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Found 5 results

  1. Just wanted to know what class, role, and type of builds everyone is planning on playing.
  2. So, I checked all three pages and there doesn't seem to be one of these, so... Just vote for what Class you usually play and/or have at Level 80 Just for a bit of fun, I'd like you to vote for your favourite race as well. Me personally, only have my Engineer at level 80 so far, but I'm working on my Warrior right now. My favourite race are the Norn, because I love Nordic things, and Norn fit that description. Charr are a close second.
  3. So alot of the AJSA is really excited for Wildstar so i was just curious what faction are you guys going to side with. Then after that what class,race,and path are you going to play as. Me personally i cant decide on any of these choices the Dominion has really cool looking races and the Exiles has some awesome looking races except for the bunny race. The Spellslinger looks really cool because its based off of the old western style cowboys,the Warrior is like a Swiss army knife,the Esper can use his mind to make almost anything like Green Lantern,and the Stalker can sneak around and from what i saw maybe teleport. So yeah thats basically my conundrum. What do you guys think about all this are you undecided like me or do you know exactly what you want to be in WIldstar
  4. It dawned on me after dealing with someone who did not now what he was doing with a Thief u now who u are that many people coming back may not now there Builds anymore and i feel that we should list our Build and get feedback about them. Skill Calculator: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/ Use this program to make ur build then post it here Here is my Thief :http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fYAQRAqa8YlcmaOXcS5E+JFymCfSo4KkUePALxKs0KwgA
  5. Which class holds the most support and which build is good for it?