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Found 15 results

  1. Hey is anybody in the GOI AJSA Army, know what faction are they going too? Because I'm pretty stumped right now, and I'm still waiting to join their crew!
  2. Hello All, If you need an invite to the clan then post your IN GAME NAME here and then go to the Clan Page in game and apply to join. Either myself or my Sargent's will let you in. Please Join our Steam Group as well to get the most up to date information!! AJSAGOI or AJSA Guns of Icarus See you in the Skies Artose
  3. Hello all, This thread is to find Captains to get into the competitive part of Guns of Icarus. We are currently going to start with 4 Captains that will lead the Competitive teams. Captians will lead a single ship that will be part of a unit with other Captians. The Captains must Have a Microphone Be willing to talk with one another Be able to get together with other Captains and practice with their teams on formations Have a good understanding of all the mechanics that the game has to offer. And has decent experience in all classes.There are community skirmish's that happen every sunday at 7pm UST info here: https://gunsoficarus.com/community/forum/index.php/topic,4319.0.html There are also tournaments that happen every few months that we will take part in. These last 4 - 6 weeks. Example of one here https://gunsoficarus.com/community/forum/index.php/topic,3965.0.html Please put your level of the three classes. How many hours you haves spent in game. How many matches you have done.
  4. Hello All, We are gathering data on when our community plays GOI. I want to set up times so that we will hopefully have more people join together and not have just 1 or 2 people on at all times. I want to bring the community closer together and if we can find several times that work for people then hopefully we can have more coordinated matches. Please put the times in UTC time -Artose
  5. Hey guys, we're looking for ideas for fun community events to run in game. Go ahead and shoot out some things you want to do, or have seen done around the community. We're just looking for some rough ideas, so no one has a bad one. Share all that you would like. -Shepard out
  6. Hello All, My name is Artose and I am One Handed. I have been playing games since I was about 2 with my Windows 95. I love RTS's Warcraft 3, Age of Empires 2. Being a poor college student I don't have much money for expensive games. I have played Guns of Icarus since the beginning of this year and love it. I love to have fun and discuss politics or philosophy on my ship so if you want to talk go ahead and jump aboard. I am dyslexic and I will mess up all of your names real or Gamer Tag so you have been warned don't get offended if I butcher it. Here is a list of your slaves for GOI Game Officer Artose Sergeants BlackOpsElf - Second in Command DeadlyScribe Captian Estrata Mr.Bane Niels Juel - Training Officer
  7. ***Disclaimer: This is Not My Guide I copyed it from the GOI fourms Wundsalz from the Guns of Icarus Forums deserves credit*** I just realized that the last gunnery guide in this section is rather outdated. Hence I'd like to pick up Echoez work here and extend it a bit. The gunnery basics will be elaborated here as well as viable ammunition picks for specific weapons. Glossary: arming time: Some weapons, like the Lumberjack or Hades do not deal their secondary damage if their projectile doesn't travel for a certain arming time. The secondary damage is applied to a weapon specific area of effect and is the major damage fraction of any weapon with arming time. Pilots using weapons with arming time should try to keep a sufficient distance to allow their weapons projectile to travel at least for the length of their arming time. The ammunition can alter the arming distance. Lochnagar reduces the arming distance directly by reducing the arming time. Other ammunition types like greased, heatsink and incendiary rounds reduce it indirectly by decreasing the projectile speed which causes the weapons projectiles to travel longer for the same distance. Lesmok rounds increase the arming distance by increasing the projectiles velocity. arming distance: the distance projectiles need to travel to reach their arming time. field of operation: the area in which the weapon can be used. DPS: damage per second hull strip: breaking an enemies armor, making the ship vulnerable for permanent damage. raspberry: breaking an enemies armor, making the ship vulnerable for permanent damage. Symbol explanation: ": This symbolizes Piercing damage, a damage type very effective against enemy ship armor. Armour is the repairable part of a ship's health, you need to take it down before attacking their 'real' health that can not be repaired. Guns with this kind of damage are very good at destroying armour. : Flechette is represented by this symbol, this damage type is extremely effective against enemy balloons, making short work of them. If you take out an a ship's balloon, it will start making a rapid descent towards the ground and of course, impacting the ground will cause the ship to take damage. : This stands for Explosive damage, which is very effective against the enemy ship's hull. The hull is ship's 'real' health as said before, if this goes down, the ship will explode in a majestic display of screws and scrap metal. Weapons with this kind of damage are very good finishers, but are usually not effective against enemy armour, so make sure you wait for the armour to go down before taking your shots, you will know the armour went down when you see a black cloud appear on the enemy ship and black metalic parts falling down. : Shatter damage is very effective against a ship's components, like their engines and guns, this damage type gets an 100% bonus against these components, making guns with that damage type very effective disablers. Aim for the guns and engines to cause some havoc! : This should be pretty obvious, it symbolizes Fire damage which is pretty effective against enemy balloons by itself, though the main use of guns with fire is to ignite the enemy ship's components, putting fire stacks on them that will cause extra damage over time, anything with fire stacks on it is cursed to go down unless extinguished. Guns will also be disabled if 8 or more stacks of fire are applied to them from flames. Use with caution." - Echoez Here's a table summarizing and quantifying the statements about damage types made above: Damage modifier table. Source: GoI homepage, weapon sectionGeneral notes: "Just a short note about something that many people seem to misunderstand, if you want to use a certain ammo type you need to EQUIP it first, that means you have to reload your gun with the appropriate ammo type you want, you can see the ammo types you are carrying at the bottom of your screen when you are manning a gun and you can switch to them by either pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your keyboard or switching through them with the mouse wheel, the ammo you are loading will be highlighted. You can switch ammo types during any time of a reload, only the ammo type you have selected when the reload ends will be loaded in, ALSO make sure you are ON the gun when the reload ends, else the gun will be reset to normal ammo." - Echoez A major aspect of gunnery is the choice of the ammunition. Some ammunition types are chosen to make it easier, or even possible to hit with. E.g. a couple of weapons spread a lot making precise hits impossible unless heavy clips are used. Other weapons projectiles decay quite early, making long range hits impossible. In these cases lesmok rounds can be used to extend the field of operation of the weapon. Other weapons, like the Lumberjack or Hades suffer from arming time. Which can be addressed by ammunition like incendiary rounds of lochnagar shots to increase the weapons efficient field of operation. Last but not least ammunition can be chosen for the purpose of maximizing the damage output of a weapon. Here's a chart illustrating how every ammunition type affects the damage output relative to normal ammunition in %: DPS alterations by ammunition including reload times. The table is based on a damage table created by the ducks (v.0.1.3 for GoI patch 1.3.5)Whoever focuses on gunning on a ship should try to maximize his damage output. Often that can be accomplished by playing as an engineer with a buff kit, rather than as a gunner. Weapon buffs increase the damage output by 20% without any negative side effects. This bonus often outperforms the advantage three different ammo types provide. The most common gunineer loadouts are: wrench, buff, chemspray/extinguisher or mallet, spanner and a buff hammer. Viable gun specific ammunition choices will be discussed in the following posts.
  8. For those of you who were unable to join us during our meeting on Saturday, here's a quick rundown of what you missed. We have a new facebook group and twitter account. We'd like you all to follow us there, if you are able to at all. Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/pages/AJSA-Guns-of-Icarus-Clan/504486779693271 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsagoi We'll be posting news and events there, as well as in the forums and steam groups. If you have any questions pertaining to this, please contact Geze. There is also some new information for all those part of the clan in game. We're adding a new fleet system dynamic, in order to better get a handle on those who are actively playing in game. This is going to work similar to a military hierarchy. We will have admirals, who are the head of fleets. Each fleet will consist of captains who are in charge of specific ship crews. These captains will be in charge of crews and will have some free reign on what they have to do with them. If you do not have an assigned ship, or would like to be a captain, please contact Church Shepard either in game or on the team speak (You can also reach me on twitter @ChurchShepard). Everyone will be a part of a crew. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  9. I sent the request to join the clan about a month ago but nothings happened, how do I join?
  10. We are looking for structuring feedback, what we can do in the future, and overall impression of the event in order to make it better. Please be thorough with your feedback. Please no one sentence answers. We are looking for a good structure in order to make future events go as smooth as possible. Artose
  11. Hello All, The following link will sign you up for the Deadpool Army scrimage that will happen on Saterday at 8pm UTC. You have to have flown with us before and you need to be on teamspeak for the event. Please feel free to sign up with your username and if you are going to attend or not. If you are going to attend we will try to get as many of you to be in as posible but be warned that this clan has some very high level players and wont go easy on us. In order to attend you will need to be sure to listen to the sargents that are going to be in-charge of the event. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hroOkzWRwExc3dckg2PIu816HMPrTA2dlg4J-G76XgI/viewform
  12. The Goldfish. Fast. Small. Sturdy. This is one of the Novice-level ships, and one of the fastest in the game to date. Its small size allows players to get acquainted with the game dynamic and minimizes mistakes. It might seem insignificant due to its size and the three weapons it carries, but familiarity makes it a fearsome opponent. Characteristics The Goldfish is rated 1 Star for Easy. Its strength lies in its Speed. High acceleration allows the Goldfish to dart into combat, and eases escapes from tight spots. Its other strength is a sturdy Hull. It increases the ship's survivability and prevents suicide by ramming larger ships. Its shields and maneuverability are nothing to boast about, and the three weapons can be seen as a disadvantage. Layout The Goldfish is a small, elongated ship with two decks. The lower deck holds the Shield in the center, preety close to the side guns. This allows a main Engineer to man one of the guns when he's not neded elsewhere. At the front lies a Heavy Weapon, not too far from the Shields. To the back, two of the three Engines whirl their proppelers. This low walk can only be accessed from starborad, but parkour allows Engineers to compensate for this limitation. The top deck houses the Balloon just in front of the stairs. This location helps with repairs. The third Engine is located at the end of a long catwalk. It might seem like a disadvantage, but this location helps avoid crippling damage to the engines, as enemies will have trouble hitting all three at the same time, unless they're right behind you. The Rudder sits at the front of the top deck, kinda at the center of the whole ship. This allows for better viewon all directions and makes advancing and retreating easier by not being too far from any tip of the ship. The thin frame of both ship and balloon allow for good overall visibility from preety much everywhere within the ship. Parkour The rear parkour zone begins by the ballon, from where you can jump down on any lower Engine. You can't jump out to the ground (I tried), so learn where the Engines are positioned and jump down atop them. Once you're on the Engines, you CAN jump off the ship, so don't panic and trip, please. One curiosity in this zone is that you can jump from the lower rail to the portside Engine, and from there to the stairs. Also, you can jump from the stairs to the side armor, and then walk back towards the portside Engine. The Rudder parkour is self-explanatory. You are turning the round thing wildly, and then just jump away to the lower deck. Starboard, you'll frequently fall atop the Shield, but you're a couple steps away from repairing it. Portside, you're two steps away from manning the Weapon. It's hard jumping forward to the fore, but you can do it. Specialy if you move slightly portside. Though, I don't know why you'd jump that way..... but you can do it. If you want to feel the wind on your face, there's nowhere better than atop the ceiling of the top deck. Just get into the Balloon pump (and I mean CLIPPING INSIDE THE THING), jump a little starboard atop the rail, then advance to the ceiling and jump two or three times. Then strike a pose. Another amazing place to feel the wind is atop the fore gun or climbing one of the ropes close to it.
  13. I am here to tell the people that are not in the steamgroup to join. It will ping your steam every time we make an announcement or have an event. This will make it so that you are less likely to miss an event. The more people that turn up to the events the better it is for everyone. the group is called: AJSA Guns of Icarus AJSAGOI See you in the Skies Artose
  14. Hello All, I am opening this thread to get some Ideas from the community about event Ideas for Guns of Icarus. If you have any clans that you want to set something up with or any ideas for something fun that we can do together then put it here I will consider them. Please do not post feedback here. Ideas only. Artose
  15. I was looking at the character customization and the challenges and logs, and was wondering what do GoI think about them. Have you bought or are planning to buy a new suit? Are the dyes worth the money? I think it would be awesome to have some screencaps from our characters, to show what can be done aesthetically in this game.