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Found 1 result

  1. So, Windows 10 just launched and I Was curious about everyone's impressions thus far. Personally, coming from 8.1, my pc seems to be running a LOT faster. The new task bar looks nice and sleek while also being highly customizable. And Games run better. (For the most part. Runescape doesn't run worth a flying F***) Skyrim on Very High when originally I could only run it on Medium and even then it didn't run optimally. Newer games like Heroes of The Storm also run much, much better than they did before. With higher graphics! ____________________________________ Now onto negative things I still can't easily change what fonts my PC shows, same as windows 8 and maybe 7(dunno never messed with it on win7) Xbox tab seems to be a waste of hard-drive space. I was hoping that I could play my arcade games. (The fact that the console version of minecraft doesn't work for the 'free' Windows 10 edition of Minecraft pisses me off too, but that's not on Microsoft.) I can't stand being told 'HI' by my laptop and every other App that has me log into something. (Minor peeve.) RESOLVED* Now for the problem that Lights me up the most. My Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Gimp doesn't recognize that the other exists. Maybe there's something to be done about this, but It is a BIG problem. A solution would likely be to update the driver for my tablet but It's a decently old model and I don't know if they WILL update it. I may just have to buy a new one... *Just run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and it'll work. Anywho, What are your first impressions of it? Edit: I asked her the weather tomorrow and it was pretty straight forward. I don't know, I'll have to mess around with it and see how complicated I can make the questions. Doesn't seem like the end of the world, anyhow. I can confirm this still happens. Fun! P.S: apparently DS4 doesn't work with Win10's current build. Fantastic, that. I totally wasn't replaying through dks1 at the moment. FUCK! After spending all night trying to find solutions for dual-shock 4 and games that only use Xinput(Dark Souls 1, games with a few years on them) I cannot find a good, permanent solution. So if you primarily use a DS4 for your PC gaming, I would recommend you NOT upgrade to Windows 10. Edit: __________ ALSO, you can disable the keylogger by doing this. (Found by Elioden Ward) I did it just now as a quick test and It does work. You MUST run Command Prompt as Administrator. Otherwise access will be denied. I would recommend everyone do this since it can affect your Internet connection since you're constantly sending data to Microsoft.