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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I recently watched a video from a called Digibro. https://youtu.be/59Vw28CrutM His video encouraged me to speak up about my perspective that I believe has been systematically oppressed. I am a black male, and I have vastly different experiences and viewpoints that I want to share. And before anyone used the same tired argument of me being an sjw, encouraging "reverse racism", or not caring about the opinions of burly white guys, let me explain this to you. Half of the people I interact with is white, most of the content I enjoy is made by white dudes, and I always listen to the opinions of white dudes, even the creator of the video is a white dude. I just think that it is time for marginalized people to give their perspectives. Now that thats out of the way, lets start. I see that there is a hugely disproportionate amount of white main protagonists and characters in gaming. And when there is, it just feels like a token inclusion, and/or so that the devs do not look rascist. Here is the deal, while a person's race, gender, and other classification certainly has an impact on how you develop, I fail to see how being black is supposed to be a character trait. For example, look at Jacob Taylor from Mass Effect. He has little to no character, and he is probably the least liked crewmember throughout the game. Well, he is not completely boring since he is the only crewmember to potentially cheat on Shepard, AND knock another woman up. Or how about black characters falling into archetypes that are not fleshed out, such as Angry Black Guy Scary Black Man (not too different from the last) Big Black Guy Magical Negro Black Best Friend Sassy Black Woman Black and Nerdy Uncle Tomfoolery Bald Black Leader Guy (usually ties in with the first three) And who could forget Jive Turkey? You know, like Letitia from Human Revolution? Yep, pretty much one of the few black characters in that game is homeless and illiterate. I know I am going the trite arguments that "you are oversensitive", "make your own", and that it "was not intentional. First off, I am writing a serial with a POC protagonist, so that argument is invalidated. It also does not matter if it is intentional or not either. If I see literally the same clichéd tropes used over and over again, I am going to be just slightly disgruntled. And often times, black artists do exist, but whatever they make is usually seen as a "black product", or that they are trying to push an agenda. Because we all know you HAVE to have a reason to have a POC protagonist (even though you do not for a white one). We will now talk about Uncharted in just under one paragraph (lets see who gets the reference). In the past three Uncharted games, you play as Nathan Drake and his white brigade. A little weird how they are all white with no people of color, but allwhite (get it?). But then you discover that in the games that almost all ethnic minorities. And you who is the Big Bad of the second game who is the boss of them all? A white dude if course. It is a flip in Kingdom Hearts, where the only dark skinned dude is evil. But then when people like me point out these tropes, and without most of us demanding them to change, I am either branded as an SJW, called a rascist, get yelled at for "pushing an agenda", censored, or that they are "appealing to a wider audience". First off, blacks and hispanics are the largest ethnic demographics that play video games. It also turns out that the largest demographic overall is adult women at 36%. And again, when common sense is being spoken, white dudes go on and on about how they are totally not rascist, and that they should not be discriminated against, or ignored. Because it always comes down to how white guys feel, right? All of those marginalized folks on this forum, I want you to step up and speak from your perspective. And that if course goes for the white dudes too, just make sure you listen and consider as much as you speak. EDIT: Forgot to include this link. https://deadline.com/2015/03/tv-pilots-ethnic-casting-trend-backlash-1201386511/
  2. Peasant human city

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    By forced perspective, I'm as big as Divinity's Reach.

    © SgtMerrick