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Found 2 results

  1. You know what to do, I'll start.
  2. If you're new to PS2 and you're going to play with the AJSA (or at all) for your very first time, you might want to read this first. I'm up for helping newbs. EU evenings, if I have time on my hands. What the fuck is Planetside 2? PS2 is an MMOFPS that can be described as a massive perpetual match of the popular conquest FPS game mode. Each map is many square kilometers across and features more than a dozen outposts and bases. There are three in total: Indar, Esamir and Amerish. Indar is a desert continent with a lot of mesas, canyons and ridges, with the occasional forest / savannah biome to the south and a few mountains. Esamir, the ice continent, features much more open terrain with low hills and slopes, a frozen river, ice stalactites and only the occasional mountain. Amerish, on the other hand, is a very lush, temperate continent with almost nothing but mountains and forests, which pose a significant threat to aircraft and a constant challenge to drivers. A fourth continent, the central swamp land of Hossin, is in development and will be released in a few months. The three continents are connected via warp gates, big home bases that are protected by huge shield bubbles. Anyone can switch continents at their globe consoles inside the main building. However, opposing factions have no way to enter or shoot through the warp gate shields. To prevent camping, every warp gate was also granted a selection of powerful turret towers. With Hossins release, the warp gates might be replaced by three-way mini-regions. From the warp gate, there are conquest lines stretching the entire continent. These serve to potentially focus battles on all bases instead of only a few and force players to plan assaults before “zerging” randomly. Thus, before you capture a region, you must own at least one region whose conquest line leads to the one you want to take. If you do not own this adjacent region, you can neither take capture points nor overload shield generators. At time of writing, Amerish still hasn't been subjected to the conquest lane system and still features the old conquest methods. To capture a base on Amerish, you only need any adjacent base. Speaking of capture, to actually take a base you technically need only do one thing: Take more than half of the capture points and hold them for a bit. Most bases only have one (A), but there are also bigger ones that feature up to four (A,B,C,D). There are four major types of bases: Minor outposts that have no special features, Major Outposts that can have aircraft or heavy tank spawn consoles, Tower outposts that have both (high strategic value!) and Main bases. Main bases are Biolabs, Tech Plants and Amp Stations. Each of them are big enough to have their own set of 2-4 sub bases. These sub bases don’t only serve to grant the conquest lines to the main base but also feature installations like teleporters or jump pads that make capturing the main base so much easier. They are often defended by individual vehicle shields. Main bases also have a multitude of shield generators. In contrast to pain shields, which protect spawn buildings from enemy fire but can be shot through by the owning faction, vehicle shields prevent both sides from shooting through them with heavy artillery (not: rifles, carbines, pistols, etc). They also do not prevent enemy infantry from getting in. A third kind of shield is the main base shield, which only allows friendly infantry and vehicles through, but blocks fire from both sides. Lastly, SCU shields protect Spawn Control units (which power the main spawn room) and only allow friendly infantry and outgoing fire. Each set of shields can and should be deactivated. Vehicle Shields have one generator each, main base shields are powered by two generators and SCU shields automatically deactivate once the base is at least halfway captured. Pain shields disappear once the SCU has been destroyed, since that also disables the enemy spawn. These generators are located all across the facility to prevent the defenders from camping the interior. So, in order to capture a main base, you usually need to: Move in a tank column and create spawn points for your teamDeactivate the Vehicle shields blocking your way by overloading and guarding the generators until they blow upMove your vehicles inside the base courtyardOverload and destroy the main base shieldsMove on the capture point(s), take it and hold it until the base is halfway cappedOverload and destroy the SCU. This entirely disables the enemy spawn room.Finish capping and clear out the baseRepair all generators before you move out. Tech Plants enable your faction to spawn heavy tanks at connected bases, provided they have the appropriate console. Biolabs give a global healing bonus and Amp station provide far more resources than any other base. Bases can also house a couple of turrets, towers and curtain walls in addition to the regular installations (spawn, cap point, transport vehicle terminal). Examples of these are The Bastion, Quartz Ridge or The Stronghold. Taking these tends to be time intensive, not necessarily because of the turrets but because of their strategic importance as way stations to major conquest targets. There are other, frequent choke points such as The Traverse on Esamir, which happens to be the critical bridge outpost to push north/south. Another is The Crown, partly for its strategic significance as an air base and central location, partly for its famed history of being almost impossible to capture (Like, 6-hours-meat-grinder-impossible. EU Game Officer DestroyNickFenton is a great fan). The Ascent (!) and Scarred Mesa Skydock share (not entirely without reason) similar reputations of being a major pain to take. Conversely, focal and easy-to-capture bases like Rust Mesa Outlook, The Palisade, East Canyon Checkpoint, Haven Outpost, NC Arsenal, Crimson Bluff Tower and Vaemar Logging Company usually change hands at least once or twice per hour. Ti Alloys Inc. and the Allatum Bothany Wing are especially well known for their high traffic due to their proximity to The Crown. If you are looking for a fight, the bridge between Ti Alloys and The Crown has possibly seen the most blood out of any other location in game. Examples of minor bases: Palos Solar Array, Stillwater Watch, Highroads Station. Examples of major bases: Auraxis Firearms Corp, J908 Impact Site, Scarred Mesa Skydock. Examples of tower bases: The Crown, Saerro Listening post, The Ascent. Examples of main bases: Mani Biolab, Peris Amp Station, Mao Tech Plant. At times, it may happen that you receive “Alerts”. Alerts are mini-events that confront you with an objective like taking a continent entirely, capturing all nine Biolabs (lol!) or taking over all [insert main base here] on [any continent]. For the love of god, do not concern yourself with main bases during continent capture alerts unless you have a MASSIVE population advantage. They take WAY too long to cap for WAY too little ground taken in relation to the smaller bases with larger hex influence. The rewards for winning an alert are kind of significant. 10.000 XP with an additional 2.000 for participation, which roughly translates to 50 certs. If the alert is not completed by the time the timer runs out, each faction will only be awarded a fraction of the 10.000 reflecting their progress at the end of the alert. Usually, though, the constant 20% XP bonus on the continent in question makes for much better progress. Things to Buy / Cert into If you're not sure what to cert, these are always a good decision! --- Sunderer AMS - GET THIS ASAP! SPAWN BEACON - SUPER IMPORTANT Flares Rotary and Hellfire Rocket Pods for Mossie Skyguard for Lightning Mine guard and racer chassis for tanks Walker AA turrets and Halberd/Bulldog turrets HE and AP tank turret variants Acquisition timers for Sunderer, Mossie, Prowler and Flash. Snow, forest and sand camo for guns, armor and vehicles Forward Grip, Compensator and, if available, Soft Point Ammo for any gun you plan on using. HS/NV Scopes for firearms - If you're thinking of engaging at ranges where the HSNV fails, you should probably be a sniper get closer anyway, you tosspot! Thermal vision for vehicle weapons - Not as much range as night vision, but much more contrasting colours. Nanoweave armor - Forget the situational shit, it all boils down to time to kill (TTK). More HP = More surviving. That simple. Everything else provides too little of a bonus or is just a gimmick. If you enjoy being dead with more grenades on you, knock yourself out, but you'll still be dead. Frag Grenades - Flashbangs and smokes are nice but situational, use them only if you know what you're doing. Medikit - If you need health, you either need it RIGHT FUCKING NOW or you can wait until you find a medic. Forget regen kits. NS-44 - This sidearm is entirely boss. The TX1 Repeater is still really good, though. Especially if you can't aim for shit. NS-7 - If you do decide to get it, it's a great weapon for any class. Just remember it's an SMG! --- ROLE POINTERS These tips will help you succeed while on ops. Read them, understand them, remember them. --- ASSHOLES SPIES / INFILTRATORS Alright, fine. FINE. I’ll do a section on spies. Stop your whining; just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here we go: Infiltrators (also called spies) are the snipers in Planetside 2. Because that, in itself, is a very boring and frustratingly ineffective activity, he has a bunch of actually useful gear that you should use if you choose to play infiltrator. This means that you should use that gear only and stop sniping! Seriously, it does literally nothing except delay a single enemy for about 20 seconds, which any heavy could have done just as well. Anyhow, the infiltrators most #SWAG ability is cloaking. This makes the user invisible to thermal and night vision scopes. Also, the character model itself becomes translucent, with only the model borders being kind of visible as distortions in the air. You can still detect an infiltrator running through your base if you are observant, but it is still extremely easy to just overlook them and you can’t spot them to the rest of your team while they’re cloaked. This frequently results in hilariously confusing Teamspeak conversations (Hey guys, hey guys listen, listen up guys! Theres an OH MY GOD HE FUCKING KILLED ME HE’S ON THE SECOND FLOOR IT’S A SPY GUYS HE’S GOING TOWARDS THE THINGIE WATCH OUT GUYS HE’S CLOAKED HE JUST KILLED ME HE HAS AN SMG GUYS CAN I GET A REZ PLZ?), so if you do report an infiltrator, keep it short and precise or just say something a long the lines of “An enemy spy is in the base.”, because by the time we get to their last known locations, you better believe he’s now looking at that location through the scope of his sniper rifle. In short, as an infiltrator, use your cloak and always, always, always carry an SMG because SMG spies are super OP if done right. There are a couple of strategies to harass as an infiltrator, but I won’t go too far into these as it doesn’t necessarily help the team and I don’t want you to turn into a freeloader. However, do remember to place your proximity mines near key points (like capture points, spawn points, congested stairs, generators etc). That can help immensely in the defense or recapture of a base. Conversely, there are a few ways in which you can be of help to your team directly. You can hack. To do this, step up to any enemy terminal and press and hold E. After a few seconds, the console will switch to TR control and we will be able to use it. You will also get XP for this. A second strategy is the proximity sensor, a small dart you can fire that immediately makes all enemies within its range visible on the minimap. This is very useful and can make the difference between wining and losing, especially when surveying your flanks or the aforementioned key points. A final note on cloaky flashes: they might clear out a congested enemy sundie, but overall they’re not as effective as you might think. Cloak. Spot. MIne. Recommended certs: Either the hacking or the sensor device upgrade. Getting the sensor is probably the better idea. Cloaking is acceptable but not as useful to the team. You also want to pick the EMP grenade over the Decoy, simply because the decoy is apparently buggy ATM. Then again, neither is a particularly great grenade. Get the proximity mines. Recommended weapons: The Armistice and Hailstorm SMGs are both good. As for sniper rifles, if you absolutely must have one, there are many favorable reviews of the Rams .50, so I would suggest you go for it, although I have almost no experience with any sniper rifle. Remember you have a knife. --- LIGHT ASSAULT - LASS Light Assault is exactly that- a ~light assault~ class. You're squishy, alright? You won't kill a MAX head on; actually, you probably wouldn't even kill a heavy. Anyhow, as a LASS, your weapons will generally have a decent damage per second (DPS), a high Rate of Fire (ROF), a short reload timer and mediocre range and accuracy. You're great at shooting people from behind, above, the side, below- any place from where they can't see (read as: shoot, spot) you. And guess what? You've got a handy tool for that. It's called a JETPACK. It allows you to fly by holding down the space bar. Amazing, right? Yes, yes, very amazing. Now, what you want to be doing is use the roof of a building, not the door, okay? That means you leave the rushing of baddies to people who know what the fuck they're doing heavy assaults. You pick off people who don't expect to get shot. That means engineers and medics. Nothing is more funny than a MAX without heals, helplessly flailing around like a big bunch of useless scrap metal. Except bad snipers (Haha, that's actually tautological, geddit? Bad Snipers?!). Anyway, when you're not messing with the enemy's backbone, you should be using your C4. If you don't know what that is, you're bad and should feel bad that's no problem! It's a package of explosives. Not only can it be used in all kinds of hilarious ways to blow up your friends' Mosquitoes, It happens to be especially great at taking out enemy vehicles. They all have weak spots (rear), but if you don't know them (even though you should because I just told you), just use two in place of one. Actually, use three. And bring a friend with more. To sum it up: Fly to hard to reach areas (Or generators!) Pick off essential personnel Go nuts with C4 Recommended Certs: Jepacks - Don't use the drifters, nobody needs them. Recommended weapons: The TRAK-5 is an all-around great gun. I've heard good things of the Uppercut and the Jaguar, too. --- MEDIC Medics are possibly the most useful class in game. Medics can heal and revive others with their med tool. Hey, go back and read that again. Yes, that means they are an incredible force multiplier and a squad with two competent medics won't technically need a Sunderer. Anyway, if you're playing a medic, I love you you are doing it right. What you should be doing is constantly checking the minimap for heal requests and dead buddies. In doing this, you will quickly gain ~mad certs~ and ~mad props~, as everyone in your squad will know your name and instantly like you. Also, you're helping out your team. Sounds great, right? But wait, there's more! You also get an ability that quickly heals yourself, revive grenades (because why the fuck not) and you can still carry guns AND C4! Whaaat?! Why the heck aren't you playing as medic yet? Oh, that's right, because your guns would suck and your KD would look like ass. Well, life's tough, innit? Heal people (Seriously!) Don't die Don't try to be a heavy assault Recommended Certs: Med tool - OH MY GOD PUSH THIS CERT HARD. If your tool sucks, you will only revive people at 25% health and they will want to slap you for it. Ungrateful fucks, I know. Revive Grenade - Infinitely more useful than a heal grenade. Nano Regen - Pretty neat. You don't need to waste time getting your med kits out this way. Remember you glow in the dark while you use this. Triage and C4 are kinda secondary for medics, but you can get them if you seriously have certs to waste (YOU NEVER HAVE). Recommended weapons: As you want to be close to the people who die a lot, you want to carry a close range weapon. A shotgun like the Uppercut or any SMG will do the job. --- Engineers Engineers are pretty cool guys. As far as their role goes, they are very similar to medics in that their repair tool makes them a big asset to any team. There's not much left to say on the class, really. They repair stuff. Oh, and they have some pretty sweet looking turrets that are unnecessary in almost every situation, so don't buy those. What you should be getting, however, are tank mines (not Claymores, those are for assholes) and ammo packs. it can be critical to mine a road in advance when you know an enemy zerg is coming. If you're fighting outside of a base (usually on a forward position like a hillside or dune), ammo packs are also a godsend, especially to heavies and their rocket launchers! Lastly, you might not know this, but only engineers can ~heal~ MAXes. They can't revive them, though. You'll need a medic for that. Stupid, I know, but hey. Repair people (Seriously!) Don't die (protip: stand at the side of allied tanks as you repair them so they don't run you over by accident. The side facing away from the enemy, obviously.) Don't try to be a heavy assault DEPLOY YOUR PACKS AND MINES OH MY LORD DONT FORGET THIS IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT !!!ONEELEVEN! Recommended Certs: Rep tool - See Med tool. Not quite as important as the med tool is for the medic, but since it is your main role, this should be a no-brainer, right? RIGHT?! Ammo Pack and Tank mines - Yesplease. Turrets, Claymores, C4 and Sticky grenades are a big MEH on the engy. Get them last, if at all. Recommended weapons: See medic. TRAK-5 or similar rifles also acceptable. --- Heavy Assault - HASS Heavy assaults are the class you want to be playing the most. They have a lot of HP and do tons of damage, nuff said. As a heavy, you will be doing the hard work while all other classes sit back and snigger at you behind your back because you're the big dumb work horse. But that's alright, we need you! Just don't listen to the voices inside your head telling you to shoot your allied spies, okay? They just don't know any better. After all, your KD is off the charts while theirs sucks, so you must be a better person, right? You're the hero and you know it, so go out there and shine, buddy! One important thing to remember is that you have an ability called "Overshield". This allows you to take more damage than usual. You will want to make it a force of habit to hit that F button any time you think you might get shot at. It will give you the edge in almost any fight. Might even win you a couple 2v1s and 3v1s, too. I'm not joking, people can be hilariously bad at times. You are also the only class apart from the MAX that is inherently good at killing tanks, because you carry rocket launchers (MURCA!). My advice for handling rockets is not to fire them unless you know you're going to hit your target, because they tend to leave traces that will give your position away. They also have pretty terrible bullet drop. Be on the front line. Distance is cool, but don't snipe. Nobody likes snipers. USE YOUR OVERSHIELD Recommended Certs: Concussion Grenade - BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU TOSS THIS OH MY LORD Nanite Mesh Generator - Surprise element. Adrenaline Shield is too situational. Resistance Shield can be acceptable. Recommended weapons: I was very fond of the T9 ACGV and I still love the TMG-50. The Chaingun can be great (Ask craigr910 about how to use it), the other guns are mostly okay. You probably wont need any SMGs or Shotguns, though. --- MAX LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WAIT WHAT RATATATATAATATATATATATATATAATATATAATATATAATATATAATATATAATATA BANG BANG PEW PEW PEW MUH FREEDUUUUUUHMS Recommended Certs: Lockdown - BLAP BLAP BLAP BLAP BLAP Acquisition Timer - This is actually useful during ops. Flak Armor - The one thing that can kill you are other MAXes, rocket launchers and tanks. Get this and you're golden. Unless you're stupid. In that case, I don't know what to tell you. Recommended weapons: Against Infantry: Mercy > Fracture > Burster = Pounder Against Tanks: Fracture > Pounder > Burster Against Aircraft: Burster > Fracture Against Other MAXes: Onslaught > Fracture = Mercy > Pounder --- Other helpful tips Gief healz Voice chat is bad Follow waypoints Grenades are bouncy. Watch the road for mines Shaddap when boss is talking Aim down your sights, that's why you have them! Don't fight at Biolabs, tech plants and Amp stations during continent capture alerts SPOT SHIT USING Q. I DONT KNOW HOW I CAN STRESS THIS ENOUGH. NOT SPOTTING KILLS PEOPLE! Oh, by the way, spotting makes you flash on the enemies' minimap! Weee! Aircraft (Also: How to fly in PS2) In order to fly well in PS2, you will need the following keys: Space Bar Pressing and holding this makes you continuously rise in the sense of "upwards from the pilot's point of view". This means your aircraft will always try to go ~up~, so if you're flying upside down, you will actually ~fall~, geddit? I found that keeping this pressed most of the time will keep you much more stable. In fact, I can't imagine flying without holding space bar. It will keep you rising constantly, so you can occasionally tilt your nose downwards to bomb some fools without having to worry about crashing. If you were having trouble with how your aircraft constantly keeps sinking on its own, using the space bar you can now technically hover forever. It also makes your aircraft much more maneuverable. For instance, if you're running away from an enemy Reaver/Scythe, chances are you don't want to fight them or you can't. The only certain (and also hilarious) way to get rid of enemy interceptors is making them crash. You do this by flying through very narrow spaces like Amerish forests, Esamir Ice spikes or Indar canyons. Holding space bar here will make you turn incredibly fast, since it automatically makes you go slightly in the direction you're going as long as you're not yet perfectly aligned (read as: Nose tilted downwards). It also makes you move away from anything ~below~ you, even if that is only a tree you just turned away from which is now "below" your aircraft, making you turn faster. In short, using your space bar makes flying a lot easier. Try it. W and S Your W and S keys will accelerate and decelerate you, respectively. In general, you always want to be moving (Hint: Dumbfire missiles kill people), so remember to keep pressing W if you’re not comfortable getting fancy with the mouse yet. Also, keep in mind to slow down when you’re flying low, especially when landing. There is some tolerance, but aircraft have a tendency to asplode if you rub them too much. A and D Your A and D keys will make you ~turn~ in a sense that you will turn on the spot, but only if you’re at a certain altitude (min. approx. 10m above ground). This is a very slow maneuver that can (and should!) be pulled off much faster with the mouse, but it is useful when starting or landing on pads and it looks super cool. You might want to use these while in Warpgates when it is crowded. LCtrl LCtrl is pretty much the exact opposite of the space bar. It will make you sink, as in, move in the direction of your aircrafts belly. This is in no way as important as the space bar, but it is useful in a few situations. First of all, it helps immensely with emergency (not: crash) landing. Slow down, hover about 10-20m above ground, hold LCtrl. It might be a bumpy maneuver, but your aircraft will stick to the ground like glue after sliding a bit. Be careful if your HP are low, you might take some damage. Holding LCtrl will also stabilize upside-down flight, if, for whatever reason, you need to do that. And lastly, if you or someone else did a dumb and you are now upside-down, skitting across the ground inside the warpgate, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holding LCtrl and tilting your aircraft to either side strongly using the mouse can unflip you. Probably not in a Galaxy, but Mossies? Yup. F and LShift These are your default abilities. Actually, I lied. Flares (F) have to be certed into, but you should do that before you take off. Why? Because anyone that’s half decent with a missile launcher will shoot you down in 10 seconds flat, that’s why. Anyhow, your Flares and your Afterburner (LShift) will both save your life a lot. Flares will shake any lock (HASS missiles as well as Rocket pods), but they won’t make you invisible to flak. Afterburners are not just useful for faster travelling but can also mean the difference between escaping flak fire or producing more scrap metal that magically disappears after a few seconds. If you plan on flying a lot, those are really good certs you want to be looking at. Some hints on flares: They take about 20-30 seconds to reload, so don’t fly back into a warzone after shaking the first lock unless you want to die. Furthermore, don’t pop your flares until your enemy has actually fired a missile that is tracking you. You will get additional audio feedback once that happens. If you flare prematurely, haha sex joke there’s no knowing whether or not you might have shaken the lock just by flying straight. Wait, what? That’s because missile launchers require a few seconds of keeping the crosshairs on your aircraft to fully lock on. These “locks” can still be broken by circling around a mountain, but more frequently they will break because you simply flew somewhere the enemy can’t see you (buildings, trees in the way, etc). If you flare right away, you will have wasted you joker and your opponent will still be able to lock you when the effect wears off. It is always better to see if you need to flare before you do. E E stands for Eject. Don’t do this. Ever. Mouse The mouse is the central instrument for maneuvering your aircraft. Even though you could in theory fly exclusively by using your keyboard, you shouldn’t. The mouse lets you tilt your aircraft forward (Bombing and shooting, also checking the surface below) and backward (Gaining altitude, duh), as well as perform barrel rolls. This part is pretty straightforward, actually. Once you understand how to use the space bar, you will truly come to love flying in PS2. There are two things in particular you can do with mouse movements. 1) You can do super cool, fast and instant barrel rolls to display your ~m4d sk1llz~ or simply to express your happiness with your general situation. Doing these frequently also helps to keep your brain focused on the controls. 2) In combination with the space bar, tilting movements with the mouse help unbelievably much in banking and turning. To turn on a dime, simply roll 90° to either side, slam down and hold the S key and pull your mouse back hard while rolling back up to level out your aircraft. The scientific term for this maneuver is “OSHIT SURPRISE ROCKET BUKAKKE (OSRB)”. Advanced tips Mosquito equipment Before we go into this, I think you need to understand the Mosquito's role in the greater picture. It is not a floating doom fortress. It is a fast, nimble glass cannon. That being said, it can also be a taxi, infantry cover, meat shield or dinner table, depending on your creativity. Its main use, however, is AA support, with anti ground defense as a side role. To excel in these roles, there are a couple of things it needs, some areas where it's good and some where it's bad. For example, it is the second best interceptor of the three, the Scythe being a dedicated dogfighter, the Reaver being... well, shit. Anyway, making the Mossie work isn't always easy. It doesn't have a dedicated Anti-Tank weapon and it is really flimsy. However, it is very fast and carries a lot of ammo. The slim hull and hitbox are also a big plus. Now, what do you want as far as equipment goes? All of the following are great choices: Rotary main weaponHellfire rocket podsFlaresDogfighting airframe The most important of the four is probably the rotary gun. It tears infantry, flashes and enemy interceptors to shreds. You don’t even need the anti-Infantry turret. Be wary of the high ROF, though. Your clip will be empty within very few seconds. The Hellfire pods are the most used secondary weapon for the Mosquito. If you don’t know them, Hellfire rockets are air-to-ground weapons, carrying dumbfire rockets. These bad boys will 2-4 hit any infantry unit (except MAXes) and feature quite a bit of AOE splash damage. There are air-to-air rockets as well, but they work in the same way as the heavies’ launcher. Once you have the flying skills necessary to track a Scythe long enough at high speeds to lock it and a high tolerance of frustration in regards to enemy flares, by all means, go ahead and use this. I usually stick to Hellfires because the rotary mostly AAs well enough. Galdropping, Galbombing First off, this should only be relevant to Squad leaders and veterans. Flying a Galaxy is similar to flying a Liberator, but it requires massive amounts of experience and care to foresee AA threats due to the Galaxys inability to escape any fight. The Gal is much less forgiving than a Lib or a Mossie and requires high piloting skill to use effectively and safely during ops. If your Gal is caught by a Skyguard Lightning, a MAX, a tank column with AA turrets, AA Phalanx turrets or, god beware, enemy interceptors, you’re going to have a very hard time surviving. Oh, and if you get trollflipped or are otherwise forced to abandon your pimped out Gal, you will probably not be able to pull another one for a long time. As such, leave the pulling and piloting of these to people who know their shit. Unless you’re one of those people. In that case, read on. I’ll assume you know how not to get killed. Galdropping is easy in theory. If you want to drop off your squad over an enemy base (or indeed any base at all), make sure you are positioned right above a favorable position. Nothing messes a drop up like an enemy tank column you didn’t see. Multi-story buildings are especially great because your buddies can just pick off the opposing campers form above without having to get dirty. To make sure everyone gets out, hit Page Down and lock your vehicle to everyone. This will eject any passengers you are carrying, including dumbass AFKers who shouldn’t be rolling with you anyway. Don’t forget to unlock it again, though! Once you have blown your load, find a quiet spot to touch down and hide, lest you be spotted and shot out of the sky while waiting on your ground team. Galbombing is the most magnificent art of actually using the expensive guns you bought for your happy space whale. After dropping your squad off, at least two gunners should remain with you to man the turrets. Ideally, you will have purchased two bulldogs (Thermal Scopes!) and two walkers (any magnifying scope works), giving you an even chance against ground and air targets alike. Now, get close to the enemy base and let your mates support your squad. Remember not to stay still for too long (Missiles!) and keep in mind that your gunners are to your sides. Always turn the cockpit away from the enemy and feel free to give them instructions on where the targets are. Dogfighting and evasive maneuvers Perhaps the most difficult thing you will have to do as a pilot is fighting another aircraft. This is very dependant on the situation and the environment, balance of power etc., so I can only give you a few rough pointers. First of all, you want to be using your rotary, not your Hellfires. It will seem like a good idea, but, take my word for it, you won't hit for shit. Rocket pods are way too slow, so they can't hit an aircraft that's trying to outmaneuver you. A rotary gun, on the other hand, will. Also, bank. Bank hard. Don't try fancy spirals and barrel rolls. The farther you go in your evasion without turning around to fire, the easier it wil be for your enemy to track you. Keep close. Space bar comes in handy here. Furthermore, if you're trying to run from a missile, you're doing it wrong. Simply dive and pulse your afterburners. When you get close to the ground, pull back up as late as you can. Leveling out your plane and flying low might still work. In doing this, you are misdirecting the missile into the ground. This works about half the time. Also possible with cliff sides and the like. Evading flak gunners is a bit tricky. Their guns need to reload, but they can't be jammed and they can immediately correct their aim if they see it's off. With this in mind, don't think you're safe if you're not getting hit. he might just be reloading or reaiming. The most surefire way to get to safety is to figure out where the AA is coming from and building up transversal velocity. This means flying in an arc that makes it almost impossible to aim for you due to a combination of weird angles and high speed. Think of it this way: if someone comes straight at you, it's easier to shoot him than if he was running around you in circles. Liberator belly flak (AKA Pr0lib) The Pr0lib is a move I've fallen for a few times. In this case the liberator crew uses the Lib's secondary turret as a heavy flak, flying upside down and lobbing grenades at a chasing interceptor in hopes of OHKOing it. If you're chasing a Lib and it suddenly flips upside down, consider breaking off and coming back in from a different angle. If you want to keep chasing the Lib, use space bar and LCtrl to avoid getting hit. Whatever you do, do not fly straight. What is this tankery? Thoughts on armored warfare. Planetside 2 features 5 ground vehicles; 2 tanks, and 3 transport craft. While the transports can be pulled from any vehicle terminal belonging to your faction, tanks require an advanced station found only in main bases, towers, sub bases and a few specialized outposts. Next up, we’re going through all the TR ground vehicles, so get ready to take notes. Flash The Flash is the weakest of all vehicles. It’s basically a transport quad with two seats, a grenade launcher slot and no protection against incoming bullets. It is pretty fast but also very loud, so don’t think you can use it to sneak inside enemy bases just like that. Or can you? Infiltrators can use a cloaking device for the Flash, enabling it to randomly appear at enemy spawn points and cause screams of horror as the tacked-on Fury grenade launcher detonates everyone in range (Confirming, unnecessarily of course, that all infiltrators are good for is stealing kills and farming certs. Fuck spies!). However, apart from the Cloak+Fury trick and roadkilling people, the Flash has next to no combat capabilities worth mentioning. Its only real use is getting you from one location to another. Don’t try to invade a base with a flash mob (Tee Hee), bring a Sundie instead. Harasser Harassers are similar to Flashes in that they can be hurt by any weapon in the game and they are about as fast. And that’s where the similarities stop. A Harasser buggy has one more seat, protects two of three crew members from bullets, is much easier to control than the Flash and packs a lot more of a punch. As the name suggests, it is very hard to hit a Harasser with pretty much anything that is not a regular firearm, provided it has a competent driver. If it does get hit, however, it will become harder and harder for the crew to stay alive, since nothing kills a Harasser as fast as a big cloud of smoke. Except maybe an AP round. A popular and effective tactic is getting a medic, an engineer and an AA MAX in one Harasser, equipping it with a Halberd or Vulcan AT turret and Vehicle stealth/Shield diffusor and then rape enemy tank columns from behind. Sunderer The last of the transports and arguably the most useful and versatile vehicle in game, the Sunderer is a 12-seat bang bus rolling fortress with turrets. While it is most frequently used as a mobile spawn and resupply point (AMS-S Upgrade, 50 certs, GET IT NOW), it can also provide ammo to nearby vehicles, repair them or break through enemy vehicle shields with the shield diffusor. Even though the Sundie can assume many roles, it is also the most expensive ground vehicle and has the second longest cool down period of any vehicle in game (Galaxy having the longest), so make sure you mean it when you pull this. It offers a wide variety of turrets, from the stock dual Basilisk AA guns over Bulldog AT, Walker and Ranger AA to Kobalt AI guns. These will, of course, be crewed by your passengers. Make sure these guys know what they’re doing. You won’t believe how fast you can get yourself and your mates killed by one retard deciding it would be a good idea to randomly shoot at enemy aircraft at night, alerting everyone and their mom to the specifics of your location and turning your merry 12/12 ride into an XP piñata in short order. When deploying your AMS Sundie ( , make sure it is well hidden. This either means parking it behind a rock formation the enemy can’t easily get to, or leaving it 200-400m behind the front line. Remember, it’s often your only nearby spawn point and any Engy/LASS/HASS can take it out with the explosives they carry. Lightning The Lightning tank is a pretty generic single-seated combat vehicle. The stock turret performs well enough against infantry and transports but you’re shit out of luck you won’t win any fights against other tanks. Depending on whether you prefer a more AI, AT or AA approach, you should move on to the HE, AP and Skyguard variants of the turret respectively. The Lightning in and of itself is fast and agile, but will usually be outperformed by any Main Battle Tank (MBT) due to their superior firepower and health. With this in mind, the only two roles the Lightning can reliably fill is Anti-Infantry and dedicated Anti-Air, the Skyguard being the most scary AA turret save for twin burster MAXes in lockdown. However, even though the Lightning sucks against other tanks, you will frequently be stuck with it since you can’t pull a Prowler unless you own a Tech Plant or are at the warp gate. Prowler The more you play, the more you will realize how weird this tank is. The Prowler, like all MBTs, has two seats and rocks a main turret along with a secondary turret. However, unlike the Magrider and Vanguard, it has a double barrel, allowing it to miss once per salvo at the cost of reduced damage per bullet. This is very much in line with other TR weapons, but apart from the obvious benefits of having a second round, it requires you to hit twice every time in order to apply serious damage, which may discourage newer players. Furthermore, it is neither the fastest nor the slowest tank, and has ~okay~ HP. One issue you will find with the Prowler is that it is easily outperformed by Vanguards (NC being the dedicated armor faction) but also hardly hits Magriders due to their superior speed. Additionally, it is even more vulnerable to enemy infantry than the other two MBTs, since it lacks the Vanguards shield and the Magriders mobility. As a result, Prowler drivers often find themselves outclassed in bigger engagements. One instance where it does shine, however, is bombardment and AI. The deployment ability buffs its ROF significantly, which leaves it at a comfortable 2-2.5 times as high ROF than any other MBT. Combine this with a Thermal scope and reload speed on your HE turret and you plow through enemy infantry like a hungry American (haha, another tautology) does through burgers, and that’s not even factoring in the potential outcome of adding a Bulldog secondary turret. Just make sure you get all of them before they start lobbing missiles at you. Even AA is possible with this setup (within limits…), using a Walker or ranger secondary. Advanced tips Make sure you have read the entire post before you come here. I’m assuming you know all of the above! Nobody ever has enough certs. Even if it’s Nanoweave Armor Lv. 5, you can always use more unlocks. But, as we’re all painfully aware, farming certs takes time. Luckily, you are in the favorable position of being an AJSA member, with a couple of veterans at your side to help you. The following hints and techniques were compiled by the top ranked players within the outfit for you to employ. KD whore edition 1) Use your grenades to scare people out of hiding. Just throw it in a building you suspect has enemies hiding in it and see what transpires. This works especially well on noobs camping in generator buildings during big battles. Don’t expect the grenade to do all your work for you, though; a seasoned player will be able to judge whether he actually needs to run. If he’s hiding behind something, he might not even take damage (no hit marker), giving you a false sense of security. On the other hand, he’ll definitely know you’re around. Try not to use the same door you threw the grenade into. 2) Know when to hip fire. Spray-and-pray becomes useless at a certain range, regardless of weapon. You might hit your enemy once or twice, but in exchange you have now alerted the entire area to your presence. Aim down your sights. The only exception to this are the Underboss and Commissioner pistols, which are highly damaging and do not fire fast enough to create a lot of recoil. They are also pistols, which means they are your last resort for when time is running short (bored, stored, whored. Look at me rhyming.) and thus you need a weapon that is ready to use right the instant you pull it. Fortunately, both of the above will kill in one or two hits, provided you hit the guy a few times already. That is not to say you should try to noscope everyone at 100m with your secondary, but it’s still better than nothing if your main weapon has run out of ammo. Within the range of up to 10-20m, depending on weapon and terrain, hip firing your gun can be effective, if not more accurate. A good rule of thumb is to hip fire as long as the enemys body is about as big or bigger than your hip firing crosshair. (Thanks, Krazatan!) 3) Covering fire. If you’ve got spare ammo and you need to cross a road or field that you’re certain is being watched by the enemy, try to keep pulling the trigger in the general direction of the opponent as you go. It’s surprisingly effective and might get you far enough to sprint the rest of the way to safety. Or maybe just into the revive range of the closest medic, heh. 4) Be sneaky. If you see a bunch of TR trying to push through a door that obviously has a dozen enemy guns on the other side, why would you waste a life doing the same if you can just go around it? One recent example is the west entrance to the A point at Camp Waterson. Our squad simply circled around the northern wall and picked off the enemy respawns running straight across the place. Keep yourself on hillsides, on top of hills, in bushes, behind corners, on ledges, bridge beams, and, if necessary hump that border, baby! Stay on the outskirts of a base and kill enemy snipers and Sundies. Remember that your team still needs you, though! Don’t be the guy that wanders off to kill dudes when he should be holding down the point / SCU / Spawn / whatever, especially during AJSA squads/Ops! Killing respawns is also possibly the easiest way to farm certs that you can think of. I’m not talking about spawn killing, even though that certainly helps your KD, but about shooting enemy players on their way from their spawn building/Sundie. They just don’t expect you to be so close to their safe haven and there’s no chance in hell they’ll kill you if you get to jump on them. Great examples for this are bases whose spawn building leads directly to a two-sided turn like amp stations, Grey Heron Shipping or The Crown. Just make sure you either switch positions after every other kill or so or you bring a silencer for your gun. When you’re camping Sundies, keep an eye on the turrets. If they start moving, you start to leave. The same goes for you being discovered. If your squad is taking a base and you have the men to spare, try to keep two of your players close to the enemy spawn. It takes a lot of work off the capture crew. Other common victims of this “flower picking” are engineers, since they can’t look up as they repair tanks. Just make sure the tank is empty or doesn’t see you. 5) Burst fire and single shot firing modes are largely irrelevant, but you should remember to keep your full auto to a minimum except when in close combat. 3-5 shots per burst are about as long as you can go without sacrificing accuracy. When the HSNV scope starts to hit its limits and you can hardly see the target, it is usually better and more efficient to either flank the guy or deliver single or twin shots to his head. Speaking of head shots, don’t try to be extra cool. Nobody will notice. Just aim for the chest, it kills people much more reliably than missing a bunch of times as you try to triangulate the position of his nose. By the way, your weapon recoil will do the job for you anyway. Oftentimes your third or fourth round of each burst will be a head shot at medium range. An exception to this rule are MAXes. Chances are you’re not surviving those fights anyway, so you better try and kill them off fast. Shooting the MAXs body might tickle it a bit, but it’ll still kill you. 6) Keep away from the cluster fuck. Tank columns, Biolab assaults and MAX crashes are the bane of any KD. If you must join those fights, either pull a MAX or try finding a position from where you can shoot safely. This can be a tree on the side of the road, a ditch, a dune, a crooked rock formation, the roof of a building, anywhere a tank can’t shoot without putting itself into a bad position. Also, the Infantry escort of major assaults is most vulnerable from its sides and above, not the rear (Where do you think those guys are coming from, huh?)! 7) MAX Crashes. We have done this to success many times and it often results in decent certs for everyone involved. A MAX crash happens when an entire squad or platoon switches to MAXes, Engineers and Medics in a rough 3:2:1 ratio and rushes a highly active enemy spawn area. I don’t think I need to say any more- it’s good for your KD. Good spots: A) The walls of Amp stations, as attacker or defender. Requires a bit of getting used to, but it’s possibly the most amazing spot of any major base, especially as a LASS (Generator baiting!). A good spot for Tower bases as an attacker (The Crown, Glacier Station, The Bastion, The Ascent…) is as follows: From the pain shields on the second floor (coming from spawn), go straight, then down either flight of stairs, then turn to the opposite side of the room that sometimes houses the capture point, go straight until you hit the railings, find the center and turn around. You should now be looking at the end of both stairs and you should be able to hide behind a hydraulic-pillar-thingie. From there, you can pretty much cream any enemy leaving spawn towards the vehicle bay. Watch your flanks. C) The very top of Tower bases, as an attacker. Free view of the landing pads and all enemy rocket launchers. You have multiple levels above the flight deck you can use and if you’re still getting shot (AA MAXes are inherently observant of that spot), just walk around on the ledge until your enemy can no longer see you. I swear he’ll forget you the second you’re gone in large fights and assume someone else killed you already. D) Another Tower base spot, this time as defender: The top of vehicle bay stairs, right at the door, especially as a twin Mercy MAX with lockdown and an Engineer. Those are serious infantry bottlenecks, a good place to deliver unintended head shots, very hard to get hit at and easy to escape. Just be mindful of the other flight of stairs across the vehicle bay and have your engy check it out from time to time. You don’t want to get caught in the back, right? E) One more Tower spot, as attacker or defender: Use the lifts on the second floor (with the two spawn pain shields) to go up, but leave the stream before you arrive on the flight deck. Instead, let yourself fall on the beams supporting the landing pads. People just keep forgetting how easy it is to get sniped from there. Also hilarious with C4 :3 F) Grey Heron Shipping, as defender: leave spawn towards the point, then go left. Optional: Grenade the point for a lucky kill. Continue down the corridor until you hit the wall, then go right and then straight again. On your way, you can find plenty of targets that are so occupied with getting to the capture point they might not expect you to show up. G) Rust Mesa Lookout, standing right on the capture point. Needs at least 3-4 heavies and 1-2 medics. Just stand behind the boxes and aim at the spawn building. Always have at least one heavy securing your flanks (especially the building across to your right!) H) Saerro Listening Post, towards the back, on the cliffs: Pull up a deployable HE Prowler. There is a spot that allows you to aim barely into the corridor on the first floor. I last did this about a year ago, it would be great if we could see if it’s still possible. I) The Ascent, to the southeast. There is a really sheer and high cliff you can stand on that leads directly up to you from Raven’s Landing. EVERYONE that wants to take The Ascent must first go there. Bring your friends rockets. J) The Crown: Between the tower and the jump pad. Defenders will constantly run there to try and take it back (because you took it, right?), so feel free to hide in one of the orthogonal corridors and shoot at them as they run. That big cliff across the valley to the south (often called Magrider Hill for the way it was used with the initial warp gate rotation) is also a great spot for bombing the tower safely. When pushing towards Ti Alloys, see if you can get on the beams below the bridge. It’s usually a much safer way across. Another good approach is by circling around to Ceres Hydroponics. With how focused the battle usually is between The Crown and Ti Alloys, everyone seems much too concerned with the bridge to check their backs. K) Scarred Mesa Skydock, The Ascent (Whatever you do, don’t ever lose these two!), The Stronghold (kinda), The Bastion, Grey Heron Shipping, Mao Tech Plant, Peris Amp Station and Mani Biolab are notoriously easy to defend. This applies to Stillwater Watch, but only when in possession of the nearby warp gate. The Crown used to be OP but can still be held for at least an hour against overwhelming opposition. L) Tumas Tech as attacker, attacking from the west. Allied tanks can spawn just in range of the courtyard, have a beautiful shot at the enemy vehicle pad output and can also hit the area between the enemy spawn and the SCU very conveniently. Bad spots: A) As an attacker, during Tower fights: The area straight from the pain shield on the second floor between the two lifts and the area around either spawn shield corridor door. Also, the flight deck. Baaaaaaad spot. Potential ten-way-fuckfest. Don’t go there. In J908 as a defender, anywhere. Similar things can be said about Quartz Ridge, Ceres Hydroponics, The Octagon, Palos Solar Array, Haven Outpost and especially Twostone Beach. C) Briggs Laboratories as attacker, if opponent also owns Mao Tech. There simply isn’t a safe place for Sundies, except maybe on the east, and the capture point is really vulnerable. Contributing member of society edition If you want to be the good guy of the squad, enjoy your .3 KD, lol you are amazing and everyone should strive to be like you. Here are a few pointers on how to obtain ~ph4t c3rtz~. 1) Sundie spawn bonus. Planetsides most useful XP mine is best placed in the vehicle bay of Tech Plants and Amp Stations, as well as other facilities that are heavily fought over. The closer to the action, the better. Very recently I managed to drive a Sundie right up to the edge of The Crowns’ plateau while entire platoon fought over control of the C point landing pads. As masses of people spawned at my Sunderer, I almost got more certs than I was getting from kills. A very convenient side effect of high-traffic Sundies is that there will always be one or two engineer cert farmers around that will constantly repair your Sundie. However, in order to really make this acceptable, you either have to use really high level barricade armor or mine guard, since if you don’t, it will eventually get blown up by LASS C4 or Engy tank mines. Protip: Don’t put it next to an enemy spawn room. 2) Medic revive bonus. The second most useful cert fountain, a well certed med tool, can make you even more XP than a well placed Sunderer, especially in a Biolab, at the Crown, Jäger’s Crossing, The Ascent or similar bases that frequently get bombarded or rushed. With people falling all around you, your tool will hardly have a spare second and your main problem is other allied medics stealing your revives. You might not be getting kills, but no matter what people say, medics like these win our battles by sparing us the dangerous way back from the spawn point. TL;DR: Your allies get rez, you get dolla, mkay? 3) The Engineer repair bonus is a slightly worse source of XP than the med tool, simply because it can’t rez a destroyed vehicle. If it’s gone, it’s gone for good. You will be getting decent XP repairing tanks in a column, but once the enemy starts blowing them up, you quickly fall short of the medic that’s probably revived you a few times by now. There are two very great applications of the rep tool, though. First of all, the aforementioned Sundie repairs, which work extremely well in crowded areas with lots of missile launchers. Just find a Sundie and get to work. Another option I’ve exploited a few times is repairing turrets after a big fight. Ever attacked an Amp station? Yes? What’s the first thing everyone shoots at? Damn straight! After the fighting’s over, nobody ever remembers to repair the bloody things, so roll up your sleeves and get ready for half a dozen repair ribbons! Just don’t forget your squad leader might have something to say about you pissing around for half an hour at a base nobody is concerned about anymore. 4) Liberator fly-bys using the Zepher or Dalton turret can be good for XP, but in order to really succeed, you need a place full of enemies, which is very situational and bound to get you into the crosshairs of AA maxes. Use at your own demise. Possibly the most efficient use of your aircraft for farming is gennie hopping. It’s quite easy: Fly to a major base (Tech Plant, Biolab, Amp Station) and start overloading generators. Don’t forget the sub bases- they often have vehicle shields you can kill! Once you’re done, fly over to the next base and hope someone repairs the gennies while you’re gone. More cert fountains for good guys: Spotting Hacking (blurgh…) Grenade kill assists (Meh!) Generator overloads Ammo Boxes Flak damage Passenger kills (Meh!) Alert Participation Base Defense/Base Capture Console kills (Meh!) Minesweeper (Shoot that mine!) Squad and platoon play While you can usually earn the most certs on your own, running along bigger battles as part of the zerg, squad play is often much more exciting. To make it work, it is important to remember a few things: You cannot rely on the zerg to do your work for you. As part of the flock, you will always have a Sunderer, a medic, an engineer and covering fire to help you find your way to easy kills. In a squad, your options will be limited by the amount of people tagging along with you. There will be no endless stream of Sundies coming- you need to keep yours alive! Therefore, squad composition is pretty important. Ideally, per squad of twelve, you will need the following: One main SundererOne replacement Sunderer, hidden close byA skyguard, if possibleOne or two HEAT ProwlersTwo or three engineers, one for the Sunderer, one for MAXes.Two or three medics to keep each other aliveOne or two LASSes to pick off enemy healersA composition of HASSes and MAXes to do the heavy lifting. As a general rule of thumb, always keep at least one well certed MAX handy so that he can change his weapons (Mercies, Bursters, Fractures) as requirements change. Obviously, if the squad leader kept going on and on about how his composition isn’t perfect, nothing would ever get done and we’d spend 30 minutes setting up every time we get wiped out. Just make sure you know what your squad needs and think of what you can bring to the table. Do we only have one Sundie? Bring another one. We’ve got two? Bring a third so we can encircle them. See a bunch of dead people? Roll a medic. Is the Sundie getting shot? Get your engineer. Are we stuck trying to fight up a flight of stairs? Bring your AI MAX. Be flexible! Also, if your leader orders you to relocate, he will have an idea of what he means to do. This includes constantly reassessing the balance of power. Don’t mess it up. If he sees that we would be on even ground with the NC on base X and he orders the platoon to redeploy somewhere to prepare an assault, he is counting on everyone in the platoon to carry out that order. Similarly, MAX crashes tend to work a lot less if only three out of 30 platoon members actually roll MAXes. The same goes for tank rushes. Rapid redeploys are very common because squad and platoon leaders simply can’t afford to get stuck fighting at Mani Biolab for half an hour for little to no gain, especially during alerts. If you’re lagging behind, regardless of your reason, you’re hurting your team. No, we don’t need every turret on Freyr Amp repaired, no, we don’t need that tiny base that takes an hour to cap, no, we’re not overstaying our welcome to farm ~M04R C3rT5~ from inside the spawn room, yes, we’re going to back-cap Haven Outpost for the bazillionth time because it’s a huge-ass base and we can take it within literally 5 minutes. Squads and platoons serve to get shit done and cap a continent, okay? FOLLOW ORDERS AND LISTEN ON TEAMSPEAK. Some more pointers on capture tactics: Never ever get your regions between the Vanu and the NC. They LOVE to sandwich us and they will do it if they can. Especially if they’re not bordering each other.Keep your caps stable. If you’re rushing straight north from the Indar SE warp gate without going west every once in a while, you’re going to get back-capped and then you’re shit out of luck with your pants down and your hard work destroyed.If you see a counter-offensive forming to cut you off, meet it and see if you can throw it back. If you can’t, chances are you’d have lost all your extended caps anyway. In these cases, it’s better to relocate to another front, maybe another continent. Don’t cap more than you can defend. Keep your pop percentage in mind.Don’t follow the zerg with your full platoon. THINK. DIMINISHING RETURNS, GEDDIT?We all appreciate a team player. Vocal feedback on the objective is always welcome and criticism is fine. However, if you are of the opinion that the current course of action is wrong, either speak up briefly and voice your concerns or send a message in chat. If your plea is refused, deal with it. If you continue to bitch about this or that, you will get shot removed from the platoon. You are undermining the authority of the squad and platoon leaders, which is the worst thing that can possibly happen during an ops night, because it demotivates people and leads to a rapidly declining atmosphere. Salvaging such evenings is nigh on impossible, so if you’re pissed, save it for later. Just keep it in your pants, General. And, on a more personal note, DON’T BE AN ANNOYING FANBOI, especially with Joe in the channel. We’re all here because of him, but you don’t see the rest of the platoon interrupting the op in critical stages, do you? It’s the Angry Army, not the Angry Fan Convention!All you need is a Sunderer and your team. They don’t all need to ride with you. Have them pull tanks or aircraft. Those vehicles are like an extra life for them unless they get killed in them. It makes your Sunderer less critical to the overall success (12/12 XP piñatas ahoy) and even if the tank rush fails, chances are the Sundie has had time to find a good spot to deploy by then.Identify the biggest threat. Are you inside a tower base or a Tech Plant? Is there enemy air superioriy? Yes? So what? They can’t hurt you anyway. Capping a Biolab with enemy tanks outside? Who cares? You shouldn’t be capping a Biolab anyway! They can’t get inside. In most situations, enemy medics with a combined lack of allied medics will make the difference in any sealed-off base (Like The Octagon or Saerro Listening Post). Conversely, open areas like those found around Rashnu Watchtower or Palos Solar Array can easily get swamped by only two or three well-placed enemy tanks holding your team down. Enemy air superiority is especially vicious in open terrain and in outposts that are close to big airbases (who would have thought?), like Vanu Archives, Stillwater Watch and Highroads Station. Great! I so totally read all of that! Now what? Now that you have read this, you are at last prepared to join us in our conquest and win eternal glory for the TR! Create a character on the Waterson US East Coast server for the Terran Republic and join us on Teamspeak. Message an officer, veteran or sergeant with your ingame nick and wait for an invite. If it’s not coming, chances are your message was lost amidst flying bodies, Teamspeak chatter, explosions going off around the unit leaders and the never ending stupidities of the Planetside 2 command channel. Please be patient, processing your request may take time depending on work load and available staff. Eventually, you will be invited to Squad/platoon and outfit. Once you’re in the outfit, you can join AJSA squads right from the Social tab. Make sure to ask where everybody is and join us. Usually, there will be a spawn beacon or Sunderer around but you might have to take a Mosquito or other vehicle. I am also very pleased and excited to announce that this here post now consists of exactly 11.111 words. I can die happy now.