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Found 3 results

  1. Hey AJSA, crimsonwolf911 here, I've been a lurking member of the AJSA for a good long while, but now I'm aiming to make a bigger footprint for myself on the interwebzz here. I'm a regular world of tanks live-streamer, I'm a far cry from being an influence for change in the wot community, with just shy of 600 followers I'm still pretty damn small fry. I stream Monday to Friday, from 9pm-1am GMT(general mountain time), and once I hit 1k followers, I'll bump it up to 5 hours from 8pm-1am, but that's still a pretty long way off. Fair warning ahead of time, don't come into my stream expecting someone who knows what they're doing and can mop the floor with other wot players, cuz that ain't me XD. I'm good at a few things, most of which is acting like an idiot, raging like a psycho, insulting peoples mothers, hating on arty and auto-loaders, hating on russians, and occasionally, making myself look like I know what I'm doing, when Im actually flying by the seat of my pants, with my pubes on fire XD. if you're looking for something amusing to watch and you like world of tanks, stop by, and give me a shout, look forward to seeing bodies in the chat. And feel free to say howdy on here as well, I'll do my best to keep up with replies. www.twitch.tv/crimsonwolf911
  2. Hey lovely people got another video of MK matchup, if you check it out thank you =] ==Social Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow https://www.twitch.tv/howtheycoulddoi... Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  3. I was inspired buy the recent "Worst Gaming Community " thread to start this because in it's current state it's just about every major online community on both consoles and PC that has been mentioned in that that topic. I give a shout out to Kash and Withastick who have done so much to turn the PS community on these forums into the experience that it is enjoyable and a shining example on how to do this right. As long as you play with people you know or know where they came from, that one should fine a fair and fair experience. This is especially true about people who are a part of communities like this one, you can always find someone to play with. It is thanks to the efforts of Kash and Withastick on the PSN name list and AJSA control centre respectively. I know that not all of you are PS gamers, but what these two have done has been an inspiration and helped the idea of multiplayer on the PS4 become so much more fun an applicable even to people who don't have many or even any friends on PSN. BUUUUUUUTT..... Despite their best efforts, and the efforts of others, this has not resolved the issues of modern multiplayer. Ultimately modern consoles have turned multiplayer from a fun, friendly and funny scenario with your friends on a sofa or sitting of bed, into something very competitive and impersonal on a much less comfy gaming chair with nameless, faceless, ass-hole strangers. I'm 28, and so I remember multiplayer the way it should be. The Nintendo 64 was quite simply the best local multiplayer console ever made. It was the first console since the Atari 5200 that had four controller ports, and an analogue control stick... man, the 5200 really was ahead of it's time. just a shame it was absolute shit. Anyway, the point is local multiplayer was so much more fun than the online shit we have now. What compares to you're friends gathering around, taking to each other, and laughing at each other on the four way, TV split screen whilst we still had little bouts of game rage, but it was all in the the name of friendly insults and being cynical but funny and friendly. Multiplayer these day's is about competition rather than fun, even out side of an actual competition. It's about being better than these nameless strangers, rather than having a good time. Now, imagine doing the same thing with total strangers on local multiplayer. People would hold back their frustrations and try to be polite, but the jokes and fun would not be pretty much gone along with it though fear of insulting someone. Now imagine the same thing without people feeling the need to hold back or be polite. Welcome to modern online multilplayer. A free playing feild to dick heads without consequence. Do you want to play online with a foul-mouthed racist, as in someone you would never be friends with? To bad. It'll happen. Are not interested in knowing the frustration of an angry pre-teen who isn't getting the kill/death ratio he wanted? Tough shit. Do you wanna play with friends on a closed party and just enjoy yourselves? Yes, of course you do, but why did that response change from "Yeah, sit down and grab a controller." to , "Go home and log in.". I'll tell you why, because to quote Joe, "Fuck you give me money". Why sell one copy of a game and one console for four people to play one when you can sell four copies and four consoles. (Id like to point out that in this respect this is still better than PC's that have never had local multiplayer at all). So the move from local multiplayer from online multiplayer is not only a way to rip people off, but has ruined the fun that once existed for friends gathering on a couch and playing games. All in all, multiplayer is fun amongst friends, or amongst those intent to be friendly. thus open severs are ultimately gonna make no sense. One would play COD ghosts multiplayer clinically, with a rather serious expression on ones face. One can play Goldeneye with three friends on an N64 all giggling like we all might, technically, be idiots. Let me tell you, the later is absolutely tremendous. So, am I right or wrong, a saint or a dick. Either way, I want your thoughts.