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Found 12 results

  1. The lore behind the Raid known as Crota's End, is interesting to explore. Thankful this man, Sir Wallen connects the dots of this lore for us. A lore you're now apart of. Think of it, the second coming of Crota is near. You stop his soul from becoming free in our reality, but in his realm he still lives. As long as he lives there he won't stop. You dive into the Dark Below, into the Moon's Hellmouth on a mission. A mission you know you might not return. When looking deeper into the lore it starts to no longer show names of great Guardians before you. But instead leave room for your own lore. Your own stories; defeating Crota with merely one blade, defeating Crota by one mere mortal, possibly defeating Crota while he took a knee forever, or defeating him with the best Guardians you put together. A lore that ends with your tale... How did you Bring Forth Crota's End?
  2. Xûr, The Agent Nine is one of the most mysterious and interesting characters within the Destiny universe. Xûr and the Nine he servers are unclear, and barely spoken of. Xûr’s own Grimoire entry gives little, if not any insight to his own being. “Xûr sells objects of legendary power. He accepts his own currency, in service of his own enigmatic goals - or those of equally cryptic masters. Mysterious, too, is the nature of his presence in the Tower. Does he have some arrangement with the Vanguard or the Speaker? Are there those among the Guardian elite who understand Xûr's nature and ultimate purpose? Or have all efforts to control his comings and goings simply failed?” But what of the Nine he serves? What insight do we have on them. Because if we know who the Nine are, maybe we’ll find out more of Xûr. Well the Nine have their own Grimoire entry, and at first glance it confuses you. “The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival. The Nine are deep-orbit warminds who weathered the Collapse in hardened stealth platforms. The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan. The Nine arrived in a mysterious transmission from the direction of the Corona-Borealis supercluster. The Nine are the firstborn Awoken and their minds now race down the field lines of the Jupiter-Io flux tube. The Nine are Ghosts who pierced the Deep Black without a ship and meditated on the hissing silence of the heliopause. The Nine are the aspects of the Darkness, broken by the Traveler's rebuke, working to destroy us from within. The Nine is a viral language of pure meaning. The Nine are the shadows left by the annihilation of a transcendent shape, burned into the weft of what is.” At first glance you question this entry. How could the Nine be bother a warmind and the first Awoken. You question this until you start to count and notice, there are Nine sentences of Nine different things. Each sentence gives us insight on each one of the nine that make up the Nine. With that thought, if this entry has a sentence about one of the nine, Nine. Than that means, one of these entries must give us an answer to Xûr’s possible origin. At this point it’s making the most educational guess, so lets go over some of Xûr’s features. Xûr’s psychical features suggest he’s a being we haven’t seen before. Not a machine or an Awoken.Xûr is an Agent of the Nine, which means he isn’t a Nine.Xûr’s has connections to the Tower that allow him to enter freely.Xûr must have been apart of a group of people who became one of the Nine. There are more, but these are key things to take into account while looking back at the Nine entry. From my own opinion, the first sentence in the Nine entry is Xûr’s origins. “The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival.” A group of colonist who made a pact with an unseen alien race for survival, possibly leading to changing their own features throughout the ages. Do you think my theory is wrong, do you think Xûr is one of the other eight sentences in the Nine entry. While one theory might shade light on Xûr, another question lingers. Who’re the other eight, of the Nine?
  3. Hey guys Lord again with a question for you all: What event would u like to play in next? Currently looking for ideas/feedback from the comuntiy as to what u guys would like to play in for my next hosted event. Currently got some ideas and had some votes/feedback already from the facebook page but need more lol. So now to the thinking stage for our next planned event... A 1v1 Knock out event (weekend event, all ranks welcome from bronze 5 to gold 1) A new 1v1 league (spanning a couple of months and open to all ranks from bronze 5 to gold 1) A 2v2 weekend event (Spilt into 3 groups, base on elo, so 1 gold group, 1 sliver group and 1 bronze group) A 3v3 weekend event (same as the 2v2) A 1v1 4 groups of 4 open event bronze 5 - gold 1 (weekend event) High Tier 1v1 weekender (open to gold 5 - diamond 1 players, will be based on 100cs, first blood, first tower format) ------------------------ Atm from our facebook page it is looking like our next event will be the 2v2 event (which currently has 7 votes towards it compared to 1 vote each for two other events) If 2v2 is the final vote then here is what i have currently planned out: The 2v2 event will be spilt into 3 Ranked groups, Bronze, Sliver and gold and will be league/point based system per group. However if say a gold player wanted to duo with a sliver or bronze player then that would be allowed BUT u would still be placed in the gold group reguardless of the fact ur duoing with someone weaker than gold ranked, its a handicap which u have decided to do to urself. Same also goes for Sliver level players wanting to duo with bronzes, they will STILL be placed in the Sliver group reguardless. Games will be to destory the nexus to win, and will be done in Blind Pick game mode. Map will be Twisted Treeline. I have not yet decided on a date for this event or if it will be a week long thing or just a weekend long deal, will update you all on that in a future update. So yeah lets have some talking about this, are u guys ok with the currently most popular idea of a 2v2 event? or would u perfer something else? let me know here ^^.
  4. Hey im new and wanted to find a few players to play League of legends with, im level 14 on it so yeah message us back
  5. I've recently gotten into the Tribunal and finally picked it up to see if I can contribute a bit to cleaning up the League of Legends community, and it's been apparent from the start of what I've been getting myself into. The League community is known for toxic players and quite frankly it's a fact that comes to the forefront with the Tribunal. I know I'm using the word wrong here, but I can literally feel the brain cells dying off in my head with each letter I read. As a man that likes to read and write on occasion being subjected to line after line of non-existent grammar is painful. Even more is recognizing that in some sad way these runes have been typed away by some lackluster cognizant human much like myself without all the same thought and care. To even further the pain, the 'words' are directed at other human beings. People, actual people. Playing a game, trying to have fun. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ But, to be back on track; the Tribunal. As I've mentioned aside the cess-pool, I'm still rather new. However the cases are dealt with in a kind of popular vote that I can gather. You have two choices - Punish, or Pardon - that either condemn or pass a case as you see fit. Each one presenting you with a number of reports and games in which the player has gone awry and ruined the experience for the other players. There's a line to be had here with many of the cases. (And a desire as well to report every other member of the match for their insults, much less the offenders on top.) Usually there's a set of 5 games of toxicity that you run through spanning anywhere from 1 report to several spanning both teams. There's the option to submit further mention for after-game chat off-record or to direct your attention to specific sections of the chat or behavioral problems exhibited. As someone that wants to clear up the community, I'd be prudent to read everything, mmm? You'd grow to regret this decision after a while, as my above rant in (Spoiler) text displays. However, I tank through it. There are some gems in there that are just too good not to share after the case is filed and judged by the community. I'm simply asking here what your thoughts on the matters are and what are some of the good or hilarious reads that you've found are.
  6. I was just messing about in SAI and created this, hope you enjoy it
  7. Not open.
  8. I am an EUW player but want to get involved with the AJSA tournaments but i see there are only NA server tournaments, this makes me sad
  9. Here is what I've been posting everywhere I can where we could get support , now I come to the Angry Army because I love you guys and I believe we can make a change! I would like to ask everybody to sign the petition and support a whole army of EU players who have been wronged! And if our Lord Commander Angy Joe would like to do a video on the subject I would love to also be a part of it and share my anger with the world and hopefully make Riot Games listen to it's fanbase. One love for the Angry Army <3 . "We deserve compensation ! I've played in the NA server in Season 2 and I remember being compensated for every server crash , this is unacceptable ! I and the whole EU community are devoted players of the game and like any other player we deserve to be compensated for supporting a game that is faulty when it comes to EU servers! You cannot treat us like we are unworthy players! And to people who play in the NA server I would like to ask you to sign the petition as well , we are all one community and I would like to know we support each other. To Riot Games , compensate us , and I don't mean some IP boost for 7 days , I mean RP. We have gotten nothing while you support your NA subscribers with RP for Christmas and every little crash. I think we deserve a big compensation for the last two months because I play from Venlo in the Netherlands and I have upwards of 678 ping in every third game at least two times which disconnects me for 2 minutes and I fall back. The game in it's current state is faulty and it needs fixing , also the players need to be compensated! The next step would be boycotting the game , but I hope it would not go to that extreme , because I do know a big community of players who would move to a different MOBA if such mistreatment of us is still in effect , I will personally see to it that a boycott would be started if we are not compensated." http://www.change.org/petitions/compensation-for-euw-eune-players#
  10. Just curious if there are any others out there with names or surnames related to League. My surname is "Warwick" i just wish Warwick (The Champion) was better.
  11. Looking for some tips on how to be a better support. I am in OCE Bronze I and i have mainly been playing Lulu. I have my support runes and masteries done, i have a general idea of how to play this champion, but warding i fin is a problem for me. I don't know where to ward and at what times. I tend to always ward in bad places, according to my teammates, and when i do ward good the other team has changed focus from, say, dragon to mid lane 2nd tower or are roaming to top. So what im asking is some advice on what to ward and when and also when i should start building the sightstone. I tend to buy normal wads and oracles after i build sight stone aswell.