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Found 2 results

  1. Nothing happened... Now, I bring this up because somebody has to. A new hacker (and I say that term very loosely) squad calling themselves "Phantom Squad" threatened to bring down PSN and XBL this holiday season... but they didn't. Did they bluff or did XBL and PSN sure themselves this time? Either way, you stupid little boys who think they're cleaver because they think they know how to DDoS after looking it up on google, piss off and stay there. You're not big, you're not cleaver. Lizard Squad were pointless, arrogant pricks who got board of self love having lived without actual love for their whole lives, but at least they succeeded in their pointless act of massive trolling. What does that make phantom squad?
  2. So about ... now 3-4 hours ago... (*double checks*) Do you think the site got DDOSed today or was it just server maintenance? Sometime around 6:00 am - 8:30 am Eastern Standard time, angyjoeshow.com website was down as shown by http://angryjoeshow.com.isdownorblocked.com and similar websites. It of course back up now, but for a while there it was very very odd. I hope the webmaster sees this thread and replies, but I do know that Google's Project Shield (link below) is showing an 6/10 volume on DOS attacks today, which is higher than yesterday. Specifically internal to the US attacks. digitalattackmap.com P.S. Honesty the map by Google Ideas makes more sense when its animated, but I understand why Joe might not want an embed on the site. Edit: Also I am totally embarrased because I swap around the S and J in AJSA. I wish I could fix it >-<;;