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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to mention that during the days that e3 airs, I will be posting a lot of gaming news regarding e3 for xbox one in my pinned topic( gaming news) whenever I can(maybe after e3 has ended) so check them out as soon as you can if you want to before I edit them for a another . Sometimes I don't post the topics as the most recent reply so check out all topics from 1 and so on to see all the different news. I'll try to narrow down to games I am most interested in say top 3-5 such as halo 5, battlefront, gears, doom etc. The e3 hype train is on!
  2. - From Design&Trend http://www.designntrend.com/articles/52792/20150530/nintendo-e3-2015-rumors-leak-new-metroid-super-mario-sunshine-star-fox-wii-u.htm "The speculation comes to Design & Trend via "The Legend Of Zelda" fan site Hiddentriforce. According to the source, a Nintendo representative spilled some advance E3 details to a GameStop employee. Of first major consequence is a new "Metroid" title for Wii U. Nothing else was said about the project, but there are plenty of past rumors to suggest that a new series entry might be in the works. Last month, Design & Trend reported that "Metroid Prime's" Retro Studios was in the process of building a new graphics engine. At the very least, this implies the developer is preparing for a new title. In addition to the "Metroid Prime Trilogy," Retro is also known for creating the modern "Donkey Kong Country" franchise. Samus speculation wasn't this Nintendo leak's only area of focus, however. A few fresh tidbits about "Star Fox" Wii U were also revealed. To expand on the footage that gamers have already seen, the 2015 showcase will debut space and land sequences for the main campaign. Despite being criticized for too much on-foot travel in 2002's "Star Fox Adventures," Nintendo may try to put a new spin on the idea. A multiplayer mode for the game will also be highlighted during E3. The source report says its gameplay premise will be similar to "Star Fox' 64's" Battle Mode but will be retooled for online matches. Last but not least was vague mention of "Super Mario Sunshine 2" for Wii U or 3DS. The rep made the assertion that Nintendo will unveil a new Mario project at E3. In their mind, a sequel to the 2002 GameCube title seemed like the best bet. It's been five years since the last true 3D Mario game was released, so the fans are certainly hungry for it. One thing that's nearly certain is that September's "Mario Maker" will have a major E3 2015 presence. It's unclear whether Nintendo would risk eclipsing the hype for that Wii U exclusive by promoting a "Super Mario Sunshine" sequel alongside it." So, what do you guys think of these rumors?
  3. Since E3 is gonna be next month, I thought I'd make a topic about what do you want to see there. If you want to know what I want see, there's only one thing: Fallout 4
  4. E3 2015 is just a couple of months away and there are a ton of games waiting to be revealed to all of us. What are you guys excited for? Just leave your votes here and leave a comment on why. I'd like to know.