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Found 1 result

  1. As this generation is coming to a close, I have to ask how many Xbox 360's did everyone end up going through? For me, I'm on my 5th one. I first bought mine back in 2007 (Mass Effect and Halo 3) and after one month, the disc drive broke. I had a Best Buy warranty with it, so I took it back and got a fresh one off the shelf. Number 2 had A/V problems, and wouldn't display video unless I rebooted 5 or 6 times. So I took it back for number 3. This one had RROD right out of the box, so I took it back the same day (geek squad was actually in disbelief and tested it themselves since it was my 3rd one) and so I got number 4. This one lasted a good year and a half, and then I got Error E74. In the middle of playing a game, green Matrix-like lines came down my screen. Rebooted and got the error. Best Buy wouldn't honor number 5 because I was literally just a few days after my warranty expired, so I had to ship it off to Microsoft and number 5 has been working ever since (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc). So I'm curious if anyone else went through that garbage like I did. I've never had a console break on me before, let alone 4 times in such a small time frame. I know MS has learned their lesson more or less, and they did all they could to repair damages, but I'll always be reluctant to buy another MS console.