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Found 8 results

  1. Finally! I have beaten Alien Isolation after days of stopping because I'm too scared to continue. Here's my thought on the game. You play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ripley from the Alien movie. She is visiting this ship named Sevastopol to get the black box of the original Alien space ship to learn what happens to her mother. Unfortunately things get complicated, and now she has to escape this ship, and the alien hunting her. The control of this game is pretty unique. You can't jump, but you can crouch down and crawl under a low table. You use left click to bash enemy heads with your wrench, and if you have a gun equipped, you have to hold right mouse button to get the gun out and shoot it. There's no iron sight here and it's just manual crosshair aim. You can craft many items in this game. Each items like flashbangs, medkit and smoke grenade requires certain parts and scraps in order to create them, so always run around the environment to look for objects because you'll need these items with you to survive. The game uses a manual save system, like the original Resident Evil/ Biohazard where you have to go to a save zone to save your progress, in this case a punch clock phone. If you die, you don't go back from a checkpoint. You go back to the last time you save your progress, so get used to saving a lot because you'll need to do it to live. You can also save while you're being chased by an enemy, so the next time you load your save, the enemy will be right in front of you like the last time you save. Thankfully you can load a previous save file before that point. Combat in this game consist of you facing against 3 enemy types: the normal humans, the androids and the alien. Fighting normal people is like the original Thief where you have to be smart and knock enemies out or else they will shoot you. These enemies are the easiest in the game because just 2 melee attacks can knock them out instantly. You can go gung ho and kill everyone like in normal fps games though, if you have the ammo for it. The ammo in this game is very scarce. You get it by looting boxes and enemy corpses. My advice is to wait till you have around 20 revolver ammos to use it because wasting ammo is not recommended. The androids are very tough to fight. These guys takes 4 headshots to kill them, and direct melee attacks will do nothing because they will do a counter attack to you, so you have to hit them from behind to deal damage to them. Luckily, because they can't run and just walk, you can just run past them without needing to fight. I recommend this method because there's way too many of them at once. Only fight them head on if you're against only 1 or 2 of them. It's really satisfying beating their heads with your wrench if you manage to kill them. The alien fight on the other hand is impossible. This guy is impervious to bullets and he will kill you instantly when he detect you. Your only option is to run away and hide from him. The scary part about this is the alien is pretty smart. You may think hiding in a locker will save you, but the alien will sometimes just troll you and get past you, and then immediately break your locker and kill you. Running will get you killed instantly because the alien has super speed and hearing, so always crouch and avoid being detected by him. Later in the game you get a flamethrower though, and you can unleash payback. It won't kill the alien, but it'll make him run like a coward. I suggest not holding the fire button and just click slightly 4 to 5 times until the alien runs away. That'll conserve flamethrower fuel by a lot. This is what you call Survival horror. The atmosphere and music of this game is brilliant. This game makes an air vent opening scary, and most of the time you'll want to hide when you see the alien in front of you to not get killed. Oh, and I would like to say something based on Mr Joe's review, and it contains a little bit of a spoiler. Do you remember the part where mr Joe said that after the first half of the game after getting rid of the alien, the game becomes a bit too long and it just involves backtracking? I have one thing to say to that and I'll keep it as simple as possible without spoiling too much: Do you really think it's that simple? Here's the spoiler section for you that wants to know what comes after. As for the complaint that the game is too long and drawn out, I never have a problem with the pacing. I think it's an excellent pacing that the game have and it perfectly balances the tension. The first half is actually the tame sequence. The second half is the one where it gets fucking intense. And I think the ending of the game is perfect. It's the kind of ending that's not really a sequel bait if you know what happens to the character through supplemental materials. There can be a sequel, and there may not be a sequel. Oh who are we kidding, of course there will be a sequel. Not for this game, but Colonial Marines. The sequel better be as great as this game. The only complaint I have with the game are the various weird glitches. Couple of times I can see objects just floating around on the air. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/541881614896605255/1CABAA3848B0FA0F190406B0C549F8F5B3BF58DC/ http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/541882503857267611/713FAAF58AE2FB5BA4DFAAB34A923BB3CDE95BB2/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/541882503882131790/073345D8DEB89F0C6DA9E176E796EE11B257A8AF/ Also even though the detail of everything looks fantastic, the character lips during the gameplay moves like a puppet. And for some reason, crafting molotov requires a bunch of stuff that's too complex. Why not have the molotov just require 1 ethanol and a rag like regular molotov? Why is it this complicated molotov + proximity mine thing? I'm glad these things happens though because I get to chuckle a bit, right after a sequence with the alien that makes me almost wet myself. Overall, THIS is a fantastic survival horror game that makes xenomorphs scary once again. I'm giving this game the rating of "so damn good you can't wait for the sequel". Or if you are one of those people that likes to scare yourself constantly, I give this game the rating of "so damn scary and awesome that you will play this game again and again." And for score's sake, I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. One of the best survival horror games I have ever played in my life, and definitely the best Alien game to date.
  2. Like always, enjoy the show! I like the bait and switch with the opening level skit, and the Working Joe dance protocol. Hihahahaha, if only they have that, it'll make the game so much easier. The one thing that's unfortunate in the review is the final verdict. The words are screwed up, and Joe didn't give the game a badass seal of approval. It earns it. Regardless, it's a great review as always. I give this review an 8 out of 10.
  3. So which do you think of these two games is survival horror game of the year vote now.
  4. The alien really keeps you on the edge of you seat.
  5. Apparently this guy finished the game till the end. Here's the first two parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znxfBjhnH8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeSDMh23gS0 Decide for yourself if this game is good or not. If you are interested, buy it. If it's not for you, skip it. But if you like it and for some reason you can't play the game, just watch the playthrough till the end, no money wasted that way. Hm, nice ship. It's like Dead Space 2 with the shopping stores. Too bad shit hits the fan. On a side note, the guy is playing this on PS3. Looks damn good aside from some rough lines.
  6. Before I begin I would love to say I love the Angry Joe show. All your videos are awesome, except your Kinect Star Wars review and the Aliens Colonial Marines review, and any review that ACM is bashed in. One of my favorite videos is the Shadow Fall review esp at the very beginning. For whatever reason people love my Mega Man videos, dispite how shitty the recording quality is. And I would love to be a serious Mega Man only reviewer. That scene with the rays from the PS4 version of you hitting you is similar to what I would do for a scene if I reviewed the "Mega Man Sonic the Hedgehog" comic where Mega Man becomes Super Mega Man and then takes the chaos emeralds from Sonic becoming a giant Gold version of himself. Anyway back to the heart of the matter. Joe you are disrespecting "Aliens Colonial Marines" and "Aliens Colonial Marines Signal Interrupted" WAY TO MUCH! I may have to make multiple posts because I don't want to overwhelm you with one giant post. Now before I get to story related points, challenges, and Alien Isolation GARBAGE, I want to get issues about ACM game mechanics out of the way. I had ZERO of the issues you showed in your ACM video review concerning AI and other mechanic issues. I have come to the realization that there is SOME kind of issue being experienced by other gamers but for whatever reason I got the golden egg, OR just maybe because I have the most advanced version of the Xbox 360 "Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 special edition" some how its processor is the most compatible with the game. If that were true that would mean the "Halo 4 edition Xbox 360" and the" Xbox live anniversary Xbox 360 edition" would have the same effect. But ether case I have not had any issues up until the patch came out to fix the ai, I noticed the xenos would hide more, which resulted in me dieing less. Ether way I think this should be looked into, and any proof you ask of me to give you that I am not having these issues I will give. In fact the Hardest setting has been extremely brutal I have died soo many times, hell even one time when I was playing with a friend the Lurker "Ninja trolled" me only. It was like it was playing a game with my friend, avoiding me and taking me out as quickly as it could nearly immediately after he would pick me up, this happened 6 times!!! Im not a bad player ether I got all the achievements by myself in Halo 3 except the one that requires more than one person. Hell and in Bug hunt the Aliens evolve to such a point you end up killing yourself with out killing the Xenos if you have a Rocket Launcher because they are so fast and durable. They can even deflect plasma bolts back into your face with there hands!!! This part is about issues you have had with the story. You said you had a problem with the Marine that blew himself up with a grenade that was impregnated... I have to points to make in regardes too your problem with this scene. One The Aliens have been shown as being very skilled tacticians that, depending on the alien, can make multilayered detailed plans that can encompass multiple planets. The Queen Mother is the most skilled of the lot so far. And she has a link to every Alien in the universe. All the Queens have been shown to manipulate the actions of non Xenomorphs to some degree. In the case of the Queen Mother she has had 100% direct control over non Xenos even humans that are dead and extremely rotted. Now the reason I brought this up is that if you think about it, if Winter had been allowed to enter the ship he was heading too, he would not have survived and unlocked the systems containing the Queen on LV-426. Two Going back to the mind control traits the Queens have shown to have. There is obviously different levels of control the different types of Queens have. Only the Queen Mother has ever been shown 100% mentally controling other non-xenos with out aid. Other Queens if they want to have 100% control of non-xenos must use a type of alien chest burster known as the "Infectoid." The Command type Xenomorphs will use these Infectoids to infiltrate and covertly cause harm to enemy forces. This happened in Aliens vs Predator (Capcom Arcade) When a Predator was infected with the Infectoid and it went on a killing spree against other Predators. You next point is that you have a problem that the Marines know about the Lurker. Well I guess what most fans don't know is that "Aliens Infestation" for the DS takes place like days or hours before Aliens: Colonial Marines. Going by the written lore for both games two Battalions of Marines were sent to LV-426, that up to 2000 Marines. Winter and his unit are the last to be woken up, and by then the Aliens have killed most of the Marines, and the story for Aliens Infestation has ended. The Marines that had already been awake and fighting the Aliens for hours to a couple days would have time to give some of the different aliens nicknames. Winter should be FREAKING LUCKY he didn't ever have to fight the FREAKING Gorilla ALIENS and Praetorian Gorilla Alien. They are immune to the most the weapons that Marines carry. The reason the base is in better shape than you would think it would be is because of the design of the base itself and because WY had rebuilt parts of the base as was shown in Aliens: Infestation. Your next point is that the friendly AI has attacks that are weak against the alien... Well the scripted events ARE more canon that the game play. The Aliens KICK THE CRAP out of the humans in this game and Aliens Infestation. The Aliens have adapted for heavy combat! You see them make great tactical maneuvers in these games, like staying behind the Crushers and letting it soak up the heavy attacks of the humans, you see the Warriors hiding in the mountains and striking the WY drop ships when they get low enough. They target the jet turbines sending the Drops ships crashing into the ground. Your next issue is that your Pilot in the Drop ship accidentally fires at you. The reason she fires at you was because she wasn't expecting to get shot at from the sides by WY Mercs. You point out how you like the design of the Weapons used in ACM. I would like to point out the designs are inspired by the guns used by Colonial Marines in the 1st Aliens Omnibus. They have the sub-machine guns, as well as a gun that does look like the WY Assault Rifle. In the Novel the sub-machine guns even carry a special clip that carries quote unquote rainbow rounds, which are like a mixes of multiple ammo types. I disagree with your point about the Motion tracker as well Joe... I needed it in story mode when dealing with the Lurkers because how damn stealthy they are. So far in your video, because I am basing my responses as the video is playing, the only thing I can agree on is that the easier modes will be easy. You can say that for any game though. You make some points about the Smart Gun and the Powerloader not being used in game, or enough. You might have a good point for the Smart Gun but the Power Loader is a death trap. You don't want to fight Aliens with them unless they are the combat types like the Alice in AvP2 with an anti anything laser, twin gat cannons, anti-tank rocket launcher, flamethrower. The regular one may have worked somewhat ok against a injured Queen in Aliens, and against the Raven, BUT against like say a Ravager your fucked, or even any type of Ranger Aliens or Crushers.
  7. So when Alien Isolation was first announced last year, I was already looking forward to it. I thought the game will be like Outlast but with Aliens instead of crazy people. I like Outlast a lot and I can't wait for what the game will be like. But after I saw the E3 gaming footage And the interview saying that this game will be more than 10 + hours long with collectables, Now I am all in for this game. Oh man, that part where you sneak up on an android, set it on fire and beat the crap out of it is so awesome. As long as the graphic is like the E3 game footage, the AI is smart and the gameplay is not completely butchered like Alien Colonial Marines, this game will be the best Alien game since the old AVP games. Or the Alien Trilogy.