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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! MG here, I just got ESO not to long ago, it's a fun game and all, I just find it boring being unable to get any further because I don't know it so well, and I'm not very used to the skill system, so I would like to have a questing mate/ PvP mate, It would make it funner to get through the game, I would like to start a new character, and we can go on from there. I have played the beta, I have played MMO's, I have had a successful guild, so I know how it works, but tips and tricks and lessons on the world would be great also, so I mainly request a mentor to father over me and tank the buttknuckles while I lay that ever so terrifying DPS. If you want to be a bro and help that would be awesome! Just message me and we can exchange skype info, get in a call and seize away! This is for the North American server, It'd be cool if you are 18+. Happy questing guys, hope to hear from you if there's anyone there XD.
  2. Woohoo, I witnessed the coronation of our first EU emperor (ALDMERI DOMINION!! ) ESO Auriel's Bow EU's first emperor! Video
  3. Had some awesome pvp adventures in Cyrodiil today, or yesterday at this point. A small 5 person group stealthing deep into enemy territory on a quest to take the Elder Scrolls and die in the most epic ways possible. XD Lots of fun and really looking forward to more in this beta and the next or early access.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to the army, and was looking around the forums (Don't know if I look hard enough), and I couldn't find a thread about the "Rings of Mara" in TESO. I'm looking for a partner to lvl with, preferably one who lives in Europe, somewhere from GMT 0 to +2. You need to have preordered the game, but I don't know if Imperial edition is required for both parties. If anyone's interested let me know.