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Found 10 results

  1. Is anyone thinking of trying the game New World from Amazon?
  2. So, I'm very close to publishing a second book. But I'm not there yet because I've run into some issues with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). One "solution" to my problem suggested that I needed to raise my book price in certain markets so that the royalties amount could also cover the printing cost. This was something I really, REALLY did not want to do. I'm not really in it for the money, I just like writing and want to share my stories...and make at least a little extra cash on the side. But as the total cost for my 500-page novel got closer and closer to $25 American, I began to think "I love my book and think I'm a good writer, but who in their right mind is going to pay $25 for a self-published book? Even a good one?" So my question for you readers in the AJSA Community is, would you? To me, that's quite an investment unless you're already familiar with the author and believe their work is worth it. If I wasn't familiar with the author, no, I don't think I would pay that much. Fortunately, it looks like pricing was not the problem, and I brought it back down to $17.49 (which is about $0.30 above the absolute minimum price Amazon will let me set). Stay tuned for a shameless ad when I do eventually get it published.
  3. I've been keeping the parts for my new PC build in my Amazon inbox so I can buy them as soon as I'm ready. Now, Amazon, I understand that a slight hike in price might be necessary if demand is high, but isn't this a little extreme? And before anyone says it, yes, this is obviously a glitch of some kind and it'll get fixed, but just thought I'd share for your amusement.
  4. From Amazon's UK site From Xbox.com, in other words, the actual RRP What the actual fuck? Is it like this in other regions? I don't actully have much interest in the XB1 S, but this kind of shit grinds my gears.
  5. I just read that Amazon is going to start a 20% discount on new video games for Prime members, as long as it is preordered, or purchased within two weeks of the release date.. That's a pretty good deal. It comes out to a $12 discount, and still uses the Prime free shipping, including guaranteed release day delivery on preorders. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2016/01/13/amazon-adds-20-new-video-game-discount-prime/78733622/
  6. What is the best laptop you can get for a maximum of £300, only able to be from one of the sites so try and find the best one. (Not looking for one for myself, I just wondered in today's world what is the best budget laptop for £300). http://www.ebuyer.com/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/ http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/
  7. Hello folks, I posted this in the Bungie forums earlier and I didnt want folks to get caught off guard. But in my case this morning. I just got off a interesting phone call with Amazon. I was one who pre-order the game months and months ago with 1 day shipping ( not that it matters right now ). Now #Amazon has normally shipped their games out a day before so it can arrive at the house the day of release, either via 1 day or 2 day shipping. They told me on the phone that the game has been delayed will not be "shipping" out until the 10th, that's shipping and not arrival time. They were nice enough to give a credit for the issue but I just wanted to pass on the info to others before the complete and utter nerd rage that is coming. So if you ordered with them, I would give them a ring to verify this and see what they can do for you now.
  8. http://online.wsj.com/articles/amazon-to-buy-video-site-twitch-for-more-than-1-billion-1408988885 https://www.theinformation.com/Amazon-Nears-Deal-to-Acquire-Twitch Could this be better than Google's grimy hands on it?
  9. If you cant login right now then you must know that you have to click your preferred payment You may have played the 5days early access but the real game code is in the box. And if you dont have the game registration code that you can get from the box.. you wont be able to update your preferred subscription... how do i know? i am doing it right now lol.. i was testing if what another guildy told me was true.. that if you have the 5days early access you own the game already and you just have to click your preferred subscription however it was not the case right now. You must register your game with a game registration code from the box. Theres 3 codes on the box Game registration code, Imperial edition code, Explorers pack code. Note: I also think the game registration code is also your 30day time Hope I am mistaken and hope you guys can get past this like call support Good luck guys Edit (more notes): turns out i wasnt mistaken or i am now 99% sure When you redeem your IMPERIAL or EXPRLORERS CODE, it wont work, it says you need to have the game (thus have to have the registration code) When you redeem your REGISTRATION CODE, on the other hand it says you have only the standard edition (thus you have the imperial code on your box) You can still play your imperial or create one despite not inserting the imperial code(prolly the only thing the code has is the crab and the proof that you are an imperial edition owner)
  10. So let's have a Diablo II AJSA thread, shall we? I hear a rumor that a new ladder is starting up soon, some say this month. Anyone else wanna dive back into this old gem with me? Discuss what you will, favorite builds/mf areas, most hated of those, hell even ask questions if you're interested in trying it out or need advice on builds/gear. When the new ladder starts I'd be glad to lend out some items I won't be using and would like if others did the same. If you're playing on this ladder, what are your characters? Any level 9xs? HC or SC?