex Remastered Launches May 3 on PS4
    Looks Like The New Call Of Duty Is Called 'Infinite Warfare'

    Destiny players reckon they've discovered the release date for the game's next big expansion

    Disastrous New Division Exploit Lets Players Do Unlimited Damage
    A patch has now fixed this and other glitches.
    Doom on PC Will Unlock Framerate and Support Advanced Settings, See Them Here

    Borderlands 3 Teased, Might Not Be Called That

    Rocket League's Hoops Mode opens the Dunk House for business next week
    Next Rainbow Six Siege Operation Adds These Two Classes
    Witcher 3 Adding New Gwent Cards and More

    Blizzard Is Nerfing A Bunch Of Hearthstone Cards

    How to get 13 free Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods packs starting tomorrow
    Kerbal Space Program 1.1 update brings new interface and performance upgrades

    Dota 2 gameplay update changes Ranked All Pick, adds new Scan function

    Why It Took Two Years To Finish Making DLC For A Rambo Game Nobody Liked
    Sega will add modding support to Mega Drive games on Steam
    Rust's Controversial Random Gender Update Has Led To More Players

    Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide

    Report: Platinum Games president Tatsuya Minami has stepped down

    The Contentious Debate Over Whether To Make Hyper Light Drifter Easier

    This seems like a debate that could be solved by adding an easy mode, or an option to toggle easier features on and off to create the experience that you want to have with the game. These don't sound like the kind of changes you would have to make to Dark Souls to make that game easier that I posted about in the news update two weeks ago, it sounds like we have a very simple solution for this game.
    Eve: Valkyrie Offers Cross-Play Between Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive

    Why PlayStation VR may be the best platform for Eve: Valkyrie
    Stop spraying me with water, I like Fated: The Silent Oath just fine

    Watch medieval multiplayer VR combat in Valiant's early access trailer
    VR hardware sales predicted to soar past $2 billion by end of year

    Tekken x Street Fighter No Longer in Active Development

    NIS America and Atlus sever longtime publishing ties

    SNK Playmore is now just 'SNK'

    Assassin's Creed creator settles his lawsuit against Ubisoft

    In esports news
    Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

    The rising tide of esports regulation and lawsuits

    PaiN’s lawsuit against Riot is just the beginning

    A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Just Wrecked Team Secret's Night in DOTA 2
    YouPorn-sponsored esports team barred from ESL

    Bud Light’s new esports plans are just as boring as its beer
    In a League of its own: My trip to the EU LCS Finals

    In crowdfunding news
    Dark Souls™ - The Board Game
    I posted the announcement for this two weeks ago, it has since gone up on Kickstarter where it was funded in about five minutes and has now far exceeded its goal.
    The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
    Other content I found interesting this week
    Australia's Indie Evolution On An Island Far Away

    What A Video Game Producer Actually Does

    The next three articles are responses to Alex St. John's article and past presentations that were mentioned in last weeks news post.
    I am Alex St. John’s Daughter, and He is Wrong About Women in Tech

    Guest Column: Defending Crunch Isn't Leadership

    A Productive Look at Burnout in the Games Industry (And Everywhere Else)
    The Story of Overwatch: The Fall of Titan
    How the team was able to move on from a failure that they hadn't experienced before.
    The Story of Overwatch: Return of the 90s Shooter
    The Story of Overwatch: 21 Hero Salute
    Pewdiepie Talks About How Horrible He Used To Be
    Interactive Music for the Video Game Composer

    Reading People Through Video Games


    Educating Game Designers - Too Much "Game" at Game Schools - Extra Credits
    Are LGBT Characters "Forced" Into Games?
    Rantasmo talks about the need for round and flat character types to tell a story and to give life to a setting.

    Bloodborne: Beating Dark Souls' Narrative Design
    Matt Lees looks at how Bloodborne is built to support its narrative.
    GXTalks: GX3 • Day 3 - Building Believable Fantasy Worlds
    I’m Not Calling You a Liar: Complicated Canon & Unreliable Narrators in ‘Dragon Age II’



    Bastion's The Sci-Fi Western I've Been Waiting For

    The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part One: Wario’s Woes

    The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Two: The Origin of Launch Week Battle
    The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Three: Big Corporate Lost Productivity
    WHERE ARE THEY NOW? FMV Game Actors and Actresses!
    One I missed from earlier this month, could be of interest for old FMV Adventure game players.
    Why All the Hate?: A History of Internet Trolls

    Super Mario RPG - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. WeeklyTubeShow
    The history and development of Super Mario RPG.
    Don Daglow: "I'm calling bullshit on core, mid-core and casual"

    Don Daglow is credited with the development of the first D&D video game (Dungeon), the first God game (Utopia), the first Baseball game (Baseball), and the first graphical MMORPG (Neverwinter Nights).
    The Joker's Best Cut Scenes And Battles Against Batman, Throughout Video Game History

    Bridging Worlds: Workified Games

    Part one in a four parts series, the others are written and can be read from the homepage.


    Three Solutions to Three Problems in Interactive Fiction
  16. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 4-19-16   
    This week in the news; GameFront (formerly FileFront) closing down, co-creator of DirectX argues that development isn't a real job and fair hours and wages shouldn't be expected, upgraded PS4 codenamed Neo, the great Grand Theft Auto lawsuit explained, running a women's game convention in Saudi Arabia, leak of Red Dead Redemption 2 map, Witcher 3 Blood and Wine release date slip, how early computer games influenced internet culture, the level creation of Spelunky, Ark developer settles lawsuit, GameStop starts new publishing label with Frozenbyte, Ready At Dawn, Insomniac, and Tequila Works, Sony shuts down MVP program, "being told stories in ways that I've never been told them before", and more.

    GameFront is Closing Down April 30, 2016

    Gamefront is owned by Defy Media which has recently been shutting down or laying off staff at other game related websites they own, such as GameTrailers and The Escapist. Mod DB users are attempting to download and save the mods that might otherwise be lost with the closure of GameFront, which was written about in an article, "Help save 17 years of PC game modding history".
    The possible loss of these mods again shows the importance of preserving game history with safe and easily accessible archiving practices. 
    Game Industry Veteran Writes Horrifying Article In Defence Of Poor Working Conditions
    Alex St John's Ideas About Game Development Are Terrifying
    Game industry vet draws ire from developers for defense of 80-hour workweeks

    Reaction from other tech and game industry veterans has been negative, with Danny O'Dwyer expressing the thought most seem to have had at first reading John's article and past presentations.

    Jim Sterling has made this the subject of his newest video

    Rami Ismail (co-creator of Vlambeer, known for Nuclear Throne, giving advice to indie developers, traveling around the world to work with indie developers and students, and his talks about how language barriers have been holding back the industry) has also responded to the article on his blog.

    Microsoft Testing "Variety" of New Xbox Prototypes - Report

    Sources: The Upgraded PlayStation 4 is Codenamed NEO, Contains Upgraded CPU, GPU, RAM

    A thread about this was made here.
    Sony Shutting Down PlayStation MVP Program

    The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine release date may have slipped out

    A thread about this was created here
    See the Old World up close in TW: Warhammer's latest showcase
    Homefront: The Revolution trailer touts importance of propaganda
    Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse coming to the Americas this summer
    Suda51’s Let It Die Looks Twisted And Bloody In PAX East Trailer
    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst closed beta dated, social play detailed
    New Mirror’s Edge Game Locks Some Basic Skills Behind Upgrades

    RTS Meridian: Squad 22 deploying in May
    Mafia III One Way Road Story Trailer
    Mafia III's Devs on Refreshing the Mafia Franchise
    13 Things We Learned About Mafia III
    Mafia 3 Is "Hours and Hours and Hours" Long, Dev Says
    Here's a gameplay trailer for action RPG The Technomancer
    Pyre - Reveal Trailer | PS4
    A thread about this was created here.
    Song of the Deep, Insomniac's aquatic Metroidvania, releases in July
    This Is the Police trailer asks a hard question about the nature of corruption
    Shantae and the Pirate's Curse leaps to PS4 this week
    I really like the Shantae series, so I'm happy to hear more people can play it now.
    'Stealth mashup' Shadwen arrives on PC and PS4 in May
    Corpse Party for PC launches April 25, 3DS version coming to North America this summer
    Castlevania developer MercurySteam reveals new game Raiders of the Broken Planet

    New Nier: Automata Videos Show Slick Combat, Mysterious Characters
    Watch No Man's Sky's Expansive New 15-Minute Gameplay Demo
    Creepy Amusement Park Horror Game "The Park" Gets PS4, Xbox One Release Date

    Cold War Tech-Noir: All Walls Must Fall

    One of the best board games ever made is now live on Steam

    Here's When Dark Souls 3's First DLC is Coming

    Hearthstone's latest expansion will release early next week

    Elite Dangerous' long-awaited The Engineers expansion goes into beta next month

    Batman: Arkham HD Collection Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Year

    Stardew Valley tops a million copies sold, two months after launch

    Indie hit Enter the Gungeon sells 200,000 copies in first week

    Dark Souls 3 Breaks Sales Records

    Uncharted 4 Dev Talks Game Length, Difficulty Options, More

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Map Reportedly Leaked

    Remedy tackles Quantum Break port problems

    Atari Responds to Negative RollerCoaster Tycoon Reaction, Pledges Continued Support

    GameStop signs Ready At Dawn, Frozenbyte and more for new publishing label GameTrust

    A thread about this was created here.
    Diablo 3 lead designer leaves Blizzard for Obsidian


    Ark Dev Settles Lawsuit for Reported $40 Million

    Veteran Finnish Game Developer Has Passed Away

    The Up-All-Night Stream Plays Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

    The new Star Ocean was streamed for over five hours and can be viewed by checking the link.
    HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift: The Virtual Reality Comparison We Had To Make

    Insomniac Games reveals The Unspoken, a game of VR magic battles
    The article is pretty lengthy and not just a trailer so take a look if you think the trailer looks interesting.
    Feral Rites explores the challenge of bringing open-world action to VR
    Ubisoft threatens to "punish" The Division players who use a popular exploit

    Maybe the team should look into fixing the game's exploits and not punishing people for finding glitches in a co-op activity.
    Watch Nintendo Legend Miyamoto Reminisce About Pokemon's 20th Anniversary
    Ambitious new Skyrim mod overhauls cities
    Summer Games Done Quick announces dates and speedrun lineup

    In esports news
    Wargaming to create a players union

    Speaking To the Heroes of the Dorm Winners About Their eSports Futures

    Big Ten Network and Riot Games to Host BTN Invitational: A University League of Legends Event
    Team SoloMid In Another League Of Legends Final, But Won't Have Any More Help

    In crowdfunding news
    The Wild Eight – An Eerie Survival Adventure
    A thread about this was created here.
    Other content I found interesting this week
    Sandstorms, Segregation, And Other Challenges Of Running A Women's Video Game Convention In Saudi Arabia

    Story Beats: Bastion
    We Don't Talk About Kenny: Telltale's Walking Dead Season 2
    This is an older video (December) from the guy above, but is a great look at the story and themes of The Walking Dead games.
    How Early Computer Games Influenced Internet Culture

    Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman play "Day of the Tentacle"
    Before they remastered Day of the Tentacle they replayed the game.
    Super Mario Bros. World Record Beaten With Near-Perfect Run
    Postmortem: Bringing Camouflaj's République to PlayStation 4

    The practical challenges of designing a political game about Africa

    The Story Arc Has Ended and Yet the Game Keeps Going

    This is Your Brain on VR: A Look at The Psychology of Doing VR Right
    Content with content

    The Division - Problematic Meaning in Mechanics - Extra Credits
    Feat Unlocked: One Million Copies of Shovel Knight Sold!

    How League of Legends dev Riot is using science to create safer online spaces

    The National Videogame Museum - Gaming Historian
    Game Maker's Toolkit - How (and why) Spelunky makes its own levels
    Guest Column: Constraint Breeds Creativity

    Cities: Skyline City Destroyed By A Tidal Wave Of Shit
    Flow - Minicrit
    Final Fantasy VII’s Legacy Gets Everything About Final Fantasy VII Wrong

    Here's Why the Dirty Harry Video Game Was Never Released
    Rocket League: The Road From Cult Classic to Surprise Success
    Grim Dawn is a model of how to do 'spiritual successor' games right
    That Time Nintendo Canceled The Nearly Finished Star Fox 2

    Platinum Games Action Without Borders
  17. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 4-12-16   
    This week in the news; A lot of things are shut down and cancelled, a PC version of FFXV could contain additional content, famed speedrunner deletes her Twitch account, former Rockstar North head sues company, Gears of War 4 release date and trailer, a new Fear Effect, how The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker plays with the burden of the past, the past and future of the cyberpunk genre, environmental storytelling and corpse placement, Incursion added to The Division, the difficulty of Hyper Light Drifter and Dark Souls 3, Fractured Space developer analyze their free weekend, the story of Quantum Break, and more.

    Final Fantasy XV PC version being considered, could contain cut content

    Gears of War 4 launches Oct. 11
    Cliff has responded positively to the new trailer

    A thread about this was created here
    Don't Starve Together leaves Early Access on April 21

    The Banner Saga 2 gets a launch trailer ahead of April 19 release
    Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer – PS4, Xbox One and PC
    A thread about this was created here
    Suda 51's PS4-exclusive brawler Let it Die is coming this year
    Vita-only Severed gets a launch date: April 26
    Umbrella Corps releasing June 21

    Square Enix announces Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin

    Telltale to publish open-world survival game 7 Days to Die on consoles
    Total War: WARHAMMER - The Empire vs Chaos Warriors Let's Play
    Free DLC for Total War: Warhammer detailed
    Rare Gaming Items Up for Auction to Support Shadow of Mordor Producer Who Passed Away

    Overwatch adds competitive play and penalties for people who quit early

    The Division Cheaters Warned of Permanent Bans

    The Division 1.1 update rolls out soon, so here's a trailer for the Incursion
    The Eldar wreak havoc in new Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer
    This is the last of the main fleets but for people who buy the game early to get into the beta or people who buy it within two months after release there are two more fleets that will be added to the game.
    Two New Classes Coming To Black Desert Online Next Week
    Killing Floor 2 gets Versus multiplayer in Revenge of the Zeds update
    I played some of this when it first released, the new mode is buggy but fun and there new adaptable difficulty for the regular game just seems to have unbalanced the boss from what I could see after playing four or five games. The two new guns are enjoyable to use.
    Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One Patch Improves Frame Rate, Adds New Dinos
    Anyone Who Pirates Quantum Break Is In For A Surprise

    Uncharted 4 Has "Strongest" Opening in Naughty Dog's History, Dev Says

    Players watch streams of the games they like, then buy them

    Quebec indies form cooperative -- with 75 studios so far
    Baldur's Gate studio responds to harassment over trans character

    Good to see a studio quickly standing by the people they work with, unlike Nintendo. In the statement he also mentioned the need to fix bugs and multiplayer issues, and said that they would now be giving the transgender character an even larger role in the game with a future update, which should make the very few people who actually thought that the inclusion was a token one happy while upsetting the people who were clearly pretending that was the reason they were upset (like below) or the ones who were blatantly just against having transgender characters in games.

    Their announcement has upset science fiction writer Vox Day, a white supremacist and someone who talks about why giving women the right to vote was a mistake, so, good for Beamdog. Multiple Bioware employees (not including the one who just left Bioware to work for Beamdog) and the director and communication manager for D&D (as well as the creator of the setting Ed Greenwood) have also defended Beamdog, so the people saying that Bioware would never have written something like this and who don't know anything about D&D and don't think transgender characters should be in the setting, probably wrong. Even Cliff Bleszinski chimed in with the obvious.

    Continuing from what she wrote on the subject last week, Katherine Cross wrote, Opinion: So you want to write a trans character.
    Famed speedrunner Narcissa Wright deletes Twitch account, citing abuse

    Back in January I linked to an interview with her, One of the World's Best Speedrunners Can't Speedrun Anymore.
    IGDA calls out Nintendo for how it handled harassed employee's termination

    Nintendo kills 3D Zelda tribute

    New Mario Maker Guidelines Still Don't Explain Why Levels Get Deleted

    Shut-Down Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Reborn as Virtual Museum
    Blizzard Shuts Down Pirate WoW Server That Doesn't Use Expansion Packs

    Nosgoth cancelled; beta servers to shut down next month

    A thread about this was created here
    Bit.Trip developer Choice Provisions shuts down San Francisco branch

    Nice logo
    Fable Legends may not be dead after all

    Dark Souls 3 PC Crashes Causing Headaches for Players

    Senator Al Franken takes on Oculus over VR data mining

    Oculus Rift customers face shipping delays, HTC Vive makes optimistic promises

    No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Details And Taster Track

    Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter redesigns Holmes and Watson
    Romancing SaGa 2 coming stateside for first time ever

    Mod Makes XCOM 2 More Like Fire Emblem

    So they have actually improved on the death system that Fire Emblem hasn't bothered doing anything with in 26 years.
    Codemasters Acquires Recently Shut Down Driveclub Studio

    Former Rockstar North head sues company for $150M in unpaid royalties

    Papers, Please developer releases free demo for next game

    In esports news
    ESL One Cologne is the next $1 million Valve Major

    MechWarrior Online World Championship sign-ups are now live

    Heroes of the Dorm Made Me an Esports Fan

    Perfect World apologises for Shanghai Major mess

    In crowdfunding news
    Arcadian Atlas - Tactical RPG Inspired by Classics
    A thread about this was created here
    Fear Effect Sedna
    A thread about this was created here.
    A thread about this was created here
    Consortium: The Tower
    After a failed Kickstarter they have launched a new campaign on Fig which is looking to be more successful for them.
    A thread about this was created here
    Steamforged Games announces Dark Souls board game
    Other content I found interesting this week
    Why the Villain of ‘Quantum Break’ Is Its Real Hero

    Want to write a better game? Try watching some TV

    Not entirely sure about this as the reception to the game has been pretty mixed, with a lot of people not liking the story or TV episodes mixed in even if they enjoyed the gameplay.
    Guest Column: A Garden of Bodies

    The Three Modes of Male Sexuality in Videogames

    What cyberpunk was and what it will be

    Straying from the Virtual Path: What Video Games are Teaching Us About the Psychology of Navigation


    ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Sends an Important Message About Toxic Masculinity

    The party's apparent ways of interacting with each other is really the only reason I am interested in the game.
    Uncharted 4's Technical Art Culture
    Stories We Tell

    Star Ocean 5's Producer on Localization Challenges and the Future of Console JRPGs

    Short and not all that interesting really. The usual about the Japanese market becoming more casual and Japanese devs not being able to keep up with the new technology to make things that aren't casual, obvious reasons for localization changes. He did get asked about making a new Valkyria Profile though
    I like the first more.

    Devs Answer: What are the best comments left in your code?

    Watch Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune make a Mario Maker stage
    An Examination of Leitmotifs and Their Use to Shape Narrative in UNDERTALE - Part 1 of 2

    Why Does Diversity Make You Angry?

    Why Dark Souls 3 should have an easy mode and the problem with 'playing to win'

    I don't think the, make it easier, argument is thought all the way through sometimes, not that wanting an easier difficulty is an inherently bad idea or sentiment (the raging gatekeeping fanboys in the comment section might disagree). Doing something like putting in an invincibility mode in the new Star Fox is easy and doesn't alter the actual gameplay, having a story mode setting to not have to worry about combat in something like Pillars of Eternity/Baldurs Gate/Dragon Age makes sense (and Pillars and the new BG expansion do), but making Dark Souls easy would involve looking into what makes it hard for individual people, would it be the bosses, the regular enemies, showing you boss patterns so you don't have to die multiple times and run back to figure them out, falling or being knocked off of cliffs, traps, not playing a character type that seems to be working well for them, etc. An easy Dark Souls mode would likely involve rebuilding areas of the map or repositioning enemies in ways that people who only wanted an easier time in one particular area wouldn't have wanted and could be a much more difficult and time consuming undertaking than adding an easy mode to most games. It's not a bad idea but it's not as simple as just making the enemy do less damage like it is in many games. If the developer believed they had a good way of doing it I'd be all for it.
    How Hyper Light Drifter balances difficulty with fairness

    PinPoint - Star Wars Battlefront & A Crisis Of Identity
    Not the best audio, and he's a bit difficult to understand, but a good short point about how the Galactic Empire is supposed to work.
    Quick-save – impacts on playing styles and difficulty

    Fractured Space - Analysing our Free Weekend

  18. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 3-25-2016   
    This week in the news; GDC/IGF/SXSW awards, Obsidian new game previewed, false Nintendo news, discussion on the future of video game coverage and curating a community, Digital Homicide attempting to sue Jim Sterling, X-COM creator announces new game, the making of Diablo, animated tribute To Satoru Iwata, implications of an aging player crowd, former Gametrailers staff start Patreon, story and feel of Limbo, critical reviews of The Division, Palmer Luckey urges VR devs to be realistic, GDC talks discuss sexuality in video games, details on Telltale's Batman and engine imporvement, Fullbright talks about how the "best person for the job" may not be the best and how people became the best, Tetsuya Mizuguchi talks about the creation of Rez, and more.

    The site being down for updates means a few extra days worth of news.
    In Memoriam: Game Developers Choice Awards 2016
    Developers and people who influenced the industry that we have lost in the last year.
    Tyranny preview: Obsidian's branching bad guy RPG is made to play over and over

    Obsidian has announced their next game, Tyranny, at a Paradox press conference for GDC. Check the link for a teaser video and some information on the game.
    A thread about this was created here
    Stellaris and Hearts of Iron 4 release dates revealed
    Stellaris will release on May 9 and Hearts of Iron 4 on June 6. Check the article for a trailer for Stellaris and a developer diary for Hearts of Iron 4.
    The Banner Saga 2 comes to Steam next month

    The Banner Saga 2 will launch on April 19th.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider Next Expansion Release Date Announced

    Cold Darkness will be released on March 29th and will have zombies and add wave based combat.
    Nintendo Denies It's Ending Wii U Production Anytime Soon

    There was a rumor that Nintendo had stopped Wii U production, Nintendo denies this and says that production will continue.
    Rumour: New Nintendo NX Controller Images Surface and Set the Web Alight

    The Division Player Discovers Possible DLC Locations

    After discovering ways to glitch through wall and barriers one player has found some likely spots for DLC.
    The Division Director Leaves Ubisoft, Joins Square Enix

    Ryan Barnard has left Ubisoft to go to Hitman developer IO Interactive.
    The Division's first big update looks to fix the Dark Zone
    Ubisoft has revealed the details of the patch aimed at improving the Dark Zone.
    Pokémon Designer Killed In Freak Accident

    Eric Medalle was killed and his daughter injured when a tree fell on top of his car.
    A thread about this was created here
    Bravely Second Changes Because of Fan Feedback

    Based on "overwhelming feedback" from players the versions released outside of Japan will have a few changes. The one that they mentioned is that a quest that has you choosing between two different sides and then the character lamenting their choice regardless of player decision, players said this was a disconnect between their intentions and what their characters were saying so the events were changed to have the characters come to terms with their decision.
    Zero Time Dilemma launches this June — and is coming to Steam
    This War of Mine: The Little Ones is coming to PC

    Good news for This War of Mine fans.
    1979 Revolution Shows the Nastier Side of Iran's Historical Uprising
    Binding of Isaac dev teases new game

    Edmund McMillen has revealed his next project.
    LawBreakers will no longer be free to play, is exclusive to Steam

    Boss Key Productions announced that the game would no longer be free to play at GDC.
    Draft bans are coming to Heroes of the Storm
    Sources: Sony Is Working On A ‘PS4.5’

    Sony might be planning on an updated version of the PS4.
    Skyshine's Bedlam undergoes major changes in Redux update

    The update will change how combat works, improve the AI, and add new character sprites, in addition to other changes to the game.

    21 award were handed out with winners including The Witcher 3, Ori and the Blind Forest, Greg Miller, and Bloodborne.
    Julian Gollop announces new game, Phoenix Point

    The last game that his studio designed was Chaos Reborn.
    XCOM 2 Anarchy's Children DLC is out now

    The Anarchy's Children DLC has released for $4.99 (or included in the Reinforcement Pack) as well as a patch to fix some of the games other issues.
    Batman Telltale Game Detailed, Supporting Characters Named, Visual Style Explained

    Telltale gives some details on their Batman game, including the ability to play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Another article mentions how Telltale is overhauling their engine for Batman.
    Minecraft: Story Mode is getting three "add-on" episodes

    The fifth episode will be released March 29th but there will be three more add-on episodes coming later.
    Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Quantum Break

    Digital Foundry takes a look at the console version of Quantum Break
    Yakuza 0 Coming to America and Europe "Early 2017"
    The game was released on the PS3 and PS4 but only the PS4 version will be released in the West. Well, now I do need a PS4 eventually.
    Battleborn Requires Constant Internet Connection

    The game will need a constant internet connection for both single and multiplayer.
    Game Studios Enter Legal Battle Over The Making Of Ark: Survival Evolved

    Square Enix's Mission to Relive JRPGs' Golden Age with I Am Setsuna

    Slain Looks Like Heavy Metal Castlevania
    Witcher 3 wins Game of the Year at 16th annual Game Developers Choice Awards
    IGF Game Developers Choice Awards – all the winners

    It sounds like Hitman's online saves issue is here to stay

    Angered Game Developer Sues Critic Jim Sterling For $10 Million

    Digital Homicide is trying to sue Jim Sterling.
    Shadwen is an unapologetic stealth mashup that shouldn't be so cool

    A look at Frozenbyte's upcoming action stealth title Shadwen.
    John Carmack getting BAFTA’s highest honour

    Gamespot's GDC Game Looks (Video Links)

    Pinstripe - A Tim Burton-inspired Journey Into Hell
    Deliver Us The Moon - It's an eerie, solitary adventure when you are the only one exploring abandoned moon bases. Or are you?
    Inversus - Sleek Simplicity Breeds Deadly Complexity
    Kingdom's Before - Chris Watters learns how to govern from the saddle and build a settlement to withstand the terrors of the night
    Rocket League Dev on Xbox One/PS4 Cross-Play: We've Got It Figured Out

    Rocket League developer discusses cross play.
    Gabe Newell says he's "all for" cross-platform play

    Gabe says that he is all for cross platform play.
    Overwatch will be the first game to support Dolby Atmos over headphones

    Support will be arriving soon in the beta.
    Final Fantasy XV Director On Main Story Length, Frame Rate, Airship, Cactuar, And More

    FFXV Director gives some new details about the game.
    Scribblenauts Developer Not Shutting Down, Lays Off 45 Employees

    According to tweets by lead animator Tim Borrelli, 5th Cell was being shut down. 5th Cell later released a statement saying that a project had been cancelled leading to 45 staff members being laid off but that they are not shutting down.
    Doom's latest trailer shows off demon mode and the BFG
    Epic's Sweeney just wants to sell Unreal Engine, as Amazon, Unity move to services

    Sweeney talks to Gamasutra about the Unreal Engine at GDC.
    Here's your first look at Sniper Elite 4 gameplay
    Wadjet Eye's next game is a supernatural adventure called Unavowed

    Wadjet Eye's founder has announced their next game, Unavowed. Check the article for more details and screenshots.
    Mass Effect Dev Revealed New IP With T-Shirt, No One Noticed

    Microsoft Says They Regret Holding GDC Party With School Girl Dancers

    An odd thing to do on the same day as an event they hosted for women to talk about their experience in the game's industry and to give advice to other women who want to purse a career in it. Phil Spencer said it was, "unequivocally wrong and will not be tolerated" in his statement when informed about it.
    A thread about this was created here
    The Tech Behind A PS4 Game's Realistic Facial Expressions

    Check the article for a video showing how Hellblade gets its realistic looking character expressions.
    VR Headsets Are (Mostly) Comfortable With Glasses

    Are VR headsets comfortable with glasses?
    Luckey urges VR devs to be realistic about success

    Palmer Luckey urged early VR developers to be realistic about what sort of returns they can make as early adapters.
    Firewatch sells half a million copies, ships a thousand sets of photos

    Firewatch has been very successful on both the PSN and Steam.
    SOMA has almost made its money back; two new games coming

    They need to sell another 20,000-30,000 copies for the games five year development to have been profitable but the studio is working on two new projects.
    Punch Club has been pirated over 1.6m times

    Punch Club has been pirated over 1.6 million times, but has sold over 300,000 copies.
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst story details reveal competing factions and city districts

    The website for Mirrors Edge has been updated with some new information about the game's setting.
    Hyper Light Drifter Finally Has Release Date, Watch Stylish New Trailer
    The game will be released for the PC and Mac on March 31st.
    The Long Journey Home is a space exploration RPG with echoes of Firefly
    Below, Capybara's upcoming roguelike, is set for this summer
    In esports news
    Esports pros on why women's tournaments are needed, but not forever

    League of Legends casters boycotting Shanghai event over wage dispute with Riot
    Professional Dota 2 teams see shocking roster changes ahead of championship deadlines

    Guest Column: This Is Your Brain on Esports

    In crowdfunding news
    Easy Allies is creating Video Game Streams and Shows

    Former Gametrailers staff are getting together to create new content. As Danny said in his tweets, it's good to see Patreon changing games media.
    VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 5 (album & movie!)

    A thread about this was created here
    Other content I found interesting this week
    A Beautiful, Animated Tribute To Satoru Iwata
    What's the Future of Video Games Coverage?
    Danny O'Dwyer of Gamespot, Matt Lees of Cool Ghosts, and Kahlief Adams and Shareef Jackson of the Spawn On Me podcast talk about the future of and what is missing from video game coverage and the kind of audience that you generate. A look at creating the content that isn't out there and not just copying what everyone else is doing. Creating content focused on niches and on the "heart of gaming". Matt Lees talks about companies that want to pay for coverage, and how not wanting to take money can prevent you from getting previews and review copies and why he went to Patreon. Shareef Jackson on how people can be discouraged from perusing a career in a field that doesn't appear to have diversity or to represent different people. Kahlief Adams talks about the importance of visibility of the people working in game's journalism. Matt Lees talks about the harmful effects that decades of similar styled gaming coverage has caused and how content like Xbox vs Playstation to get more hits while attracts a negative crowd that pushes away people you would want ot interact with and quality content creators. All of them talk about what it's like to have years worth of content available that may not represent the work they do now, how they have grown as people over the years, and how popular youtubers who focus on negative things have to live a life surrounded by constant negativity because of the community and content they have created.
    20 years later, David Brevik shares the story of making Diablo

    His original pitch can be read here

    Article about Train Jam, an annual game jam that occurs on the Amtrak train from Chicago to San Francisco.
    Watch Dark Souls III Come To Life with Chalkboard Art


    The Division is a terrible Tom Clancy game
    An Open Letter to the Dude Named Alex I Keep Killing in ‘The Division’
    Online harassment in virtual reality is 'way, way, way worse' — but can devs change that?

    Patrick Harris, of Minority Media (Papo and Yo), opens an important discussion about VR.....after doing what sounds like extremely unethical research on unsuspecting people.
    What games can learn from fan fiction websites about representing sexuality

    Robert Yang: "The game industry needs to get laid"
    Platinum Games' guide to action game design

    Factor 5's Cancelled Superman Game
    Thank you to BleedingChaos23 for sharing this
    A thread about this was created here
    Fullbright Founder: Look past "the best person for the job"

    Recollections of Rez

    Beyond ageism: Industry must think about older gamers

    Why Cibele's creator wanted players to embody its main character, not control her

    How The Witcher Devs Turn Great Ideas Into Game Features
    From a 2013 GDC talk, they have just added it to their Youtube channel.
    The Witcher 3 developer on talking to fans: 'The worst thing is silence'

    Story Beats: Limbo
    From Dark Souls to Manifold Garden: How games tell stories through architecture

    Saving Kate and Saving Myself in Life is Strange

    Drama Ensues As Fire Emblem Fates Fan Translation Gets Canceled, Then Uncanceled

    Most of the translators I've known or whose work I know would probably stop if a game is localized and work on the many other games that could use a translation, like maybe Fire Emblem 5. Looks like their work is being picked up by some other people though.
    Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Interview – Hiroyuki Kobayashi
    Hit the subtitle option to the left of the gear to see it in English.
    Halo 2's Cliffhanger Ending Wasn't the Original Design, Composer Says

    The SCUMM Diary: Stories behind one of the greatest game engines ever made

    Gamasutra highlighted an older 2013 article looking back on the SCUMM engine.
    The Man Who Wrote Earthbound

    Also from 2013, an older article that Kotaku is spotlighting.
    Darkest Dungeon's Harrowing Journey Through Steam Early Access

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    Because  humans as a race are different, we see things in different views and how we approach situations, we have difference in ideas and the extend we fight for those ideas, if it doesn't end in peace it will end in conflict. A possibility that humans will lead to its own extinction.
    Since we have the internet its much more easier to be asshole to people who you never really care about or know. like treating a npc badly
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    I don't have Killer Instinct cuz I'm on ps4 but damn they hired my favorites to score season 3

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    For the people still play destiny which is probably a small number.
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    Additional News
    Total War: Warhammer unleashes the Vampire Counts at last

    The Church in the Darkness is about God and guns and socialism, but mostly it's about you

    Killscreen also wrote about the game, Videogame to Explore the Possible Causes of the Jonestown massacre.
    How Fragments of Him tells a tough, tearjerking story — and why Destiny should, too

    Unity announces two new versions and a certification program

    Werewolves Within is a VR "social deduction" party game coming this fall

    Crytek is making the next version of CryEngine pay-what-you-want

    Killing Floor 2 Gets Workshop, Announces PvP Mode

    Dragon Age: Inquisition's ending was brought to you by Indiana Jones and Captain America

    This group of researchers uses science to maximize the fun in Ubisoft's games


  25. xKaros liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Weekly News Round Up 3-15-2016   
    This week in the news; XCOM 2 gets new patch and first DLC details, The Division breaks sales record, Tim Schafer interviewed about Double Fine and Day of the Tentacle, Rocket League to get cross platform play on Xbox, David Gaider talks about the need for conventions like GaymerX, Twitch wants to help devs make livestream friendly games, a martial artist's take on video game fighting moves, rumored FF XV release date, how to subvert player expectation, a documentary on how games can change the way we build our future cities, Tacoma delayed, Meg Jayanth thinks you should stop playing the hero, Errant Signal on Burnout Paradise and open world design, Danganronpa 2 release and why the series is appealing, and more.

    Twitch wants to help developers make livestream-friendly games

    At GDC Twitch revealed their "Developer Success initiative", which is meant to support developers who want to focus their games around streaming.
    Riot Games acquires Radiant Entertainment, Rising Thunder no more


    Radiant Entertainment has been acquired by Riot Games, check the link to see their blog post about what this means for them.
    A thread about this was created here
    Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition delayed, but only on the PC

    The Xbox One version will still be out on the 11th, with details about the other versions to follow. The game will cost $20 to buy it new, or $5 to update your version.
    Dead Island 2 has a developer again: Sumo Digital

    UK's Sumo Digital is now developing Dead Island 2
    Darkest Dungeon update brings new class, tweaks

    Rumor: Final Fantasy XV launches September 30

    Sources tell Gematsu that FFXV is set to release on September 30th.
    1979 Revolution to Explore the Black Friday Massacre This April

    Dystopian Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler? Yes, Please.

    The Division breaks Ubisoft sales records

    The Division has broken company records for most games sold in 24 hours.
    The Division’s ‘Dark Zone’ Is Definitely A Work In Progress

    A look at the problems with The Division's current end game and Dark Zone areas. Having reached level 30, these are definitely problems that the game has that will hopefully be addressed.
    The scripting language that drives 80 Days is now open-source

    Inkle Studios is releasing their scripting language as open source software.
    Croteam releases source code to Serious Sam engine

    Croteam has released the source code for their Serious Engine v1.10.
    Zero Time Dilemma participants announced

    Gematsu translated some of the coverage Famitsu gave to the the latest entry in the Zero Escape.
    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition patch will hopefully fix the game

    A new patch will address some of the performance issues reported to be effecting the game.
    Cities: Skylines sells two million copies

    Skylines has sold over two million copies.
    Phil Spencer says PC gamers 'might not buy' an Xbox One — but that's OK

    Street Fighter 5's big March update detailed by Capcom — plus a first look at Alex

    Street Fighter gets its first DLC character and some needed new features.
    3DS adventure game Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division by Another Code staff announced

    Former Hotel Dusk Director and CING members are working on Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division – Distant Memories, a title coming to the 3DS eShop in Japan.
    Disc-based release of Hitman won't be out until 2017

    The studio wants to wait until the season is over to make sure they are able to get the best disk based version out.
    Following Closure News, Fable Studio Lionhead Makes First Statement

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst gives Faith some Batman-esque gadgets

    Star Wars Battlefront DLC Release Date, Price Leaked

    The Outer Rim DLC will be available for $14.99 on April 5th and includes four new maps, two new heroes, new weapons, and a new game mode.
    Fallout 4 "Automatron" DLC Achievement Details and Images Emerge

    Fallout 4's $10 Automatron expansion is set to release this month.
    Wii U's Star Fox Zero Has Invincible Mode for Novice Players

    Shigeru Miyamoto has said that the game will include an invincible mode for new players.
    Tacoma gets bumped into 2017

    Fullbright has delayed Tacoma until Spring of 2017.
    Battleborn Goes Gold, Dev Teases Post-Launch Plans

    Battleborn will launch on May 3rd for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
    Open-World Utopian Survival Horror Game Gets New Gameplay Footage

    Check out the new trailer and some details about P.A.M.E.L.A. in the linked article.
    Bethesda's Todd Howard clarifies 'three big projects' comment


    The DLC will add over 100 new customization options.
    First major XCOM 2 patch addresses performance issues, adds Zip Mode
    EverQuest Next Cancelled -- "It Wasn't Fun"

    Daybreak president talks about the reason for the games cancellation.
    A thread about this was created here
    Watch System Shock Remastered's First Gameplay Footage Here

    A thread about this was created here
    Star Citizen Funding Continues to Climb, Reaches New Milestone

    Star Citizen funding is now at $110 million.
    Metroidvania Axiom Verge Coming to Xbox One and Wii U

    The game is out on the PS4 and PC, a Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U version has been confirmed but no dates have been given.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider gets DirectX 12 support in latest patch

    A recent update for Rise of the Tomb Raider adds support for DirectX 12.
    Trails in the Sky: The 3rd Is Actually Coming West

    The third Trails in the Sky game should be out for the PC in 2017. Trails of Cold Steel 2 will also be out in the Fall for the PS3 and Vita.
    Shoot hoops in Rocket League basketball

    Rocket League's new Xbox One "cross-network" feature due this Spring

    Microsoft announced that Rocket League would be one of their first games to get cross platform play.
    A thread about this was created here
    Danganronpa 2 out on Steam April 18th?

    Apparently Spike Chunsoft tweeted this and then deleted it.
    Among the Sleep's developer returns with a game about office boredom

    Krillbite Studio gives some details on their next project.
    Hearthstone Expansion Whispers of the Old Gods Confirmed

    Blizzard has confirmed and has given details about the next Hearthstone expansion.
    AMD Announces "Absolutely Most Powerful Graphics Card in the World"

    At GDC AMD announced the AMD announced the Radeon Pro Duo, "the world's first content creation platform aimed squarely at the VR developer."
    Second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne launches March 29

    The second episode arrives March 29th, with the final episode set to release in April.
    Witcher 3 Ships Almost 10 Million Copies - Report

    The Witcher 3 has sold nearly 10 million copies, making up almost half of the total sales of the entire series.
    The Witcher 3 studio has something “new” in the works for 2016

    A thread about this was created here
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan-made reboot looks promising

    Dark Souls 3 will run at 60 fps on PC

    Gears of War 4's multiplayer beta rolls out April 18

    Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta to start on April 18th for the people who have played the Xbox or PC version of Gears of War Ultimate Edition.
    In esports news
    Heroes of the Storm 2016 Spring Champions kick off on March 31

    The $500,000 prize pool is split between the 12 final placements with the winners taking home $150,000.
    In Conversation with eSports Shoutcaster Lauren Scott

    A 15-year-old just won Hearthstone's biggest tournament of the year so far

    In crowdfunding news
    The Overload Kickstarter gets funded just two hours before it ends

    Overload didn't seem likely to reach its funding goal but it managed to pull through in the end.
    Other content I found interesting this week
    'We Were Still Stuck In The Past': 16-Year Game Dev Veterans Explain Why They're Quitting


    Game Maker's Toolkit - Why Jonathan Blow's Puzzles Aren't Just Puzzles

    Mark Brown discusses Jonathan Blow's (Braid and The Witness) design philosophy.
    Day of the Tentacle: The Oral History

    Some Real Talk With Tim Schafer

    Errant Signal - Burnout Paradise

    Errant Signal on how Burnout Paradise recaptures what it means to play with toy cars presented in a palatable way to adults and open world game design.
    ‘Hitman’ Demands Patience and Precision, Qualities Not All Gamers Possess


    Why Do We Need GaymerX?

    David Gaider, who you may know for his work with Bioware on Baldurs Gate 2, Dragon's Age, Neverwinter Nights, and for writing HK-47 in Knights of the Old Republic, talks about the need for conventions like GaymerX.
    Guest Column: A Fat Kid Dreams of Virtual Reality

    Mike Drucker writes about virtual reality and self-delusion in the 1990s.
    Subverting Player Expectation

    Did you know Stockholm used Cities: Skylines for urban planning?

    My Urban Playground is a documentary on, "How games can change the world and the way we build our future cities".
    So what about the men?: A deeper look at Firewatch and Catherine

    Katherine Cross looks at two games that feature more human portrays of male characters.
    Why is Danganronpa so viciously appealing?

    An Interview with ‘Hotline Miami’ Artist and Musician Niklas Åkerblad

    A Real Martial Artist's Take On Video Game Fighting Moves

    Martial Gamer analyzes and reenacts martial arts shown in video games, check the article and his youtube for videos if you are interested.
    Superhot designer drops the mic at GDC