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Found 6 results

  1. Feedback is appredicated, wheter positive or negative, as long as it's useful
  2. I probably have been watching too many of these things, but I still love them anyway. Who do you think makes the spiciest meems? What is your favorite parody? Mine is probably either Pyrocynical or Senpai Kush.
  3. MLG

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone here has noticed, but MLG has considered Guns of Icarus for support. Team and player registration is over here. Future tournaments will (mostly) be done thu MLG.
  4. Yep you heard it right the AJSA has managed to recruit a team to represent the AJSA at DOTA 2 tournaments. this team will be financed by the us and will fly the AJSA logo, final preparations are being finalized with an official announcement coming soon. But i suppose you guys want to hear about the team we have chosen to represent us well here are some hints. They steamrolled the first AJSA tournament and their captain was very helpful during the second AJSA tournament. They have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they have the skill and talent to make us proud and make the AJSA a force to be reckoned with so congratulations to..... Charlie ProGI Wuhsa tThorns Hard and Dirty Pumpkin Formerly known as Personal Space Invaders (PSI) please join me in wishing our team the best in future tournaments
  5. Can i Please have some Advice on these