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Found 1 result

  1. Good evening One and All i'm about to open my stupid mouth Gaming has sure evolved, from its humble beginnings upon my square 32 inch TV to the mighty Gameboy to the now Slick and Smooth Playstation (and Xbox wiiu yadda yadda) It feels exciting that Games are this big now. Proud i am knowing when all my friends went out and played cricket in the blistering sun i would stay indoors and help Goku save the earth (however the room had no aircon so thus i was forced outside). With the B.A.F.T.A Awards to the now big premiers of E3 i applaud the recent influx and growth of this once small and humble community However i have started to notice an awful trend come into this community as if the claws of a badger has stuck his paw into the Jam. Pre-orders, Micro Transactions and even Cosmetic Dlc's how odd i thought "while sitting on my couch" when did playing video games suddenly become a night at the Gentleman's club with 10's and 20's been eagerly thrown around just to see what color Knickers she was wearing. I had to investigate and suddenly this community that i thought i knew Blew up and suddenly i was introduced to the equivalent of a jungle party held in some old apartment complex with no windows or doors with the awful smell of canned tuna filling the air. Companies and development teams casually pushing out rushed games that weren't finished yet with the promise it will only get better (Or it is better) i felt i was in a marriage with a middle aged waiter, however it astounded me that game company's now expect you to pay over one hundred dollars on a promise that they never kept it made me feel betrayed. However that is so Melodramatic it's not that bad however it does feel like the gaming industry is getting a little carried away with some of these "Triple AAA" Games pushed out yearly that are not even complete or don't expand on anything it feels like the silk industry. Make what the customer wants but then charge extra if they want that dash of blue on that violet dress? Micro-Transaction and DLC's costing you money for a new red gun......Excuse me? It makes me think did gamer's even come up with that or is this the hand of the corporation coming down to take my wallet? Pre-order to me meant "Buy this edition of Deltora Quest now because only 20 copies are being sold at this shop" Not buy our game because "Battlefield". I feel struck and this poison has dripped onto the community people getting angry and fed up, demanding more, wanting more... waiting for the next best thing to entertain them for a while then get angry at it later. It feels like those days of playing Mario with all of you're friends only to be trampled by the kid who wasn't willing to share. My question for the community is. How has gaming changed? and has it changed you? Has it changed the community? Pre-order is it a statement or has it become a title? Kazahn