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Found 146 results

  1. Hi guys. I was wondering if there will be any European Battlefield 4 AJSA servers. I unfortunately cannot play on the American servers due to high ping.
  2. Hey peep's, how are you all doing? My name is AshikinBliss, Just thought I would introduce myself and stuff. I really look forward to making some friends and gaming hard with the AJSA Rock on guys.
  3. Do you guys know if there are any official AJSA servers for Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One?
  4. Hey guys, Do any of you know if there are any official Angry Army Servers on the Xbox One? Thanks
  5. On December 5 all players that log in to Battlefield 4 multiplayer will receive a M1911 pistol scope, this special sidearm scope, previously reserved for DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4. font: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/br/news/view/bf4-player-appreciation/
  6. Just got Battlefield 4. I have been playing since 3. I am looking for friends to go on online with. Battlelog- Tatar65
  7. Looking for friends to play Battlefield 4 with. Anybody? Anyone at all?
  8. Mine's on multiplayer when I was an Engineer with a Sniper Team on Flood Zone a Chinese chopper decides to open fire on us. Little did he know he was being too still and I fired my LAW into his cockpit sending it down in a flaming blaze.
  9. Want to submit your battlefield moment? Go to http://blogs.battlefield.com/2013/10/your-own-only-in-battlefield-4-moments/ and show them what your battlefield Moment is! Mine Happened to require a little finesse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go73QX6omfg&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hey guys, there's a new trailer related to Second Assault another expansion to BF4 in which they make fun of CoD: Ghosts. What are your opinions???
  11. Hey AJSA bros I'm HurricaneShane. Just found out about the AJSA tonight while watching one of the YouTube videos. Thought I should join the movement and try it out. I'm on PS3 and PS4. Gamer tag Benton12. I also do a weekly podcast on live internet radio called the gamer bros here's a link if you guys want to check that out if you'd like smackfmradio.wix.com/thegamerbros . Can't wait to try and show you guys what I'm made of!
  12. Hi all. One of my friends is currently building a new PC so he can play with me and a couple of other friends. He should have finished it before xmas a few days after at the most. We have been thinking of starting a new clan for BF4, CS:GO, CoH (maybe) ect. We have a current clan on BF3 that we used for xbox (501 Airborn) So if you want to come play with us (I am already playing) soon drop me a message on steam (VIzMAN)
  13. Hey everybody, I've been curious as to what my fellow Angry Joe Show Army members are thinking. So far, Battlefield 4 maps have been quite great, offering even more variety than ever before, with no map being too similiar to the others. But what is my favorite map? And, what is your favorite map? For me, I'd say Hainan Resort on Rush or Conquest. Even if I run everything on medium (with ultra texture filters, ssao, 2x aa, low post aa), Hainan Resort is abundantly beautiful! There is nothing better than blowing shit up and filling everything with holes while on "vacation"! The design of the map is good overall, and due to the amazing beauty of the map, I have a constant inclination to walk or swim into the water. It's also fun watching that luxury hotel in the center crumble as the match progresses. Or, it's also quite fun fighting within that building as well! I love Hainan Resort, it certainly is eye poppingly beautiful! Now, what are your favorite Battlefield 4 maps?
  14. Hey all, So I'm trying to get the AJSA emblem for my BF4 account so I can represent our army but I don't know how to. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? I know about the codes and stuff but I just don't understand it. Help would be much appreciated ! Damicki
  15. Like most people (I think) I decided that I'd had enough of COD and after playing the BF4 beta, I thought that this would be a good move to make. NO F*CKING REGRETS! Though I have to say, the gameplay is very different and you can't "just jump in and play," so I'm slowly getting used to playing BF4 style rather than COD style. Anybody else find the transition difficult? -- ...I'm not going to pretend I don't play COD at all anymore, because I do.
  16. I'm pretty sure it's just me being bad at the game, but I always get out-gunned by Engineers with Carbines or Sub-Machine Guns; no matter what class I play and I do manage to get quite a few kills on non-engineers but anyone with either of those weapons just kills me, it seems, in very few shots. Has anyone else found that they're a bit over powered?
  17. just made the switch from console to pc looking for some ppl to run with on battlefield 4 after working hours round 7 or 8 west coast time.
  18. The fact that battlefield 4 has been out for weeks and still has server and crashing issues is heart breaking. Even after the update a few days back i still get random crashes Mid game no matter what. My system is as much of a titan as my self so i cant blame that. I'm just really glad i didn't spend money on this game.
  19. Ok... so basically I need some people to add to my friend's list for Battlefield 4 on the PS4. My friend's list is rather small at the moment but I would like to fill her up with AJSA members. Send me a private message or reply here with your PSN and Ill add you or you could add me. My PSN is: ClicheMasquerade See You Online!
  20. Hi All, Quick Question, since day 1 on bf4 on the 360, my game crashes about twice an hour. After a full restart of the console and re-launch of bf4, it says "saved data corrupted" and I have to start all over in the SP campaign & reset all settings for MP. It did this also in the bf4 BETA Just curious if any of you is currently or has experienced this ?? Thanks!
  21. At Ease Soldiers, let me tell you what you need to know on HOW TO MAKE THE GAME A BETTER EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE I know the info is mostly sarcastic but it's important to follow it closely, both videos I'll post for a start contain essential biddings to what to do with the Assault and Support Classes. At a serious note: Please follow the "tips" as much as you can, people will like you for doing it since NO ONE ELSE on your server will care about them and YOU will have raged about it before, so go ahead and do it yourself to inspire others to follow your lead. Battlefield 4 - Assault Class Tutorial CLICK ME Battlefield 4 - Support Class Tutorial CLICK ME Please keep in mind that these videos are not meant to be showing skill so don't expect sick kills and awesome action, all that will come later when I will feature some of the weapons in the same sarcastic way. I will post those videos here as a new reply and edit them into this starting post so you can stay up-to-date, additionally you can consider subscribing if you either like what I do or even more so if you get my sarcasm! Till then, have a fine day gentlemen ~PM
  22. I have been wondering ever since levolution was announced whether it was a good idea or people would find it annoying to have the their multiplayer map changing all the time. I don't accually have the game but I would love to know wat everyone thinks about the the whole levolution thing. I found it annoying in the beta with the tower colapsing. I thought that the top of the tower was a really fun place to be because it was always being contested. But when the tower fell down it just turned to sniping ground. What do you think?
  23. Hello my fellow angry soldiers. Seeing that a lot of us still play Battlefield 3, I was surprised that there is no platoon for us in BF3. So I just made one. Here's the link to the platoon's page on EA Battlelog. Please note : I do not intend to organize any events (or "lead" the platoon in general) and I am not intentionally trying to become a higher-level member by doing this. I am just creating the platoon so that everyone can wear the [AJSA] tag inside BF3. If a higher-level member wants to take over the platoon, they're totally welcome to do so. So yeah, see you all on the battlefield! (Please note that my AJSA platoon is on PC only, hopefully we'll get platoons for X360 and PS3 once AJSA commanders take notice.) EDIT : I have only very recently realised that you can wear a clan tag without being in a platoon, I deeply apologize for being an ignorant retard. However, I'll just keep the platoon, whatever.
  24. Hey fellow Army Men! I wanted to post this video of a metal montage of BF3. I don't really see any metal montages on YouTube, so I have to represent metal! Check it out if you have a sec.
  25. Hello Angry men and women. I am pleased to announce my weekly Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Community Events. My goal is to have weekly scheduled events for the Angry Army to participate in and get some game time together. If you are tired of playing Battlefield 4 alone with randoms causing you to lose or just want to get more involved within the AJSA while playing Battlefield 4, this event is for you. I will be hosting my first event this Saturday (11/16/13) at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time. While this date is set, I am willing to change future dates with feedback. If you would like to attend all you have to do is leave a post saying you would like to attend and your Gamertag below and I will get a friend request to you. Then just be online on Saturday (11/16/13) at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time and I will get you into a party and squad with fellow AJSA members. Hope to see you on the Battlefield. Note: If you plan to attend make sure you have the AJSA clan tag and preferably emblem set up. We may not be official but I still want us to support the AJSA. If you are unaware how to set your clan tag or need help uploading the premade AJSA emblems, send me a private message and I'll walk you through it. Attending:Gamertag Luffwaffle:Luffwaffle Ozzy Ozborne:Ozzy Ozborne mcmanurc:Indi8 cmg666:CG38144 XvBlazinvX:XvBlazinvX DocSatan:DecidingDragoon CyclicFlame:CyclicFlame TheoXne:TheoXne tonygold:Mo Madnneess OMEGAwarrior97:SPARTANx104 Darkwolf1802:Darkwolf1802 For those who would like to play with other AJSA members, but can't commint to a date and time, feel free to post in Ozzy Ozbourne's thread to meet others on the 360. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4363-wanna-play-video-games/ Also, for those of you in the EU OMEGAWarrior97 has been kind enough to put together a EU event linked here with a time that might be more convinient. Feel free to participate in both events though.