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Found 14 results

  1. I thought Id post this because I thought it was funny and you guys might get a good laugh out of it. Me and my brother played the crap out of cod and we where 350 in the world master Prestige first week and we missed 2 days of gameplay to. Yeah It was a while ago but I thought some of you would like to read the blog I posted and see all the HATE http://raptr.com/undeadredemption/news/50ce92365e81df3076/11th-prestige-
  2. Just wondering what did angry joe mean in his review of advanced warfare: Basically what you think will happen at the start completely happens and that you can see the plot points from a mile away. I know that the missions are linear but when and what in the game was he referring to?
  3. This thread is to be use to talk of all Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare topics within our PS4 community. In the 2050’s warfare has gone advance. Exo skeletons change the soldier into a super weapon. Two ideals battling within this future. The side of power and the side of ideas. We The Angry Army, looked to each side and have decided.The side of power will change everything. On whose authority? On OUR authority! The Angry Army have a clan made by community member Cee Jay Haych and will continue cause of all of you. If you wish to take part in The Angry Army and its take over with power. Learn more @ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/24355-the-official-codaw-clan/ Power changes everything.
  4. Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time. Don't forget you can get your intro here on The Viewer by sending me a video response on YouTube! It's easier that way --- Follow me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRain Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284 Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  5. Well, i like joe, and believe him also support him. However, This new review of CoD:AW is not acceptable for me. It is too low score for me and give me hurt. But Joe is joe, and other fan is other fans. that is true. Still i want to support him and believe. But This review is not acceptable, personally. Compared to Ghost and MW3, It is much harder better, also AW itself is progressive and achieve the improvement. If Joe and other guys see this, i want to their opinion about this. Thank you for specific and good reviews, joe. Just this time is not so acceptable for me. That's all. P.S :: I send the 3times same word at twitter, but he don't see that... 11.15 is my birthday but i spend my birthday at college so i'm not congrates by my friends and family. Just want to hear his congrates, but that is much wish i guess. Joe, if you angry for me, sorry about that.
  6. Here's my review of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Just kidding. The setting has a similar vibe though. In this game you play as Jack Mitchell, played by Troy Baker. Man this guy is everywhere these days, but that's great because most games that has him will be awesome. The year is 2054 and you're a recently discharged Marine after your arm got torn off during a mission in Korea in the beginning of the game. Good thing for you, after you're discharged you are offered a position into Atlas Corporation, the most powerful PMC company in the world lead by John Doe from Seven, ahem I mean Verbal Kint from Usual Suspect, you know the one. These guys have cool futuristic gadgets for you to play with, including a high tech prosthetic arm, a suit that lets you do a double jump, climb walls like Spiderman or use super strength to pull out car doors, amongst other things. This is the first Call of Duty game in the series where you only play as 1 character through the entire game. The first 2 missions in the game are tutorial missions. I can say that these 2 missions are the best tutorial missions of the whole Call of Duty series since the first mission in the first Modern Warfare. It sets you into the atmosphere of the game, with enemies like these which reminds me of those terror bites enemies in Time Crisis 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuJqiAMXdls The game features badass gadgets like the homing grenade that will go straight to enemies once you throw it, scanner grenade that lets you see every enemy after you use it, and a grenade launcher that launches homing grenades. Oh and of course assault rifles that reloads using cylinders with an hologram sight that detects enemies behind walls. Later on in the game you'll get even more awesome futuristic weapons like this. After you beat each mission and do some challenges like kill 4 enemies with grenades, do headshots and so on, you'll get points that you can use to upgrade your character. You can make him sprint faster, reload faster, use more of your suit's abilities or get less damage. Certainly better than previous games where you don't feel any stronger as you progress through the game. The best thing about the game is the graphics. Wow. It's really damn good. Some parts of the game looks so realistic that you swear you're looking at a real life footage. Everyone's face looks realistic and the lip sinc is great. The environment and the explosions looks awesome. This is by far the best looking Call of Duty to date. Now here's what you most definitely want to know: does this game plays like previous call of duty games that has the same gameplay style every single time? Yep. Fortunately your super "exo suit" and the futuristic gadgets changes the game style a bit. Unlike those games where the format is always "run, use iron sight, shoot, run, do set piece segments, run", in here it's much more versatile because of the futuristic gadgets at your disposal. You can double jump to get to higher places, use a car door ripped from a car to protect yourself, use homing grenades to kill a lot of enemies that's behind cover, and use slow motion to slow down time. Yes apparently your exosuit can give you slow motion ability called "overdrive". It's definitely a HUGE improvement over the previous games, BUT overall it's pretty much the same as before. There is one mission which is pretty cool, and that's one stealth section where you use grapling hooks across buildings. If the game has more of this, and if you can parkour like in Titanfall, this game will be even more awesome. And use mechs. Wait, actually you can use these cool looking power armor mechs with gatling guns later in the game which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately not as cool as Titanfall's badass mechs. Multiplayer is, well, Call of Duty multiplayer. The only difference are the weapons you use and you can use double jumps to go high and shoot enemies from a high vantage point. There are new modes to the game besides the usual matches. Uplink is kind of like Capture the Flag but instead you throw a ball to this sphere to get score. Wait, it's actually more like a basketball game, and the funny thing is if you have a ball, you can throw it into an enemy so he won't be able to shoot you and you can shoot him. Exo Survival is just horde mode, with a zombie easter egg on the RIOT map. I mean sure you have better weapons and gadgets to use, and the exosuit abilities like the shield, double jump and stim that increases your health are useful and vary the combat style, but overall, it's just typical Call of Duty multiplayer. If you are a fan of Call of Duty multiplayer, you will love this game's multiplayer to death. The only major complaint I have with the game is the campaign. It's pretty much linear through the whole game. I would love for the game to have branching paths like in Black Ops 2 if you do certain things. But then again it's not made by Treyach. Hopefully the next game will have it. The other one is the story. I won't spoil it, but it's so damn predictable! Still, come on! Can't the story writer write something original? And this is just me, but this game and Titanfall should just be one game combined. Replace the shitty campaign of Titanfall with Advanced Warfare with Titanfall's gameplay intact, change the mech of Advanced Warfare with Titanfall's mechs, and just use the core gameplay of Titanfall's multiplayer and put it into Advanced Warfare. BOOM, instant awesome game! That way Titanfall won't be so lacking in content, and Call of Duty will be much different than the previous games in the series! Overall, this is still a good Call of Duty game and it's one of the best since Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare. Nothing like the lazy Ghost from last year. However, because it's pretty much Call of Duty all over again aside from the gadgets and suits, I say if you're not a Call of Duty fan, wait till it's half price. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel (as long as the sequel change things for the better)".
  7. . Not sure if this trailer was on the xbox conference in Gamescom or not.
  8. The enemies don't seem that intelligent or more aware of the player, and the player was never hit the enemies mostly focused on the other soldier you fight with, hopefully in the final game that changes.