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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Again Ajsa !!!! I have been busy Giveing out Gigantic Keys to xbox one players; Ex: Kiwidragon, DeezyfaSheezy. But I am Done with that for Now, Howeverrrrr~!!! Recently I Have been getting Lawbreakers Alpha keys, some of you can attest to that. AND I HAVE SOME HAPPY BUT ALSO SAD NEWS!%$^$ The Happy part is that there is a Drawing for a ALIENWARE X51 on the LAWBREAKERS ALPHA TEST!!! Lawbreakers will be live 24 hours a day from August 6 to 7th. To be entered for the Drawing for the $1,699.00 PC. just be on the game On August 6th at 1pm to 2pm (PDT) and score at least 25,000 pionts across the entire weekend !!! thats just two things!!! FOR more INFORMATION visit www.LawBreakers.com NOw For the SAD NEWS~ I have Only 1 KEY LEFT!!!! IT IS THE LAST KEY I WILL FOR THE ALPHA TEST PHASE because it is coming to a close. Hince, the reason Lawbreakers is having a drawing for a STATE OF THE ART PC!! People have already asked for the key when i mentioned it the xbox One Smite Event Chat. Too Many People for me to choose from. SO, I am telling yall the samething I told them!! What better way to decide who can enter a drawing then with a drawing. Just Type, #GivemedatKey, in a reply box and i will randomly Draw a name out of all the particapates!! I WILL Decide who gets the key on Thursady AUgust 4th at 7pm (CDT). SO to give people the time to download the game Ohh.... AND anyone who already has a key just has to update the game to logg back into Lawbreakers. GOOD LUCK, SOLDIERS
  2. I got 2 PC ALpha keys .... first come first serve. the Alpha is open till the 31st till it takes another developing break...... so huury up and get them while there vaild!!! U need a steam Account Btw...
  3. So i bought a RPG bundle and recieved a key for Rune: Classic, which i already had. So since i can't use it, i might as well offer it to anyone on the AJSA forum. PM me if you're interested.
  4. Hey guys and gals, James here aka Wade D McGinnis. So I have three codes for Nosgoth Beta. Now I tried to give them away on my stream last night but no luck. So I figured the best spot for these little beauties is here! Now all I am looking for is three gamers who will love these codes to the fullest. Think of it like giving away new puppies! I want to make sure you will feed them humans, take them on walks up a building, and ensure they get enough carnage! If you think you can do this, leave a comment below and I will pick three winners. I will message you privately the code. Any questions just ask. Here is some information about the game! Nosgoth's iron-willed Emperor Kain has disappeared, leaving his throne empty and the world in the hands of his Lieutenants. Riven by jealousy and conflict, it was not long before the Vampire Clans began fighting among themselves. Only the threat of a newly resurgent Humanity launching a war of extinction against them could reunite the warring Clans. Now they turn their inhuman strengths on a common enemy, to stop the genocidal march of Humankind. TLDR ► Third person arena based combat between two very different factions. Melee focus vampires versus ranged based humans! FIGHT! Link to download! ► http://www.nosgoth.com/blog Here is a video clip from last nights live stream! Never had that much fun bowling for humans
  5. I gots a key for the Wildstar bèta and nobody to give it to. It will let you in the game until August 3rd. You gotta make an NCSoft-account first, if you don't yet have one. First one to reply here will get it. I will then PM you the code. HF!
  6. hello! i thought i make a short regulary updated list to represant some AJSA members experiences with all those key-stores you can find in the world wide internet. simply post where you bought how many games (approximate & keystore name!) and give a positive or negative feedback about that store. also post the payment method used. ------------------ +1 means: very good +2 means: good ~3 means: not realy thrustable but its working and i always got my key. sometimes i had little problems and send a support ticket. -4 means: i bought some games and they scamed me once or twice -5 means: they scamed me already on first buy -------------------
  7. Anyone who wants a free Titanfall Beta key for Xbox 1 should let me know here. first post gets it.
  8. Hi folks. Again, as part of my Kickstater rewards, I have a key for Awesomenauts' Starstorm expansion. If you would like this key, then it's simple. Just say you would like this key. Please note that you need the original game to be able to play this. And Starstorm is also in 'Early Access'. Thanks.