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Found 6 results

  1. The more reasonable Boogie version below: AlphaOmegaSin's take on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5aVNFlAmqA So yea, ContentID bullshit is coming to the live streams on Twitch. This is not going to make Joe happy either.
  2. Hey guys and gals! James here, so wanted to give a quick shout out and possible PSA for active live streamers on Twitch.tv! So here is the situation. I was streaming this evening and I use commercial free music which I attribute the song/writer and a link to their website plus the usual quick call out for the song I am using. This falls into the standard Attribution License which as describe above is required for you to use their music in your stream! However, much like YouTube now, if any company feels they have rights over a piece of content, they can slap you down. Here I have been looking for any way to repeal this mute on a portion of my stream but nothing. For the record I have been playing the same songs for about a week prior to today and had no issue. Again this looks like YouTube/Google messing with a working system. Just a heads up. Starting today I would recommend zero music, even if you own the rights to it or actually composed the piece. Edit* I knew about the DMCA guidelines however this is the first time I have seen Twitch.tv mute a large portion of my video when I only played the selected song for roughly 44 seconds.
  3. Hey guys James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I wanted to ask the community if they knew of any confirmed twitch.tv commands for Daylight. After playing a session tonight, me and others were only able to confirm "scream" as one of the words that can affect a streamer's game. If you happen to know of any more actions comment below. And shameless plug, here is a slice of what happen while I was playing.
  4. So I have been seeing a number of streams with death counters and I have spent the past four days trying to figure out how they made them or where they downloaded the mod for twitch/xsplit. Anyone have any clue how I might go about this?
  5. Hey everyone. Time for some shameless promotion. I'm currently planning on streaming dark souls 2 on pc, which comes out this friday. I plan on doing pvp and speedruns. I'm going to try and stream it as much and as soon as possible. I consider myself decent at the first dark souls game, and have some hours on there. After my hype for Dark Souls 2 is over, I will probably stream dota 2 as well. I'd love to have more viewers, I try to interact as much as I can with chat and give commentary during gameplay I also take suggestions from chat, even silly ones! My twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/mrderwisj Give me a follow if you think I deserve it! Thanks for reading and loves to all. Greets, MrDerwisj
  6. >Salute< Heya, I'm RichieT been watching AJ for many eons and continue to enjoy his content, its what brought me here also WILDSTAR ONLINE it was mentioned Joe will be starting up a Guild for that game - I also play BF3, 4 and various other online shooters. I'm a livestreamer on twitch and I have a youtube channel where I have been posting gameplay videos, some game guides etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/RichieTallon Any progress made with Wildstar as of yet? Anyone play the beta? I've played it extensively it is amazing. Currently I'm obsessed with Diablo 3 Reaper of souls, multiboxing team 4 wizards. Pretty amusing, I will say that the Reaper of Souls expansion is bloody awsome. Well hope to meet more of this rabble of an army, lets dominate some PVP! ) Cheers, RichieT PS: Enjoy AngryJoeShow watched every review even going back several years, I can't get enough. He nails it every time, sure we don't need to keep on about this but thing is, he's never wrong unlike other content that I think tends to be quite dishonest.