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Found 5 results

  1. I will not be online today through tuesday. I may get online Wednesday but it will be late.
  2. Hello guys, I am making this topic/poll, in response to a issue I've experienced while flying realistic with AJSA, it involves lots of talking on Teamspeak, before we are able to decide on which country and tier, to fly with. So I through I'll make this poll mainly for fun, and out of curiosity, to see witch country is the "common/most played in AJSA! and who knows, we might even discover something, so vote! Obviously, my vote goes for the Germans. Let us know what you think! I made the Poll public, with multiple choice, since some of us, might have more then one preferred country Also, please let me know, if you would like to see a poll like this, for each of the different tiers! we might find some common ground. Also I've been wondering why there's no place for us to organize squads, maybe a list or something, so share your opinion on these themes, if you have one, and I'll work on something neat.
  3. So as of late I've been noticing a good number of new players flying in our Angry Army, probably on account of it recently becoming officially supported by the AJSA. If you're new to the wonderful game of War Thunder then you probably have a lot of questions about how the game is played and what you're supposed to do. Therefore I'm starting this topic to allow new players a place to directly ask their questions and hopefully receive help from any of the more experienced pilots that we have around. Of course you can also hop onto TS where there should be someone or a group of people in game who can help and fly with you. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/8143-war-thunder/ <- This is a very good forum topic by SamuraiZero, there's a lot of reading but it contains tons information that new pilots should find useful. However some of what's covered is a bit outdated due to the recent patches, it's still a very helpful guide. I had hoped that topic would've been moved into the now official War Thunder thread, but that hasn't happened yet which is mainly why I'm posting this here. Anyways, I hope this will help and it really makes me happy to see more people becoming interested in the game.
  4. I'll be honest I only downloaded the game because it was free to play but I'm loving it! Being a beta there are some issues like the menu clearly hasn't been optimised for a console and some of the controls are to sensitive but I'm having huge fun with this Combat Flight Simulator/MMO. I haven't played the PC version so I can't compare but I am really enjoying the PS4 beta and hope we can get an AJSA PS4 Squadron put together at some point but I'm getting way ahead of myself. So your thoughts?
  5. So as all you Warthunder players should know Gaijen has recently been releasing a set of daily challenges to allow players access to the upcoming ground forces closed beta. I plan on completing all of them, but I was wondering how many of you are going to do the same. I would also like to know which of the challenges so far are your favorite and least favorite? So far (as of the Nov 19th challenge) I've really enjoyed the -Destroy 65 Ground Targets- challenge, it finally gave me a reason to get in my IL-2 and go ham. Then my least favorite was the -Destroy 50 Ground Targets with British Planes- challenge, as I only have low level British bombers and kept getting into Domination matches. Also, do you prefer to complete these challenges in Arcade, Historical, or Full Real battles? Or do you even want to participate in the challenges at all? I know some people just find them a nuisance and don't care for ground forces.