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Found 19 results

  1. Hey, I am an epileptic man who occasionally watches the Angry Joe Show, and I was recently watching the top 10 worst games video. There is a part pretty early on when Joe is reviewing The Division and he shows a bug where the screen flashes light. I had the video full screened and managed to look away pretty quickly, but it caused some unusual firings (nothing a few extra pills and a nap couldn't fix). Anyway, could someone add a quick warning in the video for people with epilepsy set off by visual stimuli to skip ahead a minute? I am not angry or anything like that, and I very much enjoyed the show. Just a suggestion.
  2. Got a general update regarding Ranked teams and making LoL official. So basically, the two go hand-n-hand. LoL needs to be made OFFICIAL with AJSA before AJSA Ranked teams start to get formed. I think it's safe to assume same goes for events that get recognized and streamed by the official AJSA Twitch sites. As of now, I believe only the higher ranked (Council, Commanders etc) members can vote in a game to become official. So let's make sure LoL gets recognized as a game that needs to be made official and has the support of the community to back it up and get it passed! EDIT - Changed the answers to help gauge where people stand. Please adjust your votes accordingly.
  3. Dear officers. Every time I want to edit description of the channel (EU lobby), I have to ask some Officer to do so for me. I ask for permissions to do it myself. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  4. Based on several request from several members from the AJSA in the IC community, I believe We should start a weekly Gotham Heights match. All we really need is someone to host it and which day of the week and about what time it will happen. What yall's opinion on the proposal?
  5. Hello folks, Listen, I know some of you dont have signatures or are just tired of the ones that you have, well look no further because i can make them for you! But first, dont just say "NEED COOL SIG NOW", I dont know what you want, you might get disapointed, i get sad (i dont like disapointing people), it is a lose-lose then. But if you give me instructions like "I want super mario with the flower powerup punching a goomba in a dark-blue background", well not exactly THAT but then I know what you want and you get happy and I get happy, but one thing i wont do are things that might be offensive or have a political view on something, that is what I think and I wont do anything involving this, not nazi, not communists, not anything involving that, any armies, or any wars. Okay? Good cause anything beside that I'll do. Then it is a win-win. You might also ask things like "What do you know about photoshop?" and "Do you know what you are doing bro?". Well I have some examples for you and this is one of them below. And by the way, I'll send you the PNG, the PNG should work, it has the URL in it just right-click it and copy the adress, that will work. Yep, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad with his "I am the one who knocks" speech. Yeah, and one with the imperial dragon from the Elder Scrolls game, this one I made for another guy a week back. Well, I hope you like what I make you if you post a request on this forum. And by the way, if I stop making these, I will post it on this forum. Be welcome to use any of these 2 sigs. And if you want, you can put my name under it? So you can spread my name to all of your friends. Have a nice day -MaxterG
  6. I've been wanting to make a signature topic for quite a while now, I just never did because ShaunOTEast has one already. I do really enjoy making sigs though, so i hope he wont mind that i play copycat and make a topic too a few sigs i made: animated sigs: so if you'd like one just post a comment with what you would like in it and if you want it to be cute, or cool or whatever ^^ Kizra
  7. So guys after finishing the Stick of Truth I am actually excited for more. So now I am curious what you guys would like to see as DLC. I have no idea what they are going to do with DLC so for now just express what you love to see. Whether it be costumes, buddies, summons, or new quests. Personally I would love to see a Santa Claus summon, mowing down my enemies with those Christmas missiles from Red Sleigh Down. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tweek as a buddy. The guy was a member of the Bus Stop crew for almost a whole season so I wouldn't mind seeing him as a DLC buddy option. I would also like to know what happened to any fights with the Vampire kids. Oh well I will stop here before I go on and on. Please share what you would like to see as DLC for South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  8. I believe that Killing Floor should be added as an official game. PROS: -Cooperative game play for up to six players against multiple waves of enemies -unique class system that allows for a variety of gameplay - updated constantly and features seasonal events that add new content -loads of weapons in the game, as well as a ton of steam workshop items -wide variety of enemies that look scary Cons -difficult for beginners $19.99 on steam, but is usually on sale for around $4.99
  9. This Mod basically takes the world of just cause 2, takes all the NPCs and Cops out and throws thousands of Players in it. Pros Large open world for thousands of players and fans to join.The server will be mostly populated since the Mod is currently being played by many people.Total Carnage and who doesn't like that. cons might be hard too control and organize since that isn't really the point of the Mod. (but that doesn't mean controlled chaos isn't possible) Mod isn't entirely stable at present, a few people are having crashes. (But the modders are patching these Problems)
  10. Hello all! Shaun, here, saw a previous thread by johnnythehero about giving away a copy of Garry's Mod since he got it on Humble Bundle; So I just got an idea to create this thread where members can post offers to other members without creating a dozen threads for specific giveaways/free games/cd-keys/etc since alot of us have games from Humble Bundles, sales, or just old cd-keys lying around that fell into misuse. Guidelines (give feedback if possible) 1. DO NOT POST CD-KEYs/GIFT LINKS HERE - Instead, send it through PMs 2. First come, first serve - the first 'bidder' that calls out on the offer gets the offer. 3. Be cool - don't call out on every, single, offer, thanks 4. Quote your Offerer - This way if there are more than two offers of the same game, nobody is confused. 5. Refresh! - Cos I will post offers in OP and other stuff. I'll start! I have a bunch of old humble bundles games, making it rain~~~ OFFERS MOVED TO STEAM GAMES AND GIFTING THREAD. REFER TO EDIT. SORRY~~~ Happy Holidays, Shaun EDIT: Ahhh dang it, looks like I'm not that original, somehow overlooked this This. Moving all of my offers there! Sorry mods! Please lock/delete :S
  11. This game is awesome its free to play-Has a good clan/guild system we should make a AJSA clan it would be so awesome what do you people think should we try it out. Here are some more information about the game: Pros:Outstanding visuals. + Coop or Solo Gameplay. + Randomly Generated Missions. + Easy Gameplay and Controls. + Individually Upgraded Characters and Weapons. + Clan based Dojos. + Clan Dueling. Cons: Random player groups. – Linear Progression in Missions. – PvP limited to 1v1/2v2 battles. – Gameplay can feel repetitive. – Cash shop can be misleading. Story : They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more. The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers. Come Tenno, you must join the war.
  12. Hello fellow Angry Army comrades, I am Mikkel and I go by the name Te-Kande. I would like to discuss the possibility to add DotA 2 to the Official AJSA games list. Personally I play a lot of DotA 2 and want the members of AJSA to play it as well. The reason I would like this game to be added to the official list is because of the ability to play competitive under the AJSA name. Of course I understand the need to have the best players from the AJSA community, which is not me necessarily. The game also have a great Guild Feature, which allows the AJSA members to be in one Guild and basically play together, que to match making together, and just meet new people. Whenever someone from the Guild starts a Guild group, people from the Guild are able to jump in a fill a spot out of five and head into a match together. Pros: 1. Big competitive scene, great opportunities for an AJSA competitive team to go to tournaments. 2. Clan and Guild System, ability to make a clan for the AJSA competitive team, and Guild for the AJSA members. 3. Ability to host free lobbies 5vs5. 4. Free to Play, everyone can join. 5. No Pay to Win, all buy able items ingame are cosmetics. 6. Ability to make custom flags for the Clan/Guild, flags can look like anything. Cons: 1. Hard Learning Curve 2. Low End PCs not able to run the game. 3. Garbage community in online play. (Avoid by playing with AJSA members!) Hope the people of higher ranks doesn't mind me testing out, how it could look ingame with an AJSA flag, if it happened that the game was accepted into the official games list. http://i.imgur.com/zLm5tw9.jpg (This is my take on possible ingame stuff)
  13. Hello Angry Army, a New Game Request was created by someone to be considered for review by the Council. I have added my two-cents and would ask that you review the request and give your support and opinions. This may finally be the time important eyes look at LoL and set it up to be voted in. Thanks all.
  14. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/3986-bioshock-2-multiplayer-game-request/#entry34497 All the info and details are on the link. Hope you guys could give my idea a chance.
  15. Dark Souls is a very active and interactive online game, it includes both elements of coop and pvp, and the pvp community never dies down on pc. So I'm here to request AngryJoe to creaete a subform for Dark Souls under pc gaming (as it's the most guranteed way for players to connect unlike console versions) and perhaps hold a competition to decide the AJSA Dark Souls Loremaster and have that person be incharge of the subforum (a moderator). It would be a fantastic way for the few here that play Dark Souls to meet and cooperate if all the topics are held in their own subforum instead of the general Role Playing Games pages (not have to scroll back and search for it). Not to put any extra pressure on website managers because I understand launch is hell of a stress, so take your time if you're ever adressing this We need a spacious place to be doing this all day
  16. hello everyone this is superkeeper here joined the angry army and reporting to see how to get the teamspeak3 installed on my computer. please comment down below thanks.
  17. I am a student at a technical school in the IT department. In IT we learn how to create video games, basic flash, creating websites, writing code, and making apps. I am asking permission from angry Joe himself and the angry army, i am asking permission to make a ios/android app for the angry army! It would take some time of coarse but i could do it in about 2 months and then fully finish it in 4 months ( im still learning in school). This app would basically let you do the following (subject to change): sign in sign out post on the forums read forums/discussions comment on the discussions and much more. Id love to hear your feedback and support! thanks - Emmett (oogie386)
  18. Realised there wasn't any headwear in the merch! Either put the logo or AJSA on the front and Angry Joe Show Army text on the back. For the Bandana, make a vector art of the AJSA. What do you think guys?
  19. i really like the idea of this angry joe army and i'm wondering if there's an ajsa guild in star wars the old republic? if not, i'll see if i can create one.