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Found 4 results

  1. Today, i received a little icon on the lower right corner of my screen (Very similar to win8.1 logo) Asking me if i wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. The little window says, that all my programs apart from daemon tools, will work correctly. It also says my system can take it. (According to the little feature in the prompt window) Okay fine, that's good. But, the real question is, will i be able to play my games? Concerns: Surely the performance boost and stuff is excellent! (They told me there's a performance boost) But, personally, my main focus is playing games, that's what i do for fun when i have no money, my favorite pass time. My system is AMD based, i went over to there site, to find anything related to Windows10. Only thing i Found was this: http://www.amd.com/en-us/solutions/software-partners/microsoft/windows Personally my GPU will not receive the Direct X 12 bonus, because its a 6 year old card ( Which seems to support dx11 lol). But what matters is that my CPU works correctly. This page says it will work. But i am still not sure if i should do it, i mean. windows 8.1 wasn't that too my liking, people said it was not all that better from win7. As i see it, they promise waaay too much with windows10. Is it actually better than windows 8.1 or even win7?? One of my other main concerns is "System lock", Will i be able too install another OS if i wish too? I read an article about it: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2901262/microsoft-tightens-windows-10s-secure-boot-screws-where-does-that-leave-linux.html Currently all i know is Intel machines are able to "toggle" off or on the "Secure boot" option. Kinda scared about that. Windows 10 appears to be in its early stage, with surely a lot of bugs floating around, But it looks like it will increase performance (Or so they told me) Its free for win7(64Bit???)/8.1 users. And the UI kinda looks cool? With the search bar back and stuff. And my semi old system will be able to run it perfectly according to them. But i rather not have a "preview" version. Microsoft said they'd be pushing windows 10 early 2015 to win7/8 users, but, is it already that far? or are they still pushing the preview version? So, i am in doubt. Because of all these things mentioned above. Should i upgrade to win10? Will you upgrade from your old system once you get prompted to do so? And why/why not would you (not) upgrade? do you think it will "promote" gaming? (Old & new games).
  2. Recently with Dark Souls 2 and State of Decay, I have seen a gradual push towards selling remastered, HD, or fixed games that have come out in the past. At first with the Last of Us and Resident Evil, I was excited to jump on it. The price tag for Last of Us was aggravating but I never bought the DLC so that helped mitigate the blow. Resident Evil was a game I never played and loved every minute, especially the price tag. But now we are seeing games where a simple jump to HD or 1080 has a price tag slapped on. What is worse is we are seeing developers refocus on these newer versions of games instead of fixing the originals. So while this new shiny version has that pesky bug gone or it no longer crashes to the desktop, you have to make a choice of dealing with the bugs or pay again to have the what should have been a stable product upon release. For me, a gamer should not have to buy the same game in order to have it run smoother, play better, and have a higher resolution. But you might think differently. I am curious to see what others think on this growing trend in the gaming industry. Yes we do get great games like Resident Evil, Grim Fandango etc. however we also get the polar opposite where the gamers get the shaft.
  3. For a limited time, those who downloaded Destiny for Last Gen Consoles can get Next Gen upgrade for "FREE" From the same console family. Bungie is giving till Jan. 15th, 2015 to bump up to next gen systems. This includes the Guardian Edition, expansion packs, etc! Learn more @ Digital Upgrade
  4. I'll say this right off the back: My PC is awful, it runs Black Ops 2 on 30-60 FPS and that's in the lowest settings. And in Guatemala I find it hard to find a store that well, sells Gaming PCs. Does anyone that lives or knows Guatemala recognize a place where I can upgrade or get a new PC? I'm in a desperate situation here.