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  1. Prime day was a bust for me. Couple of things I might have gotten, but were gone before I even had my coffee fixed this morning, apparently. I have a life, so I couldn't stay up passed midnight to get the early deals, and the silly every-hour lightning deals... I can't watch it all day dang it.
  2. We are in agreement that stable frame rate is far more important than 30 vs 60, and wish that was talked about more. I would much rather play at 30fps locked and smooth than at 60fps with frequent dips. Those dips are insanely annoying.
  3. Very curious about this. I hope it includes computer components, or it'll be a bust for me. :/
  4. Decided to make the leap to PC? Figured you for a PlayStation person only. Why make the leap?
  5. I did the focus trick and got a 3D penguin image. Now I have a headache.
  6. Um, okay. How the **** does the first image become that.
  7. You are not the only one I know that can not see the difference between 30fps and 60fps, so it might just be a difference of how people view things. It's just so noticeably different to me that I wish I could see through other peoples eyes and see how they can't see the difference. It's kind of fascinating to me, to be honest. As for the image you linked, all I see is bad art. Mostly black lines and whatever that ugly color is. What is the image suppose to be? Is it suppose to be one of those "trick focus" images, where you have to adjust the focus of your eyes until the image appears? I don't like those... they give me a headache.
  8. Disclaimer: I'm a PC gamer mostly, but also play on console. I love both, they each have great things about them. Keep that in mind when I say the following. First off, I will never understand how someone can not tell a major difference between 30fps and 60fps. That is not a PC master race statement for those who will turn it into one, just a personal observation by me. They are drastically different to my eyes, day and night even, especially in an action game. Having said that, 30fps is perfectly playable and I even still play games on my PS3 at 720p and 30fps. Second, I hate fan boys, and anyone who knows me, knows I hate very few things. Please stop... all of you, PC or console. It's just stupid. Play what you like, how you like. We can talk about things without it getting turned into that. Third, please stop taking topics of logical debate not framed as fan boy nonsense, and turning it into such. People can disagree, or have differing opinions on topics, and not be fan boys. Frame rate and resolution are perfectly acceptable topics to debate, without the fan boy nonsense being added in.
  9. Early Access is like preordering to me. I truely do understand the desire, as I have that *new* game desire as well, but boy do I wish people would stop... That is only my opinion though, as no one is forcing anyone to preorder or buy into Eary Access. Freedom of choice reigns. =)
  10. Please tell me these are from an upcoming game... O.O
  11. For a PC gamer, that would be ideal of course. Unfortunately for us though, console is where most of their money will be made. From a business perspective it's simply more logical to focus their build there.
  12. Wow you flew through the game. I should be done by the end of this week, at least I HOPE I have time. I want to continue playing it so bad. I managed to tweak it enough to run at 60fps, most of the time, and it's so much better. Great review!!
  13. I would like all development of a game to be kept in house, but that's my opinion. Whether that's always realistic, I'm not sure. Honestly, I think it's a bit much to expect that. Obviously in the case of Arkham Knight, things did not go well... but how many games were outsourced and worked as expected? I'm going to guess quite a few. It's typical human nature to only see the bad scenarios and ignore the good ones. I think Warner Brothers and Rocksteady need to be made aware that a bad PC port is unacceptable, regardless of outsourcing or not, and I think that has been done. I don't think outsourcing itself is to blame, just bad judgment and poor quality control by all parties involved.
  14. If you're talking about "you know who" then yeah, I wanted to cry. This game is definitely the "Dark" Knight. Ugh. Sooooo much fun though.