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Found 3 results

  1. Well, woke up this morning to download the patch while I was at school, excited to come back to 1.43..........only to be greeted by This, this, patch has just might as well be the end for me. As you may know, I am more of a pilot, and as I have not tried tanks, but my good times on the dev server definitely show that tanks are amazing now. Planes, however, I always knew this patch was gonna be terrible cause of the BR, but just today here is a list that made me quit, till they add in the extra fixes and stuff. (Mind you, they just realize, and expect for somethings to be broken and buggy, but not to the point where their coding fucks most things.) Top things good about the patch and what makes me quit/ take a break for a while. ( will show up to training and events, but won't play till patch has some little fixes done....let rephrase that, major changes. Good things: 1. Tanks (love tanks there you go, gaijin did a good job there) 2. Plane nerfs and buffs (n1k, bearcat,.....etc Read the patch notes) 3. the little things (example: presets) 4. Some new planes.......well only the lower tier props....cause the jets and broken j7w don;t count. 5. Racing 6. Replay 7. Spectator What gaijin fucked up 1. Year 2000 game coding........one change, breaks the game. 2. ludicrous BR for new aircraft without fixing other BRs.......I knew this would happen, gaijin adding broken ludicrous shit to fix shit never works. 3. My 20$ which 30$ now, p-51 d-20 is broken!!!! I can't even fly it, one of my favorite aircraft in the game, and I can't fly it..... 4. Norway...........climbing to space......bf 110 ai on both sides!!!.....need I say more. 5. The hud....what have you done, why does it say that my engine is over heated on the bottom of screen where it is nearly off and I can't see it. I rely on that for information, why'd you put it there. and why does the model of the aircraft look like a 3 year old with little Photoshop re-sized it so that its messed up and bury. 6.and finally the nail on the coffin, everyone trying to get the new jets.....kill stealing....nasty community....Raging hard....bad league of legend memories. Sure enough I got Gaijined, saw it coming this time, and I ain't the less surprised. Yeh you all can say they waited on this patch to fix things, but when the J7W FM is not even finished, well, I told you so . Taking time to prepare a patch, my ASS. So that's my rant, what do you guys like/ hate about this patch? See yeh guys on Friday if free for all goes, or Saturday and Sunday.
  2. For those who may not wanted to be in the tournament I have some good news. The tank tournament before consisted of an assortment of EU, RU, and US clans. Now Gaijin has gracefully decided that the next tournaments be held in two sections. The East and the West. So now we don't those so called Russian clans, but now have a chance at winning considering our performance in the last tournaments. Is anyone else excited for this! Site thanks to Tobillini: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/176842-information/#entry3353104
  3. So, yeah, I just got the email from Gajin Entertainment. The tanks closed beta is beginning before December 4th. But to get in you have to complete challenges from the air. So yeah, I won't be getting in since I haven't played in ages and couldn't really be bothered to download the game again. http://warthunder.com/en/news/337-Ground-Forces-closed-beta-announcement-en