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Found 4 results

  1. We have had great exclusive character for the PlayStation brand. From the God slayer Kratos, to the quick wit adventurer Nathan Drake. From a world class thief Sly Cooper, to the infamous electric conduit Cole McGrath From the fun duo Jak and Daxter in a wasteland world, to the enganing duo Joel and Ellie in a ruin world. From the first of many, to the many more. What are your favorite characters we have experience with over the years?
  2. Link Are you fucking serious, id? You are going to exclude every other Doom fan on the internet because they can't go to Quakecon? You have a lot of balls to do this, not to mention personally angering me with this bullcrap. The hell's wrong with you! In the immortal words of Angry Joe...You done fucked up!
  3. Consider me adding Bethesda to my developer/publisher shitlist for their traitorous move if this happens. The PC Fallout modding community will be dead because of this if it occurs and a lot of lost customers.
  4. Hey guys, just been playing a bit of the Bravely Default Demo, the new 3ds exclusive RPG by Squaresoft, and wanted to see if anybody else had been playing it and write down your impressions. For me, one of the big things is the art style, the main city in the demo looks really good (and actually sticks out quite well with the 3d on!) and the character designs and their alternate costumes look really nice as well. Combat wise isn't really difficult, took me a minute or two to figure out how to use your brave points, and found it alright, simple combat system (just as I would expect from Squaresoft, not complaining) and gave me a smile or two. One last note to add is the music, just what I want from a RPG! makes me want to preorder the deluxe edition for the soundtrack!