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Found 6 results

  1. So here's my second part. Tell me how I'm doing and I hope you enjoy the video(s).
  2. Hey guys and gals, James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Wanted to give a shout out on an indie title that jsut released today. DreadOut! A third person supernatural horror game in the same vein as Fatal Frame from the PS2/Xbox days. Story... When a group of high school students went astray from a field trip, they came across something totally unexpected. A town long forgotten trapped in a peaceful state of slumber. What they did not realize was what lurks within. And what seemed like an innocent stroll turns into disaster as the secluded town reveals its dark and terrible secrets. The presence of sinister forces from beyond their realm of existence. It all comes down to Linda. She will experience stirrings of unfamiliar powers, emerging from within herself. These new found abilities might just be the only way she can save her own life and those of her friends. Now if you are unsure whether to pick this horror title up, you can try the demo! The demo is a proof of concept build and really hammers home the atmosphere and all around horror. http://dreadout.com/#demo Reason for me bringing this game up is one as an indie title, this game really scared me. Was one of my first face cam horror games ever is the other reason. Finally, this brings back great memories of Fatal Frame, a series I adore even to this day! Imagine being forced to go first person mode to fend off the ghosts. You don't want to really be that close to them but the closer they are too you, the more damage you will do to them. It is tense and a very natural way of inducing fear in the gamer. The game is currently on sale for $13.49 or your regional equivalent and for any fans of Fatal Frame out there, this is a must buy! Below is my experience with the game. Enjoy...
  3. Looking for people to play Ghosts with. Maybe play Clan matches once in a while to spread fear of the AJSA. PSN ID: SCARY_MONKEY23
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is a clan started for us on XBox 360?
  5. be it Ghost , MW2 or BO what ever is your favorite lets get together & play some COD people! Talk about latest COD news your games your soldier builds , weapons what ever !
  6. What do you think about cod ghost? Give a rating of it and then say what you think. Is it like a big DLC? A completely new game? Get your friends in this. I wanna see some good opinions.