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Found 1 result

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to create a corporation in the universe of New Eden. Setting up a corp in EVE online can be carried to it's companion game Dust 514, a game that I play. These games are quite fun once a player has made enough skill points to progress as well as ISK. EVE online is a PC game and is famous for it's massive pvp battles in null sec space. Dust 514 is it's console counterpart and it is directly connected to EVE online by the corporation system. Which means less work is required to set up the community. EVE online is an MMO set approx 20000 years in the future. There are 4 main powers (not counting the Jovians):the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallente, and the Mimmitar. Each race has an extensive history that (unfortunately) has to be checked out outside the game, but the lore of New Eden is extensive. There are stories of rises to power and falls from great heights, all player done. There is a stock market, great battles, and a planet's worth of different ships. Pro's EVE online -The community is easy to develop and corporations can reach sizes of ten thousand and can be augmented by alliances -There can be full scale, day to day wars, and battles between alliances that can reach into the thousands -The graphics are amazing and so is game play -There is a wide variety of roles and ships Con's EVE online -The game can be brutal to first time players and there are many an infamous alliance known for pirating off of lower ranked players -This game requires a subscription (can be played for free through plex but plex is expensive) -This game allows for espionage capable of destroying whole alliances -Building up a character takes a lot of time Dust 514 shares the same universe as EVE online, the major difference being that the battles are on the planets. There are three modes, Ambush, Domination, and Skirmish. These battles can be long or short depending on who has the bigger and better guns. Tanks are powerful game changers, but LAVs (light attack vehicles) can keep small groups moving all over the map taking null cannons or moving ordinance dropsuits. Squad leaders can call down Orbital Strikes that are supplied by EVE players (if they are above the planet). There is a skill tree to enable the use of new suits, which opens up new load out customization opportunities. Pro's Dust 514 -FPS that features complex roles and infinite customization -EVE corporations carry over onto Dust 514 -Like a future version of Battlefield with squading available -Lots of guns Con's Dust 514 -Can be brutal to first time players due to a practice known as proto-stomping -Requires squading to do really well -Vehicles are game deciders -AUR (money) can be used to get better equipment early